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Four Daughters

Four Daughters(1938)

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  • John Garfield Film "Business" 1938

    • 12/1/15

    I love this movie. John Garfield, why some actors become great. Film acting is all about creating "interest". Case in point ...........Scene ........John Garfield in a moving car. He's smoking a cigarette. Lights the cigarette with his right hand. But he does not the throw the match away to his right side (which most people would do). He makes the larger throw to his left side across the front of his body, and angrily, with a cross body swing. That makes a louder statement to the audience and creates more interest. This was 1938 and I've seen Brando use the same technique. I never saw it before. Possibly (Muni, Raft or Cagney) did use that little piece of business but I've never seen it before.

  • Garfield Screen Business 1938

    • 12/1/15

    I love this movie. But just a point in fact, Things that make actors great. Film acting is all about creating interest. Scene ....Garfield in a moving vehicle. He smokes a cigarette, lights it with his right hand. But instead of throwing the match away to the his right side, makes a broad across his body motion and angrily throws the match away to his left side. Business that creates more interest to the viewer (it makes a louder statement) I later saw Brando use the same business and other actors. I never saw it before. Maybe somebody did do that (Raft, Muni or Cagney), don't remember. Great Stuff !

  • 4 daughters

    • kevin sellers
    • 2/6/15

    Thank god there were only three Lane sisters. It means that at least one of the four daughters will be played by a halfway decent actress. I guess what really ticks me off about this sort of tripe is that it totally wastes the considerable talent of one of the great actors of the mid twentieth century, Claude Raines, who really doesn't do much of anything in this movie, except schlumpf around curmudgeonly, like Lionel Barrymore with a lobotomy. He's the daughters' dad but he does not have one prolonged dramatic or comic scene with any of them. Truly banal stuff. As for John Garfield, he looks like he wandered in from a darker, more interesting film. How I wish I could follow him there! Give it a C minus for general insipidity. P.S. Hard to say which Lane sister has the least acting talent. Probably Lola, but it's a close call.


    • Gr8fulsoul
    • 10/30/14

    You're absolutely right Commenter77. I'm so weary with cynical people. Everyone has had difficult things happen in their lives. However, there truly are people who can go through them with integrity and not always think only of how they're impacted, but rather be sensitive to the others involved as well. So much more could be said here but, I think you summarized quite nicely. Thanks for doing so.

    • 2/2/13

  • Gemstone

    • Commenter77
    • 3/7/12

    Without apology, I appreciate this type of film. People call families like this unrealistic, along with those in Leave It to Beaver, Father Knows Best, My Three Sons, etc. Actually, they portray real problems and dilemmas. The reason these problems and dilemmas are not so acute is because there are core values at work which - hey - actually work for people. They are involved with commitment, discipline, being others centered and such that give stability, and which keep the heavier stuff out of the picture. What is unrealistic is the sympathy of identity with undisciplined, uncommitted, self-gratifying people who naturally have the heavy weight problems. Get a clue, media. Priscilla Lane and Jeffrey Lynn shine especially in this first of the series. Along with that are the father and aunt/mother figure who are so rich and delightful. I like fresh air myself.

  • Comparing Orginal With Remake

    • Bruce Reber
    • 10/11/11

    When "Four Daughters" (1938), starring John Garfield in his screen debut, airs again on TCM I'm going to watch it to see if it's as good as the 1954 remake "Young At Heart", starring Frank Sinatra and Doris Day. I've seen the remake several times and think it's very good, but I've never seen the original. I will post another review after I've seen "Four Daughters".

  • Four Daughters

    • Jada Brown-Ward
    • 8/21/11

    I so love this movie b/c it has everything in it passion, laughter, action, and romance in it. I have enjoyed all of the other movies that has been established from this movie. I have enjoying watching the entire story of this wonderful family and hopefully one Saturday all of the movies connected to this one will play all day. All I can say is Claude Rains.

  • Never Miss This Movie!

    • Mare
    • 8/5/11

    If only women could be this way today! A movie that portrays women as ladies back in 1938, with music and sensitivity to every scene. Not harsh, easy to watch, and the "if onlys" compared to the material that's presented today. Never miss this movie!!!

  • Great movie

    • Goose
    • 4/18/11

    I could watch this over and over!

  • Four Daughters

    • Mark Sutch
    • 4/14/11


  • Great

    • Victoria
    • 3/2/10

    I saw this movie some years ago and fell in love with it. It's a movie you wrap yourself in because of the great casting and loving story. I'm glad to see it's on sale now. Tried to purchase it for years and it wasn't available. Beautiful movie.

