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Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice(1940)

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  • About those costumes....

    • Shari Polikoff
    • 9/26/18

    I think the "outrageous" costumes, which actually are excellent interpretations of the styles of the 1830s (NOT the Regency period) make this version of "Pride and Prejudice" visually unique. Just because the novel was written in 1813, it doesn't mean that every film made of it has to feature the high-waisted dresses of the Napoleonic/Regency era when Jane Austen lived. If you look at an encyclopedia of historic fashions, or see any paintings or prints from the 1830s, you'll realize that the huge sleeves and voluminous bonnets were very much as depicted in the movie.In my opinion, those over-the-top styles perfectly suit the somewhat wacky personalities of "Pride's" characters, especially Mrs. Bennet and Lady Catherine. To me, changing the time (or place) setting of this classic novel is no different from staging Shakespeare's plays in modern-day New York or (yes) the Napoleonic period (as done brilliantly in the 1960s TV version of "Hamlet" starring Richard Chamberlain.)I've read that the costumes were remade from those used in "Gone With the Wind" the year before. If so, it's really just the full skirts that were "recycled." The 1830s styling is quite different from the look of the Civil War period. In any case, the costumes and sets in this movie are gorgeous, even if not "authentic" to the Jane Austen years.

  • now it can be said..

    • a.morris
    • 1/8/18

    edna mae oliver..the sexiest feminist in the history of Hollywood.

  • Pride and Prejudice

    • Goetan
    • 2/8/15

    An entertaining adaptation of Austen's famous love story. Garson and Olivier's romance is tested by each others initial judgements of each others class and reputation. Won an Oscar for it's B/W Production design, the story is engaging with good writing. Great ensemble and visual style make this film. I give it a 4/5.

  • NOT Pride and Prejudice!!!!!!!!

    • Sandy
    • 2/6/15

    This movie is VERY loosely based on Jane Austen's book. Major characters are left out and characters put in that were never in the book. The plot of the movie is also changed in a major way, especially the ending which is NOTHING like the ending of the book. The costumes are outrageous. Greer Garson is about 15-20 years older than the Lizzie in the book and lawrence Olivier is also much older than Darcy in the book. The movie is funny and enjoyable, but it is NOT a "real" Pride and Prejudice!

  • Better than I remembered

    • Kirsten
    • 1/14/15

    I first saw this version of P & P shortly after I first saw the 1995 mini-series (which remains my favorite adaptation). The 1940 version seemed silly to me then. When I re-watched it today, the costuming still looked ridiculous to me, but the changes from the novel didn't bother me--I was expecting them, and I found myself enjoying this production. Familiar characters came to life, and the movie also had the familiar look and feel of its time. It's fun to see P & P performed in a 1940 Hollywood production, and to hear some dialogue from the book delivered by this delightful cast of actors. Laurence Olivier and Greer Garson actually had me thinking of them as Darcy and Elizabeth. Bottom line: If you're devoted to another adaptation of P & P, but you enjoy Hollywood movies of the 1940s, this is still worth a look.

  • Delightful Dialogues

    • Will Fox
    • 1/14/15

    MGM's major stars scintillate. Greer Garson is illuminescent, engaging all of us with enlightening English. As the poised, prejudiced, pivotal player she still plays well with her lover, Larry Olivier (prideful Darcy); Maureen O'Sullivan, (her vulnerable sister, Jane Bennett); their arch rival, Frieda Inescort, (bitchy, Ms. Caroline Bingley); scene-stealing Edna May Oliver, as the haughty dominatrix, (Lady Catherine de Bourgh); her conceited cat's paw, Melville Cooper, (covetous Mr. Collins); plus parents, the most silly, Mrs. B., and kindly wise, Mr. B. (Mary Boland & Edmund Gwenn). Their cinematic chemistry, classic conversations are charmingly contagious, engaging all of us.


