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The Good Humor Man

The Good Humor Man(1950)

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Good Humor ice cream salesman Biff Jones makes a daily visit to the building where his girl friend, Margie Bellew, works as secretary to insurance investigator Stuart Nagel. One afternoon, Biff and Nagel, who is also attracted to Margie, quarrel, and Nagel bars Biff from the building. Despite her love for Biff, Margie refuses to marry him because she has her younger brother Johnny to support. Biff and Johnny are fast friends, however, and Johnny has made Biff the only adult member of the Captain Marvel club. While driving his route one day, Biff is hit by a car carrying Bonnie Conroy and several men. Bonnie begs Biff to save her from the men, but when the men start to beat him, she runs away. Later, Biff tells his story to police inspector Quint, who does not believe him, and as a result, Biff loses his job. Later, after Margie at last agrees to marry him, Biff decides to sell so many Good Humor bars that the company will take him back. As he drives by a seemingly empty house, Biff is summoned by a furtive Bonnie, who promises to buy all his ice cream bars if he agrees to spend the night in the house and protect her. Biff fortifies the house as Captain Marvel would, but the next morning, he discovers Bonnie dead and, because the windows and doors are still fastened, becomes convinced that he strangled her in his sleep. Seeing Biff's truck in the street, Margie and Johnny investigate and, misunderstanding Biff's presence in the house, Margie breaks off her engagement. Biff again tells an unbelievable story to Quint, and when they all arrive back at the house, the body is gone. That night, Nagel and Margie investigate a robbery and murder, and when a Good Humor truck is found to have visited the scene of the crime, Biff becomes the prime suspect. Margie then decides to help Biff prove his innocence. Together, they check the laundry mark on Bonnie's nightgown, which was left behind in the house, and are able to trace her body to an apartment. While they are trying to call the police, several men return to the room and retrieve $300,000, the exact amount that was stolen from the murder scene the previous night. After the men leave, Margie and Biff again try to call Quint, but are surprised by the sudden appearance of Bonnie, who reveals that she has epileptic fits that sometimes make her seem dead. Bonnie holds them at gunpoint until the rest of the gang returns. Margie and Biff overcome the thugs, and after learning that Quint is on his way to Nagel's, Margie calls her boss and leaves a message with him. Unknown to Margie, Nagel is the head of the gang, and he instructs Margie to meet him at the Captain Marvel clubhouse. The members of the club overcome the crooks, however. Bonnie later explains that she lured Biff to the house so that the thieves could use his truck and his uniform for the robbery. Now that the criminals have been captured, Biff and Margie seal their success with a kiss.