  • 4 Daughters

    • Kathy
    • 8/5/08

    I really like this film. I hadn't seen it before and I know this launched John Garfield's career. He was very good in this part. I have seen Young at Heart many times and see the differences in this one that came out long before it. They changed the ending to a Happy Ending in Young at Heart, where in this film John Garfield dies, Frank Sinatra survives the crash in Young at heart. This is the more dramatic ending. It has been remade a few times but I really enjoyed this and it has a great cast. It was cool to see all the Lane sisters and find out they were sisters. I didn't know that. I love classic films, and look forward to this being on DVD.

  • Hiya Dietz! Hiya Lemp!

    • Ann Brown
    • 5/20/08

    The great Michael Curtiz directs this first rate melodrama starring the Lane sisters and a fantastic cast including John Garfied and the super dreamy Jeffrey Lynn.The plot twists and turns keep the viewer glued to the film. Don't miss the birthday party scene, which gives such an intimate view of family life you would swear you were an invited guest. Get out your hankies, the end is sweet and just right.

  • Overrated!

    • Linda
    • 1/28/08

    While I am of Claude Rains, Priscilla Lane, John Garfield, Frank McHugh, etc., I found this movie to be very bland and at times downright silly until John Garfield enters the picture... and even though he adds depth to the movie, it is still pretty predictable to the end.I cannot believe it was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Picture. In fact, though I am a huge classic film fan, I turned this movie off halfway thru the first time I watched it and avoided it the next few times I saw it listed. (I am going to look up the other Best Picture nominess for that year as I am truly mystified as to why 4 Daughters was nominated.)I have yet to see 4 Wives and 4 Mothers and will probably give them a try when I run across them, but I truly hope the characters are more fully "developed" in those movies. Last night was the first time I was able to watch it all the way thru, but I felt disappointed in it due to the great cast being so miscast. I loved Claude Rains in Mr. Skeffington and think he is outstanding in all the other movies I've seen him in, but each time I see him "conducting" his daughters, I think he looks ridiculous. Also, Frank McHugh was under-used, he is a great character actor and they should have let him say a few funny lines - at least one anyway! The pompous role he played did not go over well.John Garfield could have been much steamier too... more like as in The Postman Always Rings Twice. But maybe it took some time to build up to the dangerous but magnetic personality he had in Postman. Fortunately, there are other movies in which these stars shine... and most importantly I am grateful that we have TCM and Robert Osbourne to make these movies available to us.

  • great movie, but disappointed

    • peter
    • 1/27/08

    Please show them as the trilogy they are..follow this movie with four wives and then four mothers. Also how about about an update to the cast of players page to show more info on the actors, lots of blank fields.

  • It's time for another John Garfield festival!

    • Terese Witman
    • 10/10/07

    Castle on the HudsonFlowing GoldJuarezDaughters CourageousTortilla FlatPride of the MarinesThe Difficult YearsBlackwell's IslandThe Fallen SparrowEast of the RiverDangerously They LiveUnfortunately, these films are not available on dvd.I have been waiting for a second chance to see these.Let's not allow this great actor to be forgotten!

  • disappointed with tcm

    • milena
    • 10/3/07

    why are you not showing all three movies at the same time? it would really be great to see them back to back.

  • Finally. Showing all 3 Movies

    • Diane
    • 9/20/07

    YEA! I see where Four Daughters, Four Wives and Four Mothers are FINALLY going to be showing in Oct and Nov. I am so excited to finally get to see all 3. I have only seen Four Daughters and cannot wait to see what happens in their lives! THANKS so much TCM.

  • please show all these movies.

    • pam
    • 4/16/07

    I agree please show all of the movies. They are all very good movies. And I would enjoy seeing them again Four Daughters,Four Wifes,Four Mothers.

  • release

    • Sarah
    • 12/12/06

    I agree with Diane! I've seen all three, and even though it's been several years, they're definitely among my favorite movies ever. I'd love to buy them on dvd/vhs.

  • Four Daughters/Wives/Mothers

    • Diane
    • 11/30/06

    Please, please, please show all three of these movies. I have only seen Four Daughters (3 times) and really would love to see the sequels. Also, I would love for them to be on video or DVD. How can we go about getting that done?

  • great movie !

    • daryl
    • 10/26/06

    I first saw this movie as a young girl who grew up with music always at home, all kinds.I love the era in which it was made.I wish that this and the other sister movies would be played a little more frequently.Anyone have info on the Lane sisters, have they passed on?

  • Four daughters

    • Mike
    • 10/8/06

    Priscilla Lane stars with strong support and script.

  • Great Movie!

    • eseoane
    • 6/2/06

    One of the better classic movies. Really miss seeing it! The kind of movie that you can see over and over and never get tired of seeing it! Depicts an important era in history; one in which I was not even born.

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