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Navy Blues

Navy Blues(1941)

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Lilibelle Bolton and Margie Jordan are two show girls working in Honolulu. A Navy ship carrying Cake O'Hare and Lilibelle's ex-husband, Powerhouse Bolton, docks in port and is met by Lilibelle, who is in search of her alimony. Powerhouse is surprised to see Lilibelle, as she was in San Diego when his ship set sail. In order to get rid of her, Powerhouse and Cake pretend that she was asking them questions about the ship and have her arrested as a spy. The sailors' plan to have a wild shore leave is hampered by their lack of funds and they unsuccessfully beg their shipmates for help. When Cake and Powerhouse learn that expert gunner Homer Matthews is transferring to their ship, however, they believe that their problems are solved. Because no one else knows about Homer's transfer, they plan to place bets that their ship will win the upcoming gunnery contest. They ask Lilibelle and Margie for front money, and when they are refused, talk petty officer Buttons Johnson into putting up the money. All the other sailors are eager to take their bet, and Cake and Powerhouse envision great riches until they learn that Homer's service will be up before the gunnery contest.

Margie suggests that they get Homer to re-enlist, but Cake and Powerhouse are unable to shake Homer's determination to return to his family farm. Finally Margie points out that most men join the Navy hoping to meet women and agrees to play up to the shy sailor. Together Margie and Homer attend a livestock exhibition and go rowing, water skiing and horseback riding, but nothing seems to work. Then Lilibelle discovers that Homer plans to marry Margie and take her back to the farm with him. To stop this, Cake and Powerhouse tell Homer that Margie has only been nice to him to make him re-enlist. Paradoxically, this information causes Homer to re-join the Navy because he cannot bear to go home without Margie. When the gunnery contest takes place, however, Homer is too lovesick to shoot. Cake tries to persuade him that Margie cares for him, but Homer is not convinced until Margie flies over the ship in an airplane and, using a hog call, demonstrates that she really loves him. Homer wins the gunnery contest and Lilibelle finally collects her alimony.