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  • Love it

    • Missy
    • 4/20/18

    Lovely music. Barbara nice. Kip too. Barrymore villainous and obsessed. Nelson enchanting. Marcia naive and lovely. Color film would have been nicer. Blossom motifs very nice. A jealous overseer cannot handle a youthful admirer. Said overseer goes postal.

    • 3/31/18

  • truly great film ~~

    • robin
    • 3/30/18

    really a perfect film...barrymore is just classic...magnificent stage sets...and flowering trees& petals falling...later paralleled via falling snow....and a reprise of the main tune...glorious : O )~~~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

  • love is sweet

    • hakan Lonaeus
    • 2/11/16

    This is a movie that has lived in my family tradition as long as I can remember. My 96 year old mother still sings the tunes with a tear in her eyes.Today was the first time I saw the movie, and I so totally loved it.

  • Films i adored

    • Barbara Barley
    • 4/3/15

    Since i was eleven years old when i descoved Nelson Eddy and Jeanette Macdonald it was 1941 have loved their films all my life . Now at the age of 84 i have all their films on dvd and vidio. and play them every few weeks. Even my husband loves them as much as i do. Maytime and Sweethearts my all time favorites. These lovely films will last for ever. They have given me so much enjoyment in life. Fllms of today are full of violence so i won t watch them. A Devoted Fan BB england

  • May( hem) Time

    • Will
    • 4/29/14

    I always think of Wayne and Wanda on the Muppet show, when ever I see these films. No offence to there fans. ENJOY.

  • Timeless classic!

    • RedRain
    • 1/19/14

    I just watched "Maytime" for the umpteenth time and I still feel it is as beautiful as ever. The MacDonald-Eddy pairing is glorious and the addition of John Barrymore as MacDonald's character's Svengali is the icing on the cake here. My heart is always a bit heavy watching MacDonald and Eddy together. They were so clearly in love but Louis B. Mayer put a stop to it every chance afforded him. When MacDonald became pregnant (out of wedlock) with Eddy's child, Mayer insisted MacDonald have a clandestine abortion and demanded they never see each other again. Both married other people - MacDonald's husband was Eddy's spitting image - but, unfortunately, MacDonald's husband was bisexual and was arrested for it at least three times. Mayer knew this before the marriage, MacDonald did not. Both she and Eddy stayed with their respective spouses until they died but, as was obvious in later films they made, they remained in love. Eddy flew to her side as she became very ill and even took an apartment across the street from where MacDonald & her husband lived. When you watch "Maytime" and you are aware of the behind the scenes stories, you appreciate the beautiful voices and the poignancy behind them. That "studio system" so touted by so many was cruel and inhumane. It was nothing more than indentured slavery wherein you were at the mercy of the whims of the studio heads who ruined so many lives.

  • An All Time Favorite

    • MSmith
    • 6/19/13

    This movie captures me every time. I cannot resist the on-screen charisma between Jeanette and Nelson. I wish they had made more like this. No one can fake that kind of expressive eye contact of emotional sharing between them. I also always notice the warmth and tenderness of their touches for each other and the firm grasp of one another in their embraces. I don't think that kind of loving can be denied. Plus Ernst Lubitch was a marvelous director for them here. And Louis B. Mayer was a pig to prevent obvious love from ending in a happy marriage for them just for the sake of his precious studio, not to mention his own personal desire for Jeanette. Theirs is one of the saddest unrequited love stories of all time, and this movie depicts their love very well.

  • 5 star rating

    • Jacques Day
    • 5/31/12

    Great movie. Great acting. Fantastic musical favourites.

  • A well made musical

    • Terry Stuart
    • 5/30/12

    Jeanette McDonald and Nelson Eddy are so wonderful and heartwarming to see and hear. I got the movie, "Naughty Marietta" and I'm so glad I did as it made me a fan of theirs. Jeanette had a wide range of tones in her voice of which I have never heard any other singer sing like she did. "Maytime" has to be one of their best films as they sing a lot of classical music in it. Their romance is very beautiful in this movie as the love they have for each other is unbreakable. "Sweetheart" is a great song and they do it exceptionally well. It touches me emotionally to hear them sing.

