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  • James Mason

    • Carol
    • 5/15/19

    I've seen this movie, Gaslight, at least a dozen times. While I love the movie I loathe James Mason's character.I have disliked him ever since I was a young girl. I just realized's because of this movie. I jut can't take James Mason or his accent. (Nothing to do with it being French).

  • Costumes for Gaslight

    • Marjorie
    • 4/6/19

    No one has mentioned the outstandingly beautiful gowns Ingrid Bergman wore in this movie. The white lace outfit with matching hat was so remarkable. Also the gown she wore to the evening piano concert. She was at her loveliest in this movie. Completely captivating.

  • if you get the cotten out of your mouth..

    • a.morris
    • 1/7/18

    le moko really did his best to drive Ingrid loco.

  • outstanding mystery!

    • Habitat 67
    • 10/16/17

    Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman, Joseph Cotten, Angela Lansbury (in her first film role) all combine to create a wonderful and haunting murder mystery. I agree with Larry' comments (below). Ingrid Bergman lights up the screen. She is angelic in this film and her torment tears at our heart strings because she deserves so much better than the sociopath to whom she is married in this movie--the character brilliantly played by Charles Boyer. He is so good at playing his art of a conniving, evil man, we fall for his act. We believe he is a decent man. We believe he truly loves Bergman's character. And we are horrified when we realize he is out for himself and he is tormenting the innocent and unsuspecting Paula-- Bergman character. God, Boyer is a smooth talker. The London house they live in with its Victorian over indulgence adds to the overall darkness of this mystery. This is where Paula (Bergman's character) was living as a girl when her beloved aunt was murdered and we are shocked when we learn who committed that crime. Joseph Cotten is perfect as the soft spoken inspector who rescues Paula and for sheer nastiness, Angela Lansbury is over the top as a sly new servant in that twisted Anton family. She is something of a Victorian vamp and she adds much to the dark Victorian setting, the curious but well-meaning neighbor, the deaf maid, even the black and white film all add to the suspense and mystery of this film. It deserves five stars for all of these things but mostly because Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer are excellent and they capture the imagination of the audience.

  • Bergman is elegant

    • Larry
    • 8/20/17

    This is a well cast film and Ingrid Bergman has a smile that lights up a screen and probably the entire theatre. She is outstanding as the innocent but tormented wife. She conveys her joy, sorrow, terror, loneliness and bewilderment with her beautiful facial expressions. Charles Boyer is appropriately conniving, controlling and dangerous. He'd make a good Jack the Ripper and just may be harboring that monster in that hidden attic. His flirtation with the young maid played Angela Lansbury is totally creepy and endlessly disturbing. Lansbury is excellent as the impertinent maid and joseph Cotten is well cast as the humble yet observation rescuer. The London fog, mist nights, nosey neighbor all add to the overall spooky feel of this film. It's a gen with quality actors.

  • One of my favorites

    • Mary B
    • 8/19/17

    This is perhaps my 2nd favorite movie of the 40s. I never get tired of it. Psychological thrillers are usually not my thing, but this one is different. Normally a movie like this might seem "mean" because of what the lead character goes through, but in this movie Joseph Cotten realizes early on that something's afoot, so we know that help is on the way. And at the end Ingrid Bergman is able to convey so much strength when she confronts her husband- she definitely deserved her Oscar. I love all the details in it- the period decor, the characters, etc. It's one of those old Hollywood movies that makes me amazed at how they were able to recreate another time and place on a studio set.

  • Don't Understand "Bloom is Off the Rose" Review

    • Louise
    • 8/19/17

    A classic is a classic. It doesn't get old or faded for me. Boyer, Bergman, Lansbury are excellent in their roles and the Victorian area is marvelously recreated. I have seen it at least 5 times and still enjoy it.

  • Among The Best Ever

    • James Smith
    • 10/30/16

    I fell for Ingrid Bergman hook, line and sinker. She is a compelling actress and beautiful woman. She owns me just as Audrey Hepburn did in Roman Holiday. Boyer performance is Award Award level and Cotton et al on target. Great Movie.

  • Favorite

    • Mark
    • 3/11/16

    This has got to be on the top 5 of my 'favorite movie list'. I often think about Bergman in this movie when thinking about a great 'classic' movie compared to the junk released so far in the 21st century. Ingrid Bergman at her best!

