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Captain Blood

Captain Blood(1935)

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  • Will Always Watch This For My Basil

    • basiltheblueeyed devil
    • 6/13/18

    This film comes alive,IMHO when Basil Rathbone appears.He was astagy actor,too broad in many actions or gestures,but he had presence.And Olivia is terrific,and such ayoung woman.

  • A legend is born

    • J. May
    • 5/20/18

    The film that introduced us to the ultimate swashbuckler, Errol Flynn. Even though Flynn was known for being the Tasmanian Devil, he identified as an Irishman due to his fathers lineage. Luckily for Flynn, he got to play the charming Irish physician Peter Blood. It also features the supremely talented Olivia de Haviland, as Arabella. There are multiple enemies facing Blood, the most memorable being Basil Rathborne's performance as the cocky Frenchman Levasseur. This is the ultimate pirate film, that many other films of the genre have tried to replicate.

  • a flirtation with class.

    • a.morris
    • 3/3/18

    arguably the architect persona of the adventure genre in his first major role. the script gave a succulent taste of the ambrosia that was to come from this star in the making. the palatable chemistry of this man and his leading lady is still scrutinized by the most ardent researcher today. the cast of actors were a scrumptious collection of selfless rapscallions. the dialogue had moments of quick-witted witticism. the seemingly simple look of the seascapes were actually resplendent and ideal for the world of the movie. the director was not a secondary talent at all. this project created a seismic shift in the history of Hollywood.


    • WIIL
    • 1/17/17


  • Can Never Get Enough Of Levasseur

    • sogladbeingrepeated
    • 6/28/16

    Errol yet to come into his own,many scenes needed to be reshot,as he was so nervous.Hard to believe with his swagger on & off screen.Have never failed to notice in all my viewings how much more interesting this film gets when Rathbone & Flynn are in the same scene!Basil plays the wickedest pirate ever!Maybe that's what someone meant in a memorial to a friend when saying he fought like a pirate.

  • Flynn's OK Too

    • mmmmyyybasil
    • 6/20/16

    The picture really picks up when Rathbone's Levasseur appears on scene.Oh,boohoo to someone who wants not to hear Basil's praises,but he rocks this picture.It's ok for the first half,but he lights up the screen with his menace!Thanks,my Basil for being in this film.

  • 1935 is the charm,Rathbone

    • onwardbasilrathbone
    • 6/8/16

    This was the year that made Errol,Olivia,Basil stars,Errol & Olivia frequent co-stars,too bad Olivia & Baz didn't get to act opposite each other more often.He's far more interesting in looks,class,charm than Errol to me anyday!Great film!

  • The Great Baz Makes The Film For Me

    • randybaz
    • 3/12/15

    Errol yet to be comfy as an actor,first of many Curtiz films,first of 3 films with his greatest co-star,Baz.And Miss Olivia,a classic beauty,and great actress.

  • Hooray For Capt Levasseur

    • BAZZ!!!!
    • 2/2/15

    The most exciting part of this film is any scene with Basil Rathbone.He is incredibly sexy as Levasseur,lack of much of a French accent and all!I always look forward to the movie for him,as he always brings out something in Errol Flynn's heroes.

  • Captain Blood

    • Bariebel
    • 5/26/14

    A wonderful movie, the film is set during the oppressive reign of King James II. Irish physician Peter Blood (Errol Flynn), arrested for treating a wounded anti-crown rebel, is condemned to slavery in Jamaica. Here he earns several privileges after treating the governor for gout; this does not rest well with the wicked owner of the plantation on which Blood is forced to work. Nor is he pleased with the growing relationship between his niece Arabella (Olivia DeHavilland) and the imprisoned doctor. An attack on Jamaica by Spanish pirates gives Blood and his fellow slaves the opportunity to become buccaneers themselves. After several months of fighting and plunder, Blood's men capture a merchant ship on which Arabella returns to Jamaica. Blood fights a duel with a French pirate (Basil Rathbone) over the girl; having "won" the duel over her, Blood tries to renew the friendship he had with her before becoming a pirate. No more details you have to see the movie it is absolutely great.

  • leading man

    • Maria Ramos
    • 2/1/13

    Errol Flynn 78 years later how beautiful he remains.And even today Mr. Flynn could still stand up to any leading man today. He was one of a kind. HE should have been nominated best actor!

  • Excellent Film

    • Alex
    • 2/1/13

    This movie is excellent on all levels. It's not just a classic swashbuckler - it is an excellent drama, romance, adventure, even comedy.Errol Flynn's debut shows great skill and confidence. He is brilliant.And credit should be given to the superb cinematography - the lighting and shadows are used to superb effect.

  • Captain Blood

    • Dashiell Barnes
    • 7/24/12

    This overlooked swashbuckler is literally a masterpiece. It was the star-making film for Flynn & the actor's first union between leading lady De Havilland & duel with Rathbone. The battles, drama & romance are excellent to see under Curtiz's direction. The best pirate movie before "The Pirates of the Carribean" franchise. I give it a 4.5/5.

  • Best Pirate Flick Ever

    • Pirate
    • 7/22/12

    Flynn was a find!Many things to love in this movie,most of all to me the surprise dueling skills of Rathbone,to me the reason to watch this film.Why didn't he get more pics with Miss Olivia,they seemed to get on well.Here Rathbone is totally sexy.

