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Some Came Running

Some Came Running(1959)

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  • response to previous review

    • kevin sellers
    • 3/20/19

    What's a bigger waste of time than "Some Came Running"? Why, previous reviewer Nina calling it a "pointless waste of time" without giving a single reason why, of course.

  • Run from Some Came Running

    • Nina
    • 3/18/19

    TCM shows this movie often, which is unfortunate since there are so many better movies that should be shown. But I guess TCM sees Some Came Running as a time filler for its schedule, which is a good metaphor for the dull experience of sitting through this pointless, over-rated movie. Don't waste your time on this one! Don't be lured in by the cast of Sinatra, Maclaine, and Martin. There is no there there. It's not that the movie is poorly acted; it's just that it is a pointless waste of time.

  • A Classic

    • Delicia Ambrosino
    • 8/2/18

    To some, this movie may seem mundane and boring. To others, they may see the realism of it. The fact is they are both. It IS mundane and boring because it reflects many peoples lives during that era in time and the same holds true for its realism. Both Frank and Shirley had parts where their hearts lead them to reach above their respective "stations" in life ~ he with Ms. French and Shirley with David Hirsch {Sinatra}. Whose love was the purer of the two? In my opinion, it was Shirley's character after all, she was willing to give her life to save him and was ever devoted.And if I may I'd like to point out that there were three wars going on in this movie: The war in which Frank came home from, the war of hearts as well as living/survival, and the then common war in the streets where shoot outs were quite prominent for that era thanks to gangsters.I believe that Frank, Shirley, and Dean excelled in their acting abilities, especially Shirley. Her character AND how she portrayed her touched my heart. Since that time I've been a Maclaine fan.I first saw "Some Came Running" a very, very, long time ago. I think I was maybe 13 or 14. I'm 64 now {2018} so that will give you some idea. I wasn't all that old when I saw it and yet the movie and its title has stuck with me all these years where oddly enough the memory of other things has faded.

  • Poor man's "Picnic"

    • Jeff Boston
    • 8/2/18

    Both picturesque pics shot mainly on location in middle America have as the lead a star who won an Oscar for a role in a 1953 WW2 film that was so much more. Both middle-aged, masculine men play "men" for whom they are too old, but they still do a decent job. Both portray bad upbringing party boys placed in perilous positions by bait, fate, and self-hate. Both are befriended by men whom are independent, quirky individualists and laid-back bottle bingers. Both Sinatra's drifter Dave and Holden's hobo Hal happen upon a goal when they meet the most luminous beauty in town. Both perturbed pouters come into an outwardly idyll, soon-to-hold-a-big-celebration, close knit community. Seemingly everyone has something eating at them internally (a small town Hollywood staple). The pretty town drowning in disillusionment has a man from the main character's past whom is of the same age but different social status. The not so 2-D snob initially welcomes with a wink the rolling stone stoner but eventually winces and wails a "you're no good and never was" ain't-that-a-kick-in-the-head" harangue. Both wear out their short-lived welcomes, but not with the womenfolk. Both films are artsy, period melodramas more good than bad with characters mostly more bad than good (but halfheartedly trying to do better) whose basic selfishness seethes, their cynical souls searching for something more. "Picnic" did it first, and did it better. Of course, there are differences, especially the outwardly macabre, inwardly majestic character magnificently realized by MacLaine.

  • response to previous review

    • kevin sellers
    • 4/18/17

    I have three points of disagreement with Movie Fan. First, concerning his or her remark that Frank Sinatra is not credible as a guy who would fight a bigger man, I would answer that if there is one aspect of life where Sinatra, drawing on his own experiences, IS believable it would be in the general area of brawling, no matter the size of the opponent. Second, Movie Fan inaccurately writes that Bama keeps his hat on out of superstition. Clearly, as previous reviewer Elizabeth noted, Bama does this out of arrogance, refusing to give anyone the respect of baring his head. This of course makes it all the more moving when Bama finally does doff his chapeau at Ginny's funeral. Finally, Movie Fan criticizes this film for having "stock characters." Since some of the greatest films in Hollywood history, such as "Casablanca," "The Godfather," and "All About Eve" feature such archtypes it is not good enough to knock a movie on this ground alone. If Movie Fan had shown how the stock characters in this film are dull or pretentious or overly sentimental or not believable then perhaps he or she would have a persuasive case to make, but as it is I find Movie Fan's critique, as he or she finds Sinatra's character, less than convincing.