    • keith brown
    • 4/13/14

    I like the 1940 version even with the few faults The film is based on the stage adaptation which already tells you it is not straight from the book Aldous Huxley contributed to the script which adds to the wittiness of the film The idea that English families had to trot their daughters out like prize horses for rich eligible husbands is ripe for comedy Who else on the MGM lot at that time could have handled Elizabeth? Norma Shearer turned it down-her proposed costar was to have been Robert Donat (a list of his turn down roles is unreal) Greer Garson stepped in and hits all the right notes and she is well photographed-Who said Elizabeth has to be in her early 20's? She could have been in her early 30's Olivier was well cast as Darcy They work well together The supporting cast is grand with Mary Boland, Edmund Gwenn, Melville Cooper and that veritable dragon Edna May Oliver stand out and really deliver the goods The film seems a bit rushed at the end and the costumes might not fit the "period" HOWEVER the MGM got most it RIGHT and the film has a proper place among the classic film year of 1940

  • NOT Austen's Pride and Prejudice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sandy
    • 10/7/13

    Funny movie, but it shouldn't be posted as Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice". The costumes are ridiculous, the main characters TOO old for the parts, main characters in the book are totally left out and others put in. The whole plot is so altered that this movie resembles the book very little, especially the ending which is nothing like the book ending! Don't expect anything like the real "Pride and Prejudice". Greer Garson looks like she is in her forties in this movie---twice as old as Elizabeth Benet in the book---same for Mr. Darcy. Ridiculous!

  • A Triumph!

    • tharold
    • 3/2/13

    Great adaptation of the Austen novel. Garson is perfection as Elizabeth Bennett, and Olivier, Mary Boland and Edna May Oliver are superb. Really excellent- wonderful supporting cast, costumes, sets and musical score.

  • They caught the essence

    • Commenter77
    • 3/6/12

    It is a given that Hollywood typically over-adapts its films from source, straying by varying degrees, even with classics. Or, maybe it is more noticed there since generally more people have read those. It is also a given for most, that the 1995 A&E series production is truer and best and the all around favorite.However, that does not negate this adaption. I think I enjoyed it even more after the Firth/Ehle version; that is, even more than I did before. The '95 version sent me back to the book, and enjoyed that. But this is a thoroughly enjoyable film. I prefer it to the Keira Knightley version - absolutely.There are so many good characterizations here. Greer Garson is a fascinating and skillful Elizabeth, if perhaps a bit over-bold at times. She absolutely sparkles. Hey, Jennifer Ehle was pretty saucy in the part, you know. True - this one is a romp from start to finish. Olivier is good as Darcy, though not as brooding as elsewhere done. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett are well done. Mr. Collins is choice (oh!). The sisters fit. Edna May Oliver was a great Lady Catherine. The haughty Bingley sister was good. Did feel that Wickham was too straightforward in this, not shady enough.Yes, Hollywood puts its stamp on things, like over glamorous costumes, rewrites and added scenes, an overall serendipity, etc. This was made at a time when people expected glamor in movies. JUST GET OVER IT. Saw it again recently, and appreciated it afresh. Greer Garson's timing and energy are amazing in this - delightful.I am glad we have the '95 version for sure, but that does not detract from the enjoyment of this interpretation at all. It's such a great story, I can enjoy a good, if imperfect, interpretation. The question may be whether a true Austen story fan should be affronted by alterations in general or be able to enjoy attempts which capture much of the essence.

  • Loved It.

    • chris
    • 7/21/11

    Not being a Jane Austen buff, I enjoyed the film anyway. I loved Garson and Olivier together. I always love Oliver and she didn't disappoint here. Beautiful film. A .

  • Did not enjoy

    • mox
    • 7/21/11

    It wasn't "comic" it was silly.

