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You Belong to Me

You Belong to Me(1941)

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You Belong to Me A playboy marries a woman... MORE > $17.95 Regularly $20.95 Buy Now


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You Belong to Me A playboy marries a woman... MORE > $17.95
Regularly $20.95
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While skiing the California slopes, wealthy playboy Peter Kirk crashes at the feet of Dr. Helen Hunt after trying to impress her with his athletic prowess. After summoning a stretcher team to transport the injured Peter back to the hotel, Helen takes charge of his recovery. When Peter's attorney, Barrows, challenges her competence, however, she angrily resigns from the case and leaves the slopes for her practice in Los Angeles. Claiming that he is suffering a relapse, the smitten Peter sends the hotel clerk after her. Helen hurries back, but upon discovering that his relapse is a ruse, chides Peter for his irresponsibility. In reply, Peter declares he is in love with her and proclaims that they are destined to marry. Although Helen warns Peter that her career is more important than her domestic life, he proposes and they are married. After the wedding, the newlyweds take up residence at Peter's mansion. As the servants romanticize about their employers' wedding night, Helen is called away on an emergency, and by the time she returns home, Peter is sound asleep. When "Van" Vandemer, one of Helen's male patients, phones, Peter becomes jealous and implies his wife's male patients are more interested in her good looks than her medical abilities. After Helen leaves for work the next morning, her jealous husband follows her to her office. While peeking through a keyhole in the examining room door, Peter sees Helen examining a man stripped to the waist and bursts into the room. Recognizing Helen's patient as Robert Andrews, an old acquaintance, Peter accuses him of exhibitionism and the two men begin to argue. Later, Peter apologizes to Helen for his impulsiveness, and after she leaves for work the next morning, he heads for the golf course, where a gossipy golfer informs him that Vandemer is romantically interested in Helen. When Peter questions Helen about her relationship with Vandemer that night, she admits that she rejected his marriage proposal. Later that evening, the newlyweds encounter Vandemer at a nightclub, and after he monopolizes the conversation with Helen, Peter trips him on the dance floor. Before leaving for the office the next morning, Helen asks Billings, the gardener, to keep Peter occupied by interesting him in gardening. As Billings preaches about the wonders of nature, Peter, obsessed by the knowledge that his wife has a two o'clock appointment with Vandemer, stares at his watch. Eventually, however, Peter is calmed by Billings' chatter and overcomes his jealousy. When Helen returns home, Peter proclaims his victory over his jealous impulses, and then Helen calmly informs him that Vandemer phoned to cancel his appointment because he was too sick to leave the house and has asked her to pay a house call that evening. After Helen leaves for Vandemer's house, Moody, the butler, informs him that Vandemer is in perfect health, sending Peter scurrying after his wife. At Vandemer's house, Helen discovers she is the guest of honor at a surprise congratulations party, after which a robust Vandemer instructs his butler to telephone Peter and invite him to the party. He is too late, however, because Peter is lurking in the bushes and peering through the windows. Believing that he has been betrayed, Peter bursts into the house, slugs Vandemer, insults the guests and drags Helen out of the room. Furious, Helen chastises Peter for his lack of ambition. The next morning, Helen awakens to find that Peter has gone. Receiving a message to meet John Jenkins at the local department store, Helen goes there and discovers that Peter has assumed the alias Jenkins and is working as a tie salesman. Delighted by Peter's newly found self-reliance and enthusiasm, Helen decides to retire and become a housewife. The staff recognizes Peter, however, and complains that he is stealing a job from the needy. After the store manager reluctantly fires Peter to please his staff, Billings suggests that he use his wealth to create jobs. Acting on Billings' advice, Peter leaves home to find his "place in the world." One day, as Helen anxiously awaits his return, she receives a phone call from a hospital. Thinking that her husband is ill, Helen rushes there and discovers that Peter has bought the hospital, rescuing it from the verge of bankruptcy. When Peter declares that he intends to funnel his income into the hospital and plans to make Helen its chief of staff, Helen joyously embraces him.