  • Love It More With Each Viewing

    • donnadonna
    • 2/27/16

    My fav Jo Cotton role.Boyer totally evil,should've had a version with Basil Rathbone in the part.Once had a boyfriend who was a gaslighter,always trying to pull some type of fast one on me and always putting me down to his pals and family telling them I did what he actually did,not good things,either.Where's he know?Same place the Serge character is-his friends no where to help while he had a massive heart attack last year.They just threw his body in a cab to take him to hospital,but already too late.What got me was how blind Nancy and Elizabeth were to the hubby,he wasn't that charming!

  • Bergman Nails Best Actress Performance

    • Delia
    • 2/20/14

    This is one of those movies that makes you wonder, "Why don't they make movies like this anymore?" It's got everything--a murder mystery, a duplicitous husband, a damsel in distress, a would-be suitor, and Bergman in the performance of a lifetime. Gaslight is the inspiration of all subsequent let's-scare-her-death movies and rightly so. Charles Boyer defines dastardly as the piano accompanist who courts and wins a gullible voice student (Bergman) in order to (spoiler alert) get closer to what he really wants--jewels. He develops a devious plan to drive Bergman insane with such malice that you want to jump into the picture and slap him. More than once. Bergman steps on the gas and never lets up as she's slowly driven to madness by her husband. Joseph Cotton is excellent as usual as the detective who senses something is amiss and a young Angela Lansbury is dandy as the catty housemaid who flirts with Boyer. The final scene with Bergman and Boyer in the attic is a tour de force from both players. As the Best Actress award went to Bergman that year, Oscar definitely got this one right. One of the true essentials.

  • Perfection!

    • RedRain
    • 6/9/13

    Ingrid Bergman has never been better than she is in this very creepy film! I've been fascinated by the story for decades and watch this film whenever TCM schedules it. Charles Boyer, as the avaricious and evil husband trying to drive his wife insane, is also stellar in his role here. Watch Bergman's facial expressions and, in particular, her eyes as she begins to believe she's losing her mind. She says more with her face than any dialogue could match. Bergman was up against Bette Davis for her phenomenal performance in "Mr. Skeffington," Barbara Stanwyck for an equally good performance in "Double Indemnity," Greer Garson in "Mrs. Parkington," and Claudette Colbert in "Since You Went Away." There is no doubt whatsoever that Bergman deserved the Academy Award she won for this film!

  • A "must see" movie

    • maureen v.v.
    • 1/7/13

    I wish it was in colour.It would have been wonderful to see all the costumes and jewels in technicolour. A good movie to watch. I gave the movie 4 stars mostly because of the suspense it had. The acting was only 3 stars.

  • A stunning film

    • Pamela
    • 8/29/12

    I remember when I first saw this film. A friend had referred to my ex-husband's treatment of me as "gaslighting" and I had no idea what she was talking about. I looked for the film and when I saw it I understood just what she meant. Everything about this film is exquisite, from Ingrid Bergman, who is at the height of her earthy, sensual beauty, to the slippery Charles Boyer and our hero, Joseph Cotten (I can always watch a Joseph Cotten film). Yummy entertainment!

  • Incredible performace by all

    • Kamster
    • 6/19/12

    One of the most involving flims I've seen due to the excellent performance by all the actors. This film introduced me to Joseph Cotten, who has now become one of my favorite actors. Beautifully filmed and masterfully directed. A joy to watch over and over again.

  • Gaslight

    • Dashiell Barnes
    • 2/4/12

    A beautifully filmed psychological thriller. Bergman won an 'Oscar' among a great cast, giving one of her best performances. The costumes & art direction are visually appealing, however, the story has dated. A good film from Cukor. I give it a 4/5.


    • MichaelTASO
    • 2/4/12

    this is old movie w/ actress i recognize!

  • Psycholgical, Dark and Sinister Remake.