  • Um filme nota 10

    • Sonia
    • 11/6/10

    Eu adoro a Jane Austen e esta verso do filme de 1940 muito boa. uma boa adaptao para o cinema. Vale a pena ver

  • Pride and Prejudice (1940)

    • James Higgins
    • 3/16/10

    85/100. Although this isn't the most faithful adaptation of the classic novel by Jane Austen, it is the best and most entertaining. (The 2005 Keira Knightley version is a close second.) The basis of the story is the Bennett's finding husbands for their five daughters: Elizabeth (Greer Garson), Jane (Maureen O'Sullivan), Lydia (Ann Rutherford), Kitty (Heather Angel), and Mary (Marsha Hunt). Elizabeth is the strongest willed daughter, and takes a liking to the aloof Mr. Darcy (Laurence Olivier) and she makes it a challenge to nab him.Superb costume design, score and Oscar winning art direction, and once again MGM spared no expense resulting in a beautiful and sumptuous film. Excellent performances all around, especially Garson, Olivier, Mary Boland and Edmund Gwenn as the parents and the scene stealing Edna May Oliver. A fine classic and always a pleasure to watch.

  • outstanding film

    • Michelle
    • 2/23/10

    Greer Garson at her best (except for maybe Mrs Miniver) and Edna May Oliver is always good for a laugh. Classic cinema not to be missed or dismissed.

  • Anachronistic and Unfaithful to the Book

    • Vic
    • 10/16/09

    The ending of this film,which was altered to show that Lady Catherine de Bourgh supported Darcy's interest in Elizabeth Bennet, had me shiver. Greer Garson is too old as Lizzy, Laurence Olivier is too morose, and the costumes are laughable. Other excellent productions more faithful to the book have been made recently, and this film has shot down to the bottom of my P&P adaptations list. Were it not for the excellent acting of some of the support cast (Mary Boland, Edna Mae Oliver, Edmund Gwenn) I wouldn't bother to watch this move - which altered Jane Austen's plot almost beyond recognition - again. As an historic film of interest,I would give it a high rating.

  • All Versions Are Terrific!

    • David M.
    • 7/1/09

    I've yet to see a version of Pride & Prejudice which wasn't fun and entertaining. Even Bride & Prejudice, with its overlay of Bollywood, was terrific. But the 1940 version is the only Old Hollywood one, and its all-star MGM cast comes close to being definitive. Certainly no other Darcy is more fun to imitate. Everyone I've ever shown this to loves it, and it's so charming and so well-produced that I predict that this version will continue to accumulate new fans, and it will take its place in Hollywood history as a classic.

  • such a great classic!

    • heather
    • 2/4/09

    P&P is such an underrated movie and i recommend it to anyone who is into classic movies!

  • the best version!

    • tessie
    • 2/4/09

    this is by far the best version of Pride and Prejudice there is! jane austin meant for there to be a light air of comic ablities in the characters and i think Greer and Larry did a phenomenal job!

  • Classic old Hollywood

    • Joyce
    • 10/11/08

    I wish that you would show more Warner Brothers movies of the 30' and 40's. I like the gangster movies they made with James Cagney, George Raft, Humphrey Bogart, and Edward G. Robinson. Please show all that they made.


    • Jenna
    • 7/18/08

    This is a marvelous picture!! The book is a must read!! When I read the book, I picture Greer Garson in my mind. She did perfectly in this movie as Elizabeth Bennet. She is so wity and smart. This is a wonderful movie.

  • pride and prejudice a classic

    • debbie retolaza
    • 5/6/08

    I've love this movie since i was little girl. know this movie by heart i wish they would of made this movie in color just to see the color of the dress the five sister wear. i can see this movie over and over and never tired of it thanks tmc to cont to show the classic my daughters grew up to these movie as i have.

  • the best ever pride and prejudice movie and why..

