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The Mating of Millie

The Mating of Millie(1948)

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  • The Mating of Millie

    • Irene
    • 7/9/19

    To me this is a terrific film...predictable, yes, but I don't care...the anticipation of what's next is exciting every time I watch it...can't count the number of times .but enjoy it always. GLenn Ford is so cute with his dimples and great personality. Picking Evelyn Keyes in the title role was to watch her awkwardness turn into self assuredness with Glenn Ford s coachinlg. Lot of laughs every time I watch it.Was disappointed that TCM did not show film for Glenn Ford STAR Of the MONTH as movie got deleted from my DVR and would like to get it back.Hope you will run it again soon so I may share with friends.Thank you.

  • My favorite Evelyn Keyes Film

    • denscul
    • 3/17/19

    Any bus driver should see this film. It wouldn't have been a great film without him, or the kid who becomes an orphan. The film starts when the Ford, can't take his job anymore, and just walks off the bus. That's when Keyes meets the Ford, whom she assumes will need a job, and she is a personnel director at a department store. The humor between Ford is caused by Keyes wanting to marry to adopt a child living next door who is orphaned. Ford, a dedicated bachelor volunteers to help Keyes find a husband, and unlikely project considering how up tight she is. She is even willing to marry her next door neighbor in desperation. The director of the orphanage falls in love with her, and Keyes and the kid fall for Ford, who at the end is resigned to marry and adopt. This is hardly an unforgettable film. It was one of the break out to stardom films for Glenn Ford, playing a comedic role. His career was full of different characters, westerns, detectives, war films and plausible leading men.

  • The little orphan is great.

    • denscul
    • 10/30/18

    A fluff film that is surprisingly good based on what mus sound like a silly plot. For any one who is, or has adopted, this film is a must. Although some may find making a comedy is not a subject for such a serious topic.

  • The Mating Of Millie

    • Dino
    • 4/9/16

    Loved this movie. Should be shown more often. Would love to buy it.

  • The mating of Millie

    • Annie
    • 7/12/15

    This movie was on TCM a couple weeks ago. I almost did not watch it because TCM did not describe the movie well enough in the description. The only reason I DVRed it was because it stated Glenn Ford was in the movie. I just finally got around to watching it. Omg, what a good movie. I loved it so much! It was about a single woman who is focused on her career and not men in the beginning of movie, but when a little boy she adores in her apartment complex becomes a orphan she is not a allowed to adopted him when she tries because she is not married. She gets an idea to seduce a man to fall in love with her and marry her then she will be able to adopt the boy. I laugh and then cried at parts of the movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys older romantic comedies. I so wish that this movie was on DVD. I would buy it in a heartbeat. Please TCM put it on DVD. It deserves be on DVD.

  • Why isn't this film available on Home TV?

    • denscul
    • 6/20/15

    You could watch this film with your kids and everyone else in your life, and all would enjoy it. Its a serious film about adopting a child played by an engaging child star. (Not every child actor is endearing). Keyes and Ford have great chemistry playing romantic opposites who fall in love with the child and end up with a happy ending. Love happy endings. Life is too full of unhappy ones.

  • the mating of Millie

    • Lora Carlile
    • 1/20/15

    I adored this movie and wish TCM would show it again. I was just at the Banning house a couple of weeks ago to show my husband where it is. I have loved the story of how my dad was an extra in the movie, playing one of the orphan kids playing outside in the park. Its a special film.

  • mating of millie

    • Dawn
    • 9/27/14

    This is one of the sweetest movies ever. Glenn Ford perfect with Evelyn Keyes. Show it over and over again.

  • The Mating of Millie

    • Jane
    • 11/27/13

    I really liked the chemistry between Keyes and Ford. The boy who played Tommy was great too.Loved the story!

  • The Mating of Millie

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 8/15/11

    A pleasantly surprisingly, warm-hearted film. Evelyn Keyes is very good in the lead role; I'll have to watch more of her movies.

  • This movie is wonderful

    • Lorrie Mercer
    • 5/1/10

    One of Glenn Ford's best. Very emotional. The chemistry between the lead actors is terrific. I can't imagine not enjoying it.

  • The Mating of Millie (1948)

    • Celia Trimboli
    • 4/8/10

    Nice comedy about a girl trying to find a husband so she can adopt a little boy.