    • Frank Harris Horn
    • 8/6/10

    Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman and Joseph Cotten star in George Cukor's eerie, suspenseful remake of the original 1940 British film based on Patrick Hamilton's play set in Victorian London. Ingrid gives an Oscar-winning performance as a beautifully vulnerable newlywed, who is being driven insane by mysterious events making her believe she's losing her mind. Boyer is coolly sinister as her treacherous husband, who is trying to keep a terrible secret from her. The picture is rich in Victorian flavor, and fine performances remain intact. The movie also won a second Academy Award for Best Interior Decoration (B&W). With Angela Lansbury (in her film debut), Dame May Whitty, Barbara Everest, Edmond Breon, Halliwell Hobbs, Lawrence Grossmith, Heather Thatcher, Emil Rameau, Tom Stevenson & Terry Moore.

  • see the 1940 version

    • herman
    • 8/5/10

    So she wins the oscar. I still think she's miscast. For me, Ingrid Bergman just radiates too much health and intelligence to be credible in this role. I think the 1940 British version is far superior. (They don't play it often, but keep a look out for it.)

  • Creepy and Romantic

    • Cherie J
    • 3/27/10

    This is a classic title from the Golden Years of Hollywood and to my mind everything about it is perfect. The film's recreation of Victorian London is superbly realised all indoors at the MGM soundstages - it's all make believe but the viewer would never know it. Charles Boyer, who plays Ingrid Bergman's husband is suitably creepy and one is left wondering why he should be torturing such a beautiful creature. Ingrid Bergman is dressed to the nines in wonderful period costumes, and she is very sympathetic playing a dependent woman who is far stronger than she or the audience realises. This is excellent stuff and a film that is fun to watch over again if you are really devoted to some of these great old films.

  • gas light is classic

    • david moro
    • 10/31/09

    i watched gaslight last night ohhh its mystery and a excellent cast

  • A Spellbinding Mind-Bender.

    • Frank Harris Horn
    • 10/25/09

    Ingrid Bergman gives a well-deserved Oscar-winning performance in this remake of the original 1940 British film based on Patrick Hamilton's play set in Victorian London, in which she plays a young newlywed being driven out of her mind by a set of mysterious events. Charles Boyer is perfectly cast as her treacherous husband. The movie won another Oscar for it's magnificent Victorian England setting. Also starring Joseph Cotten, Dame May Whitty, Angela Lansbury, Barbara Everett, Edmond Breon, Halliwell Hobbs, Lawrence Grossmith, Heather Thatcher, Emil Rameau, Tom Stevenson & Terry Moore.

  • Gaslight (1944)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 8/19/09

    Exquisitely acted, particularly by Ingrid Bergman and Angela Lansbury. The art direction is great and the score is very memorable. Excellent pace, atmosphere and very suspenseful.

  • Those were the days of great movies!

    • Connie
    • 1/4/09

    I had seen this movie as a child and really did not appreciate it then. Today, I could not tear myself away from the TV. I usually feel it is an irresponsible use of time during the day to watch a movie BUT today was an exception. It is a classic and thank you for showing it.

  • Classic Movies are Classic for a Reason.

    • Pam Lavoie
    • 1/4/09

    I really enjoyed this movie. Everything about it was very classy from the set to the plot to the costumes. It really proves a point not to second guess yourself, as that in itself is insanity.

  • One Of My favorite Bergman Films

    • Barbara Lovejoy
    • 3/14/08

    Next to Indiscreet and Casablanca this movie is one of my favorite Bergman films. She really has you believing she is losing her mind and Boyer is superb as the villain.

  • Bergman is Brilliant

    • Paula Donham
    • 3/14/08

    One of my alltime favorites. Bergman brings you right into the story, and Boyer is appropriately nasty as the scheming but handsome husband who stole her heart. Angela Lansbury is terrific as the insolent maid who seems to have designs on Boyer. Joseph Cotten is terrific as the sympathetic detective who rescues Paula. He is a hell of an actor. I watch this every time it's on and shared it with my kids; they like it, too!

  • Favorite

    • Danyelle
    • 7/18/07

    This movie is the start of me eatching old black and whites. I feel in love eoth this movie at first watch. Ms. Ingrid was something watch she is beautiful and a wonderful actress. One of the best everyone should watch in September.

  • this is good

    • michael york
    • 10/13/06

    but the 1940 version is much better more atmospheric and tension-filled cukor and mgm make this one a little too glossy although boyer and bergman are great

  • Fantastic

    • Valerie Arseneault
    • 10/6/06

    I saw this several years ago and never forgot it! Great to watch and own on DVD.I recommend it highly to all Ingrid Bergman fans especially

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