    • Emma Watson
    • 12/23/07

    despite the movie being short and ending abrupt,it's still this movie which i love and treasure a lot.a close run is the 1995 vers.i think tht garson and olivier compliment each other so well,much like lizzie and darcy to do.i dun think greer is too old and stuff.afterall,elegance and poise comes w. age.she couldn't have all tht when she's 20!olvier is stuck up and annoying as darcy,yet he's oddly the misplaced char. too.can't help feeling sorry 4 him when i saw tht movie.the inability to mix ard like bingley or lizzie is a a lost.the pull-push of love betwn darcy and lizzie is so delightful and just the right amount.both actors r soo good and overall the story flowed well...the cast is brilliant,all r mary bennet,mrs bennet and mr bennet,silly mr collins-all fall in place well in this lovely assemble.a true classic.

  • Appreciating Jane Austen

    • Catfra
    • 10/18/07

    I know the dialogue by heart. I have seen this movie a 100 times and never get tired of the language and use of humor that Jane Austen left to us in her wonderful prose. Garson and Olivier and Mary Boland and all the rest do a superb job with the script! I get lost in the movie just as I did in the book. No comedy is spared, no irony ignored, no proud arrogance trifled with and no prejustice left to fancy. A dandy of a film that should not be missed for the performances, but most notable, to appreciate Jane Austen as a literatary giant whom transends all "societies"!Thank you TCM Hit me againCatfra

  • Dulcet Tones

    • Patricek
    • 10/13/07

    the joy of listening to Greer Garson and Lawrence Olivier banter over their pride and predjudice is a true auditory treat. I can never get enough of Ronald Coleman but Sir Lawrence and Greer are a close second...try simply listening to the movie instead of watching it...heaven.

  • I love this movie

    • margie
    • 10/1/07

    True, they take liberties with the book, and the costumes are all wrong for the period (I have often wondered if the dresses weren't re-used from GWTW, and the ladies' hats from The Wizard of Oz).....but Greer Garson is wonderful, and this production has a delightfully whisical tone. I especially love the music that accompanies Mr. Collins. MUCH better than the most recent version with Keira Knightley. Delightful from beginning to end.

  • Worst I have ever seen

    • Vicki
    • 8/16/07

    I was very disappointed in this version. I have read the book so many times that I could quote it, and this version isn't even close. The costuming was wrong for the time period, as were the character's manners (what was Lizzy doing, rejecting Darcy for a dance and then saying yes to Wickham right in front of him?). Olivier can usually do brooding really well, and I thought he would be great, but he was far too nice. Extremely disappointed in the historical and literal inaccuracies. If you are a fan of the book, watch the A&E version, it is far closer in both plotline and spirit.

  • one of my all time favs.

    • theresa
    • 5/16/07

    this version is definity the best of all the versions ever made and i recomend it to anyone who hasnt seen it. greer garson plays the best elizabeth bennett as does laurence olivier for mr. darcy.


    • Robyn
    • 5/1/07

    This truly is the best version. Can anyone play Mr. Darcy better that Lawrence Olivier?

  • Wonderful Film.

    • Alawiscious
    • 3/23/07

    "Pride and Prejudice" 2006, 1996, and 1940 are all excellent. Yet, I like this version the best. Has a good ending, excellent character acting, humor, and some good singing. Different enough to be interesting, even if you have seen the other versions.

  • The best version!

    • Margaret
    • 12/15/06

    I just loved this story from book to film. I think this is the best version. The cast is just outstanding. The best played Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, is in this movie! I just love it and I hope they show it soon on turner classic movies.

  • A classic and timless movie!

    • Elleen
    • 10/9/06

    I agree with all the comments of the others. This is the best version, by far! I loved the book and I also love this movie. This movie has every thing in it. The love stories, drama, mystery and comedy and the excellent performances of the actors. I love the chemistry between Carson and Olivia. Also the performances of the mother and Father who played in this movie. This is a classic and timeless movie for all ages.

  • Pride and Prejudice how can you top it.

    • Brittany
    • 7/28/06

    this movie is one of my fav. its old but it is really is a timeless movie.I love moves and i really in joy black and white, i would pick this movie over the lates and cool movie out to see this movie agian and agian.