  • Some came running

    • Movie Fan
    • 4/13/17

    They probably did come running but after seeing the first few scenes of this picture they must have run away. I know that movies have the tendency to exaggerate reality but this film went beyond anything reasonable. Sinatra was a pipsqueak.The scenes where he takes on and beats up guys much bigger than he are down right laughable.Dean Martin as the stock character booze guzzling gambler who won't take off his hat because if he does bad things will happen; his whole life was a bad thing happening. He should have realized that and thrown that hat in the nearest trash can right along side this film. No wonder why Sinatra drank so much in real life. Getting stuck in bombs like this would be enough to drive anyone to drink.

  • bama's hat

    • kevin sellers
    • 1/12/16

    Re: the previous reviewer, Elizabeth's, perceptive comments about the heartbreaking ending to this very good film, I totally agree with her suggestion that Ginny's aura of goodness has caused Bama to finally swallow his sexism and misogyny and acknowledge the loss of the only truly seraphic character in the movie. Indeed, the very last shot of the angel in the cemetery represents Ginny, in my opinion. The scene is made all the more poignant by the realization that Bama, who has refused to give up his bottle of bourbon a day drinking habit, will soon be joining her. So, thanks again, Elizabeth, for deepening my appreciation for a wonderful film.

  • Some Came Running: a misunderstood film

    • Elizabeth
    • 1/9/16

    I have watched this film many times and am mystified that no other review I have read mentions what I think is the most significant moment in the film. Following the climactic and tragic scene where Ginnie (Shirley MacLaine) sacrifices her life to save Dave (Frank Sinatra), we find ourselves at Ginnie's graveside. The camera pans over the hillside where Dave and other mourners are standing and stops at Bama (Dean Martin's cynical character whose identifying mark is the cowboy hat he has refused to remove throughout the film. In one scene, he gets in a serious brawl with a man who has knocked the hat off. At one point Dave even asks Bama if he takes it off in the shower). I think Bama's hat represents his intention to stand apart from others; his disdain for other's feelings; his profession that no one is worth his respect. In one scene he tells Dave that he won't be his friend if Dave marries Ginnie, who he considers "a pig", a floozy unworthy of Dave's attention. Dave confesses his decision to marry Ginnie, because he is tired of being lonely; that no one has ever loved him as Ginnie does. Dave leaves the house with the parting words to Dave, "Well, then I've just lost a friend." Later, after the wedding that Bama has refused to attend, he witnesses Ginnie throwing herself in front of Dave, taking the fatal bullet meant for him. At her graveside the following day, in the final moments of the film, he slowly removes his hat.

  • Poor casting

    • denscul
    • 4/24/15

    Sinatra was too old to be Private. Even too old to be a Sergeant but that would make a little more sense. There is nothing wrong with being a Private, if your 18. If your as old as Sinatra, you would either be a civilian again, or someone who is just too dumb to be anything, let alone a writer, assuming your a good writer. Yes, I love small towns, I left the city to live in a small town, but this film seems to be twisted into a job for Frank and Dean. The end is a little too schmaltzy. Was is it Shirley plays so many bad girl, but not really? There were few films made in the 50's. This is a good example of another bad one. Film is the 50's was still linked to the codes, so attempts to make them a bit more spicy than what we saw for free on TV failed. In the 60's and on, films could become what they have become, realistic trash. The problem is we can't watch TV with the kids any more. TCM anyone? But please, play those that are the ones our generation loves. If we want to see an "adult" film, i.e. sex and violence we can go to the tiny theaters with the gum on the seats, or watch Netflix.

  • Good Frank/Shirley/Dino Film

    • whytrashthisflick
    • 4/24/15

    Don't know or care why some don't like this movie-always haters for everything.It's semi-auto of James Jones post-wwii service.Kudos to all the actors.Deserves good ratings.Better w/o deadbeat Lawford!