  • Killer Beach Duel

    • Bazz
    • 7/22/12

    Love the quote on the Rosary of Pain.Basil quite attractive here,more so than Flynn.Lost interest after his death on the beach.Sure could teach Flynn how to act.

  • New to me

    • Adam
    • 2/21/12

    Just saw this film for the first time today, must say I really enjoyed it.

  • Captain Blood

    • Randy Hagan
    • 2/21/12

    An excellent swashbuckler and emblematic of the romance and action of all Sabatini's novels. My recommendation is to watch it ONLY in black and white ... the colorized version too clearly reveals the technology used by B&W filmmakers to create the backgrounds and environment for display in B&W. So, watch it in the original and enjoy every minute as you appreciate the genius of the filmmakers of the day and the technology they mastered.


    • 2/21/12


  • More Rathbone

    • Bart the Pirate
    • 2/16/12

    To me,the highlight will always be the duel to the death on the beach.


    • alexander perez
    • 8/28/11

    unequaled in it's sheer Excitement, imagination and Romantic adventure, CAPTAIN BLOOD is an excellent Swashbuckler that established Errol Flynn as a star with his Debonair gallantry and reckless daring. taken from the eventful pages of Rafael Sabatini's novel, it was practically the first true Swashbuckler of the sound era, Flynn not only being Douglas Fairbanks' predecessor but also preceding him in Swordplay and Devil may care attitude. Flynn really shows Johnny Depp how a REALl Pirate movie should be! and Olivia DeHavilland, this being her film debut as well, is radiantly Beautiful in what would be her first of Eight films with Flynn. Basil Rathbone is marvelous as the Gentleman rascal Levasseur, Lionel Atwill is Fiendish as much as he is Bungling, and the rest of the cast is great, too. and let's not forget Erich Wolfgang Korngold's spirited action score that keeps the sea Battles and Sword fighting going!

  • Captain Blood

    • Mark Sutch
    • 4/12/11


  • captain blood

    • joe. l
    • 3/30/10

    This movie having seen it countless times remains for me the grandfather of all pirate movies. Errol Flynn and olivia de havilland make the perfect partnership in any movie. Highly recommend it!

  • Captain Blood (1935)

    • James Higgins
    • 2/27/10

    Rousing and very exciting swashbuckler, one of the best ever. Errol Flynn is perfectly cast and does a fantastic job. Entertaining from start to finish. The supporting cast is excellent. The score is outstanding, one of the best from that decade. Fine art direction and sound, the costumes are excellent. The use of lighting is impressive. Just an all around great movie. Oscar nominations went to best picture, sound recording, musical score, director Michael Curtiz and for screenplay writing. Director Curtiz excels with films like this, he also directed The Sea Hawk with Errol Flynn as well, and that film is even better than this one. This is one classic I think would have been even better if it was in color, something I usually don't feel

  • Great Movie, Takes you back...

    • Mate
    • 1/7/10

    This movie was made in the 1930's but the story, the direction and the acting is by far better than anything we see today. Even the special FX, the scenes and the setup are all better than today's movies!(without using computer animations/Fx)!I wonder if they had the computers to help them back then what amazing movies they would come up with? Certainly the talent of the pioneers in the movie industry were greater in those days.Todays actors only deliver a few lines of derogatory remarks and few cuss words and call it "art"! Heh, you cannot even compare people like Errol Flynn or Gary Cooper to anyone today , the quality of actors and acting became below standards in the 50's then it diminished in the 70's, 80's up until today. I frankly do not see anyone as good looking or as lady or gentleman-like as the actors of the old days any more.That is too bad and a reflection of how our low standards reflects in the movies today.

  • Great movie

    • joseph
    • 12/16/07

    After initially seeing the black and white effects, I stayed up pretty late to see this movie. It was a good movie to see and I suggest this movie as good to watch.J.B.

  • Swashbuckler credit

    • Jill Maryn
    • 1/26/07

    I just thought it might be nice for someone to mention the professional fencing doubles used in many of these swashbuckling movies. My dad, Wilfrid J. Holroyd, Jr., was the fencing stand in for Mr. Flynn in this movie-just look at the face when the real fencing starts-that's daddy! It seemed the directors didn't try too hard to hide it. As this was such a big part of the movies of this genre, I think it's odd that not even the fencing masters who coordinated all the difficult swordplay received any credit. My dad was also in Prisoner of Zenda, Count of Monte Cristo, Three Muskateers, etc.-all made around this time. It appears as if the directors just told him to "duck his head a little", then shot the scene. Jill (Holroyd) Martyn

  • RE: Attention to Detail

    • Kevin
    • 7/31/06

    Just a note to Donna: Rafael Sabatini wrote Captain Blood less than one hundred years ago, the first edition having been published in 1922. Perhaps you are aware of previous accounts of the good doctor. If so, please advise, since I was under the impression that this was a novel and not a biography.

  • Attention to Detail

    • donna
    • 6/8/06

    Captain Blood was produced with great attention to detail of the story, which was written about Captain Blood several hundred years ago. I did a search on the history of Captain blood and I was amazed of the accuracy that the film portrayed.And for it's time, the special effects of that era rival even todays...the only's in B and W! Good Job!

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