  • Pride and Prejudice, 1940

    • Michelle
    • 6/10/06

    All of the adaptations of Pride and Prejudice are excellent, and I love them all. However, the 1940 adaptation, with Greer Carson is the only version I've been able to see only once. And I was only able to see 15 mins. of it! I've heard its such a great movie, and I can't wait to see all of it!

  • Pride and Prejudice, 1940

    • Bonnie
    • 5/20/06

    I have seen all the wonderful films of Pride and Prejudice based on the book of Jane Austen and I think the 1940's version was the best of all!!Thanks to TCM's showing this film, I was opened to a whole new version and it was the best one I have ever seen. This film is fab in black and white and would be more than fab in color. I HOPE this will be released on DVD very soon.I hope it shows on TCM again very soon.

  • The best movie of my Favorite Book!

    • Kelly Blevins
    • 4/17/06

    I have seen all the movie versions of this book. The 1940 version is by far the best and most humorous. I love this version best. My second favorite version would have to be the newest one released in 2005.

  • The best movie of the best book.

    • Lorraine
    • 4/5/06

    Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book and the first time I saw the movie (1940 version), I fell in-love all over again with it. I love the characters and the dialogue, which is almost word for word. I am reading the book again and it is still the one of the best books I've ever read and I am well read if I might say so myself (maybe I am a little bias, it is my favorite book after all). It would be nice to see it on TCM a little more often and TCM should request that it be put on Home video/dvd. Looking forward t obuying it soon from TCM website.

  • Why isn't this on video?

    • Barbara
    • 3/28/06

    This is by far the best and most humorous adaptation of my favorite book. I wanted to buy a copy for myself and a friend but find that it is not available. Please bring this to video. Especially now with all the interest in Jane Austen.

  • The best movie of all the classics!

    • Lhynne
    • 3/9/06

    This movie was well-written and was greatly played by Olivier and the adorable Garson. This is the best version I've seen, even better than the one released in 2005. Own this movie and you will feel rich with those charming English words!I love Greer Garson!!!Lhynne

  • My personal review

    • hoffman
    • 3/1/06

    I absolutely LOVE this version of the famous classic book by Jane Austen. A must see classic. This movie is done very well on blending the basic plot and storyline to create a wonderful movie to watch. The Cast is excellent and I couldn't see anyone elst play the characters as well as they have here.

  • Pride and Prejudice

    • Helga Martin
    • 2/16/06

    I would like to get this movie The 1940 Black and White Version on DVD????

  • the best version

    • Ken
    • 2/12/06

    I have seen all the versions of Jane Austen's best work and have to say this is the best. Greer Garson plays the coy-tempetuous role so well and her simple beauty is unequaled. With so many of the later versions, the settings are so dark and the people seem unkempt, probably realistic, but hardly uplifting. The costuming of this version is magnificent and light hearted. The comedy is so refreshing and she and Sir Olivier are a perfect match both in wit and beauty. I highly recommend this version. thanks.

  • Best of the Pride and Prejudice

    • Judy
    • 2/12/06

    This 1940 Pride and Prejudice is one of the best among all the outstanding ones so far.The sensational acting ability of Greer Garson and the chemistry with Laurence Olivier is best and the character actors also do a grand job.

  • With Pride

    • mark
    • 2/6/06

    I concur with previous opinions on this film. The chemistry with Garson and Olivier is outstanding--and passionate with their kiss in the final scene. Edmund Gwenn as Mr.Bennett is also good as the understanding father. The costumes and sets are incredibly well done. Fans of well acted romance should see this one!

  • All-time Favorite Classic!

    • Kat
    • 2/1/06

    When this classic is on nothing else gets in my way of watching! From beginning to end this movie captivates my imagination and heart. The chemistry between Garson and Olivier melts my heartstrings and sends me soaring. Garsons' quick wit is timeless and inspirational - a real role model for today! I can never get enough and wouldn't consider watching the remake because this one has it all! It's funny, witty, romantic and engaging.

  • my wife likes it

    • oscar
    • 1/27/06

    my wife likes it (much better than this year's version)

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