  • some came running

    • d. yane
    • 3/22/15

    Love it,pack fans will love the scene where Frank comments as dealing stud to dino and says two years before the song is written ain't that a kick in the head cool classic n prophetic

  • fate at the card table

    • d.yane
    • 3/22/15

    Just plain classic era capturing, can be watched several times studying a different perspect.I did look up dinos hit kick in the head written in 1960,for a minute I thought it a type of inside joke but the movie was made two years before as frank dealing stud hes commenting as he deals to dino he says to him ain't that a kick in the head pretty cool very classic ,a timeless fluke fans gonna love.l

  • some came running

    • kevin sellers
    • 12/17/14

    I confess, I'm a sucker for small town movies. Places In The Heart, Hope Floats, Kings Row, that sort of movie. And this late 1950s offering, directed by Vincent Minelli, is one of the better examples of the genre. The small town in question is Parkman, Indiana, and the story centers around what happens when the local black sheep, writer Dave Hirsch, returns after trashing the town in his novel. The big danger for small town movies is sentimentality, but this film manages to steer clear of lugubriousness, for the most part. The ending, which I won't give away, even though if you're reading this you must have already seen it, is bittersweet, to say the least. The screenplay, by Arthur Sheekman and John Patrick, is generally low key (a quality I admire in writing of any kind) and true to the characters of James Jones' sprawling, but well observed, novel. Minelli gets good performances from Arthur Kennedy, Dean Martin and Martha Hyer and ok performances from Shirley MacLaine who, as usual, has a tendency to be anti low key and Frank Sinatra, who is both too old and too Hoboken for the role of a midwestern writer in his late twenties, early thirties, but still manages to be convincing as a bull in the Parkman china shop. Also, great, moody, jazzy, 50ish music by Elmer Bernstein. Give it a B plus.

  • An odd film

    • denscul
    • 12/11/13

    As former vet, Sinatra's role seemed odd. He wore his uniform, was a Private, and was old enough to be a grandfather. Ok, he was a writer, and most of them are odd. Ever meet one? As for the plot, ok, because it was complex, but believable. Shirley Mac was great, Dean Martin seemed to be playing himself, if I actually knew him. Better flic than most produced today.

  • Truly Underrated Film

    • SeptemberZen
    • 12/3/13

    I've seen this film many times and have thoroughly enjoyed it each time. It's not at all clear as to why some critics have deemed Sinatra's performance to be "weak" by comparison to his talent in other movies. Shirley MacLaine is the standout here to be sure, but Sinatra, Dean Martin, Arthur Kennedy and Martha Hyer more than do their part.The dramatic and heart-tugging storyline, performances and musical score will keep you engaged from start to finish. This film is almost always given 3.5 - 4 stars by other critics. For me, it's a 5-star film.

  • Some Came Running

    • Dashiell Barnes
    • 4/28/12

    A frequently underated film from 1958. Sinatra gives a weaker performance when compared to MacLaine, Kennedy & Hyer who earned nominations for the film. Elmer Bernstein creates a terrific score to this good adaptation of the Jones novel. A terrific, engaging & powerful story. I give it a 4/5.

  • My Hometown

    • Hawkeye
    • 3/10/12

    This movie was filmed in my hometown of Madison, Indiana the summer before I was born (1957.) I have always enjoyed watching the movie, the stars, etc. but personally get a kick out of seeing all the scenes!

  • memories of youth

    • thomas
    • 2/9/12

    I saw this film as a child in the theatre on a wide screen when it was first released. I didn't know what it was really about but I felt it was powerful. 50 plus years latter, I understand the film but still vividly remember the initial experience. I miss the big screen but as always thank the national treasure that is TCM.

  • Marvelous MacLaine!

    • RedRain
    • 2/9/12

    This film breaks my heart and, for that reason, I don't view it as often as I do others. Shirley MacLaine gives the performance of her life and was rightfully nominated for the Academy Award as Best Actress. She is such a helpless ditz and is she is treated so shamefully. You want to cradle her in your arms and rock her to sleep. Sinatra is superb, as is Dean Martin who actually portrays what I always viewed as his real life self. It's a great film for seeing top notch acting and the story is a good one too. It's very much worth viewing but be prepared for an adult film with an ending that will stun you.

