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All Ashore

All Ashore(1953)

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All Ashore Three sailors on shore leave... MORE > $17.95
Regularly $20.95
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Sailors Joe Carter and Skip Edwards look forward enthusiastically to their leave as they arrive at the port of Los Angeles. Realizing they have no money, however, the pair plead for a loan from their gullible, but principled buddy, Francis "Moby" Dickerson. Moby tries to avoid telling Joe and Skip about his plans to spend his leave on Santa Catalina Island, but the boys find a pamphlet in Moby's locker and eagerly insist on going along. Once on land, Joe and Skip force Moby into a rowdy bar, where they hope to increase his money by gambling. Instead, the trio loses all of Moby's three hundred dollars when they are conned and drugged by three women and the bartender. When they awaken in an alley the next morning, Moby is anxious to report the theft, but Joe admits that because the bar is off limits, they would end up in the brig if they did. Joe then promises to get the despondent Moby to Catalina and talks the cruiser captain into letting the men sail to the island. Moby soon discovers, however, that Joe has promised that he will work the ship's concession stand for their passage. On board, singer and dancer Gay Knight falls for Skip and offers to get the boys a room in her hotel on Catalina. When they arrive at the Island Chateau bungalows, however, Joe and Skip discover they only have enough of the money that Joe has earned for two of them to stay in a cottage. Joe convinces Moby that it is best for him to sneak in later because he is the smallest of the three. Waiting for nightfall in a nearby park, Moby is accidentally struck in the head by a horseshoe tossed by Nancy Flynn, whose father owns the Chateau. When Joe spots Nancy with Moby, he quickly introduces himself. Learning that the boys are broke again, Gay offers to mention them to her boss at the Cabrillo nightclub. That evening, Joe and Skip dine on a sumptuous meal at the Cabrillo, while Moby works as a waiter to pay for it. Later, Skip joins Gay in her dancing act. Furious when Joe refuses to tip him, Moby hurls a stack of plates and is promptly fired. Outside, Moby runs into Nancy, who tells him about a swank casino nearby that is free for servicemen and accompanies him there. Moby's delight in dancing with Nancy is short-lived, for Joe arrives and immediately cuts in. Dejected, Moby returns to the Chateau, where he falls asleep in the wrong cottage and must creep away before the female occupants discover him. The next morning, Joe and Skip, out of money again, pawn Moby's watch, then entertain Gay and Nancy on a tour of the island. When the two couples settle on the beach, Moby wanders away to the dock and asks the cruiser captain if he might work his way back to the mainland. The captain agrees and while waiting, Moby spots Jane Stanton struggling to start her speed boat. Moby offers to help, but accidentally ends up being pulled into the water. Feeling guilty, Jane offers to take him to her father's yacht in order to dry out his clothes. On board the yacht, Moby gets along well with Jane's millionaire father, Commodore Stanton, who declares that Moby would make a welcome addition to his soft drink company and promises him a good job once his naval service has ended. Jane then receives an invitation to a party on board another yacht around the island, and invites Moby. Meanwhile, Joe, Skip and the girls feel guilty about ignoring Moby and begin searching for him. On the way to the opposite side of the island, Jane's boat stalls and while she and Moby try to fix it, they both fall overboard when the boat abruptly starts. Moby helps Jane to shore, then, using the position of the stars, determines the way back to the nearest town, which is six miles away. The Coast Guard finds Jane's empty speedboat and returns it to the commodore, who immediately forms a search party. Soon the entire island is aware of Jane and Moby's disappearance. While traipsing through the island jungle underbrush, Moby provides the exhausted Jane with some goat's milk, prompting her to call him her hero. Falling into a reverie, Moby imagines himself a fearless knight, Sir Francis the Dragon, who battles cutthroat pirates Black Joe and Skip for Lady Jane's hand. Back in town, Joe, Skip and the girls offer to help the commodore's search team, but then break into a fight over who mistreated Moby. As the boys are about to be arrested, Moby and Jane appear. Jane relates Moby's skill and courage to her father, who in gratitude offers to host the rest of Moby's leave. Moby then has the commodore intercede on Joe and Skip's behalf with the sheriff and invites them along to the Stantons'.