  • I loved this movie

    • Sara
    • 12/4/08

    TCM should put this movie on dvd. Although it is like many other romances where it is easy to guess at, it is enjoyable. It is not a famous romance like cleopatra or romeo and juliet, but it is fun and enlightening. It would seem that this small romance is very significant because it can be taken to heart by many individuals. And as usual it has a moral to it. It is also one of Ford's more happy roles instead of his usually depressing display in many of his movies. It is a thoroughly enjoyable movie.

  • Delightful Movie

    • Diane
    • 6/12/08

    The Mating of Millie was one of my favorite movies when I was a young girl. Thank you for showing it awhile back. I look forward to seeing it again.

  • Delightful Romantic Comedy

    • Jay Bellamy
    • 4/28/08

    As a big Glenn Ford fan, especially in films where he got to display his comedic flair and gets the girl as well, I loved this film. Until TCM aired it, I had not heard of the film before but now I hope TCM airs it again soon. In fact, I hope it enjoys many an encore performance.The days of innocence may be gone in real life but in films like this, they live on in reel life.

  • Cute Movie

    • Rose
    • 4/27/08

    Thanks Robert, What a great movie. Loved it. I would like to see it again.

  • This has everything without...

    • Richard
    • 4/23/08

    What a pleasant movie! It doesn't have violence, disturbing themes, obscene language, or explicit sexual behavior.It doesn't have a chase, guns, or other elements that so often make up a "modern film".But it does have everything needed for a family to sit down, watch a movie, and in the end realize they've just been thoroughly entertained.It's been a long time since I laughed so hard and so much.How do we get this released in DVD?

  • Refreshing Movie!

    • Nancy
    • 4/6/08

    I have been waiting for so many years to see this movie again. I voted to have it available on Home Video. Many people enjoy just the fine, light entertainment that this movie brings to the audience, certainly Glenn Ford at one of his best.

  • Fantastic Film

    • Erin
    • 11/24/07

    This was the best movie I saw on TCM this year. I couldn't sleep one night so I watched and I am so glad that I did!!!! This should definately come out on DVD soon!!!

  • A real gem!

    • Diane
    • 11/12/07

    I stayed up late to watch this movie - after listening to Robert Osborne's introduction - and was not disappointed! Please bring it back again.

  • Hooray for Bob's Picks!!!

    • Denise
    • 10/12/07

    I absolutely LOVED this sweet movie!! You MUST show it again SOON! It's going to be a favorite of mine!! Anyone who loves the romantic comedy with a heart will truely enjoy this one! Evelyn Keyes is a total BABE--wow, I don't remember her looking like that! And that Glenn Ford, what a sexy-hunk-of-a-guy!! And both were sooo funny too!! The little boy I don't know his name, but I've seen him in several movies...what a little sweetheart!! I fell in love with him too!!Thanks to TCM I have seen MANY new-old movies that I never knew exsisted and they are such a TREASURE!!!THANK GOD FOR TCM!!!!

  • Thoroughly enjoyable!!

    • Melba
    • 10/12/07

    I, also had to stay up to see the movie! Very touching and funny!! I loved that Doug thought Millie was a screwball. Millie was on a mission and ahead of her time! I loved how Millie reinvented herself and all those around her had to follow. Great cast and script had us laughing and crying!!!

  • Fun Movie to watch

    • Ed W
    • 10/11/07

    I went to bed about a half an hour before it ended. Even though I knew what was going to happen I had to get back up and watch. It was very funny and touching.

  • What a great find in this little known movie!

    • Ann
    • 10/11/07

    I greatly enjoyed this movie, and SURPRISE!...wasn't expecting much, espec. not being familiar with Evelyn Keyes. But her acting was wonderful--she created a very likeable modern character-a potential single Mom. Glenn Ford was particularly charming & handsome in this; very unusual role for him. And let's not forget "the kid"-he was an adorable little boy. And I loved the script--very clever & unique for its time! Hope it airs again so I can also make it part of my video library!

  • very nice movie

    • Demone
    • 10/10/07

    I enjoyed watching this movie and hope to someday have it in my DVD collection. I especially enjoyed the clothes Millie wore. She sure was a sharp dresser. This is a what I call a wonderful classice movie.

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