  • Some came running

    • mtm
    • 2/19/10

    The first time I watched this movie I was hooked! I try to watch it every time its on. I find it ironic my favorite Frank and Dean movie isn't a musical. The characters are truly flawed but trying to be better. I cried so hard the first time I saw it and cry every time since[only not quite as much}. Give this movie a chance and I bet you will agree it is a classic.

  • Some Came Running (1958)

    • James Higgins
    • 2/3/10

    Very interesting drama, great performance by Shirley MacLaine. TCM has a very interesting "behind the scenes" special on this movie. Good story, well directed. Good cinematography. The high production values are a plus. Martha Hyer and Arthur Kennedy give fine support.

  • It Keeps On Running

    • Paul Conrad Jackson
    • 9/30/09

    I showed this movie as a teenage projectionist at the Savoy movie house in Hull, Yorkshire, England. Long before I came to Canada. It has always been known as a monumental critical and commercial flop, but I have always liked it. Guess what? It grows on you. Must confess, Frank Sinatra has always been my favourite entertainer. OK, Dean Martin plays himself, as usual, and the dialogue is predictable. But all in all, taken as it is, Some Came Running is not bad entertainment at all. A good period piece, and quite whimsical.

  • Misunderstood near-masterpiece

    • Richard
    • 5/7/09

    Some Came Running stands on the cusp of two Hollywoods. It is part old fashioned melodrama and gradually turns into the sort of European "new wave" cinema that greatly influenced modern film making.The film never goes where you think it is going--and things unravel (not come together) at the end. In key moments, characters are mute-- but framing, lighting, and use of color tell us a great deal.Thus, Minnelli's film is both theatrical artifice and modern reality, and really requires more than one viewing to understand.

  • What a Great Period Piece

    • Chris
    • 7/12/08

    Dean Martin and Shirley MacLaine became legitimate movie stars in this movie. MacLaine's drunken rendition of "After You've Gone" is my favorite version of the song, even though she butchers it badly. Her character's loyalty to Frank Sinatra's character always touches my heart whenever the movie plays, which is a tribute to the young actress' talent. This is not the greatest movie in the history of cinema, but I enjoy it tremendously. Ain't that a kick in the head?

  • I absolutely love this movie

    • amanda 20
    • 2/29/08

    This movie is so accurate on how life sometimes is. No one's life is perfect.This shows that struggle...I loved it. It's my favorite movie now!!!

  • Tearjerker for a Rainy Sunday.

    • marksgirl5
    • 2/24/08

    Granted this won't go down as the greatest movie of all time, but I found some of the comments a little harsh.Shirley McClain was wonderful and everyone who know movies also knows Sinatra often rushed filming in most of the movies he had control over. But there were many times, like this one where he helped other actors careers.Because McClain was a female member of the "RAT PACK" Sinatra gave her the dying scene. That was supposed to be his seen but he let her have it and help make her career. Up there with other good tearjerkers

  • Frazzled story line

    • Mark
    • 4/24/07

    It is hard to get the sense there is straight forward plot. Frank is a little old for the women he's after. Bad costumes - he has a combat infantry badge but doesn't wear a combat patch on his right shoulder. Though I'm not sure why he kept running around town in uniform if he had been discharged.

  • a botched job

    • michael york
    • 4/24/07

    legend has it that frank sinatra tore out uge portios of the script to seep up the filming which makes sense because some of the more appealing performers do find their roles stunted especially martha hyer dean martin and arthur kennedy all were excelent but the sinatra/maclaine story makes no sense

  • Some Came Running

    • Meg
    • 5/27/06

    If there's anything I hate, loathe, despise and abominate, it's this movie. I am under twenty one, so maybe this movie carries less weight with me. MAYBE. I found Shirley MacLaine annoying beyond belief with her character's painfully fake feigned innocence. I happen to dislike Frank Sinatra as a singer, so the one good part of this movie was the absense of his harsh, throaty noise. It was fraught with stupidity and cliches which were not old, but ancient at the time of this movie's production. If you feel the perverse urge to see this production born of idiotity and ineptitude in movie making, view it as an unintentional laugh riot, despite a good effort by Mr. Sinatra.

  • Melo-

    • denny
    • 1/18/06

    Drama! It's a little much for me.

  • Great movie

    • Justine
    • 1/18/06

    I thought this was entertaining and thoughtful. Keep voting for this to come to home video.

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