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Colorado Territory

Colorado Territory(1949)


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Colorado Territory An outlaw just released from... MORE > $15.96
Regularly $19.99
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Outlaw Wes McQueen escapes from jail and heads for the Colorado Territory, where he is to meet with his boss, Dave Rickard. Before he catches the stagecoach, he stops by his former family farm and learns that everyone he cared about is gone or dead. On the stage, he meets Fred Winslow and his daughter Julie Ann, who have purchased a ranch, sight unseen. When outlaws attack the stage, killing both of the drivers, Wes fights them off and successfully brings the stage into town. Wes's destination is Todos Santos, a ghost town, where Duke Harris and Reno Blake are waiting for him to organize a train robbery. Wes is troubled by the unexpected presence of half-Indian Colorado Carson, as he believes a woman will cause trouble between the two men. After he orders her to leave, however, she warns him about the unreliability of Homer Wallace, the inside man on their team. Impressed by her acumen, Wes allows Colorado to remain with the gang, despite his misgivings. Then, acting on Colorado's warning, Wes tries to scare Wallace into remaining silent. Later, he rides into town to visit the Winslows and learns that the land they bought is poor and waterless. Wes's attraction to Julie Ann prompts him to visit Dave, who is ill, and disclose that he wants to settle down and live a respectable life. Dave reveals that he has no money and asks his old friend to pull this last job before he quits. On his way back to the hideout, Wes stops again at the Winslows with a new dress for Julie Ann and money to enable them to dig a well. Winslow tries to return the money, explaining that Wes has no chance with Julie Ann, who is in love with Randolph, a man who refuses to marry her. Winslow explains that it was to stop his daughter's involvement with Randolph that they moved West. Back at Todos Santos, Wes learns that his fears that Colorado would cause trouble between the men have been realized. After warning Duke and Reno not to fight until after the robbery, he asks Colorado to move into his room. When she reveals that she is in love with him, he brusquely explains that his plans do not include her. Still wary of Wallace, Wes questions his wife and learns that Wallace has betrayed them. Wes tries to salvage the robbery, but Duke and Reno are captured by the sheriff's men. When Wes and Colorado arrive at Dave's with the money, they discover that he has died. Later, Wes finds Pluthner, another member of Dave's gang, trying to steal the money and kills him, but Wes is himself wounded in the fight. Together with Colorado, Wes asks the Winslows for help, after revealing his real identity. Winslow agrees to help, but Julie Ann, who intends to return to Randolph, tries to turn him in for the reward. A disappointed Wes then leaves with Colorado. After Duke and Reno are hanged, Wes and Colorado return to Todos Santos, where Wes asks Colorado to marry him. There, an Indian riding with the posse spots them and forces them to leave their hideout. Believing they will have a better chance to escape if they separate, Wes rides toward Mexico, leaving Colorado at Todos Santos. There, she overhears the posse plan to surround Wes in the Canyon of the Dead. She begs them not to kill Wes, but the marshal devises a trap, and both Wes and Colorado are killed. Later, Brother Tomas, a traveling monk, discovers the stolen money that Colorado has hidden at Todos Santos and uses it to give new life to the abandoned city.