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Eternally Yours

Eternally Yours(1939)

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Eternally Yours A woman is swept off her feet... MORE > $10.95
Regularly $10.99
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Just before Anita is about to be married to Don Barnes, a kind, but stuffy man with a fetish for fresh air, she goes to an afternoon performance of the magician "The Great Arturo," and they fall in love instantly when she goes on stage for part of his act. Eighteen months later, Anita has married Arturo, whose real name is Tony Halstead, and has become his assistant. When her friend Gloria visits her in London, however, Anita has begun to tire of their glamorous life touring the world, and longs for a family and a home in America, a desire that Tony does not share. Though Tony loves Anita very much, his desire to keep their marriage from becoming ordinary won't allow him to settle down "like other people." Anita pretends to go along with his ideas, and even acts unconcerned when he frequently comes home with lipstick on his collar. During an evening out with a woman reporter, Tony drunkenly boasts that he will jump out of a plane wearing handcuffs and break loose from them in time to pull the string to his parachute. Anita is furious and makes Tony promise not to make good on his boast. Though he doesn't really want to go through with the stunt, he can not refuse when he arrives at the airport and finds hundreds of eager fans waiting for him. Breaking the cast he was going to use as an excuse not to jump, Tony performs the stunt and lands successfully. Anita makes Tony promise not to do it again, but six months later, he has performed the stunt dozens of times in most of the world's great cities. Finally hoping to get a two-month vacation after Tony's tour ends, Anita buys a cottage in Connecticut, but when Tony shrugs it off and signs for another tour to begin immediately, Anita realizes that he will never settle down. She leaves him just after "disappearing" in the act and returns to New York to the home of her grandfather, Bishop Hubert Peabody. Anita's aunt Abbey helps her to obtain a Reno divorce, which, unknown to Anita, is not valid because Tony has never signed the papers or received word that he was being divorced. Meanwhile, Tony realizes how much he loves Anita and tries to find her. When he visits Gramps, the two become friends, but even Gramps doesn't know where his granddaughter is, and Tony is forced to spend everything he has to try and find her. When he finally learns that Anita has divorced him, he becomes so disconsolate that he flubs a performance and has to take a year off to pull himself together. During that time, Anita has been traveling with Abbey. When Abbey arranges for Don to accompany them on a cruise, Anita decides that a quick marriage to Don will be the best thing for her,and she arranges for the captain of the ship to marry them. As soon as they dock in New York, however, they meet Don's boss, Mr. Bingham, at a nightclub and find that Tony is there performing. Still in love with Anita, Tony then wangles an invitation to Bingham's country estate for the weekend. Anita and Don are also there, and Tony tries everything to make Anita return to him. Don breaks his leg and is unable to consummate the marriage, but Anita feels that she cannot go back to Tony, even though she still loves him. Gramps, who has learned that her marriage is not legal because her divorce from Tony was invalid, does not tell her because he wants her to choose for herself. On the day that Don has his cast removed, Anita learns that Tony is going to perform his parachute stunt at the New York World's Fair. Knowing that Tony is out of practice, Anita rushes to the airport but is too late to stop him. Tony has hidden a picklock in the plane to help him out of the cuffs, but when a different plane is used, he still goes through with the stunt. He is too slow, however, and plunges into the river. Anita arrives as he is pulled out of the water, and when he comes to, she is overcome with happiness. Realizing her feelings, Don suggests that he get the car for them. Finally, Tony and Anita arrive at their cottage in Connecticut, eager to start a new life.