  • One of My Absolute Favorites

    • Lyric
    • 5/30/12

    This is a perfectly wonderful story and movie. I support the sentiment to have it on DVD!

  • Hopeless Romantic

    • Bernadette P
    • 4/1/12

    Such an exquisite love story! Jeannette & Nelson at the top of their game. Every May, as petals fall, how can we not think of this bittersweet tale? A musical as only MGM could produce and a feast for the senses. One of my all time faves... yes, I Will Remember..springtime, love time, May!

  • Wonderful

    • Amy
    • 10/12/11

    Every May I think of this movie! Please put this on DVD!

  • Absolutely Wonderful

    • Denise H
    • 9/27/11

    Please, Please, put this on DVD to preserve it. Tape will not last forever!Would love to own it. Have VHS now.

  • Maytime

    • Robert Rivera
    • 8/9/11

    I'm sorry I missed your June showing. I fully agree with Lorraine about making DVDsavailable and restored. I would rather own them because it is sometimes impossibleto watch them. Please come out with a DVD of Maytime. It is very rare and difficultto find.

  • Maytime

    • Mary
    • 2/18/11

    TCM really need to put all of Jeannette MacDonalds movies of DVD so we can buy them. They are classics and I with everyone else would like to add them to my collection. That way I can watch them anytime. I truly enjoy her movies.

  • Thank You for showing MAYTIME

    • Lorraine
    • 7/6/10

    Thank You for showing MAYTIME on Nelson Eddy`s birthday-June 29, 2010. I hope that you will continue to show Nelson Eddy/Jeanette MacDonald films on a regular basis as part of your program schedule. Thank You, Lorraine Chandler

  • Maytime

    • Cheryl Whitt
    • 6/29/10

    This is the first time I've seen this particular Jeanette/Nelson movie and I loved it. It made me cry--that means it was great. Jeanette was beautiful as always and Nelson didn't seem quite so stiff. It's always wonderful to hear the blending of their glorious voices. The opera montage is spectacular as are the scenes from Czarina. The use of Tchaikovsky's music for that was inspired. Thank you, TCM, for making these movies available. I'd so much rather watch these than most of the stuff in theaters today.

  • maytime

    • judy
    • 2/14/10

    my mother spoke often of maytime being her favorite movie. she sang the songs to me very often. i finally got the chance to see maytime after her death. it would have been wonderful to share this movie with her. please encourage its availability on dvd. i could then share it with my grandchildren. (they are now hearing me sing the songs like my mother sang from the movie)

  • singing

    • albertparkin
    • 10/9/09

    Excellent singing as opposed to the rot that we are subject to these days.Why can,t people see the difference in the singing of those days?.

  • Thank You for showing Maytime

    • Lorraine
    • 7/1/09

    Thank You for showing Maytime on 6-30-2009. Would you please continue to show MacDonald/Eddy musicals as part of TCM`s programming schedule? I hope that eventually the films of Nelson and Jeanette will be released on DVD. Lorraine Chandler Athens, Texas

  • Huge fan of the Eddy/McDonald films!!

    • Phyllis Miller
    • 5/13/09

    I was in the 7th grade when I first saw one of their movies and have always been a huge fan, especially of Eddy. I was, therefore, more than delighted to find some of their movies on VCR at Would love to see all of their films put on DVD/s. Of their movies, Maytime is the one I like the very best, but I love all of their movies. I watch them over and over again. As I said,I would like to have them on DVD because I often wonder if my VCR's will at some point not be able to be watched. Thanks for having some of their movies on TCM. I wish they were in a better time slot since an eight two year old lady can't stay up for the late showing.

  • Musical Memories

    • lynn whittaker
    • 4/22/09

    My parents were opera singers in the early 1940's. I grew up watching in the 1950's and 1960's the old movies from the 40's My parents loved McDonald/Eddy movies. When I was about 10 my Mom was hospitalized for a time and I wrote to Nelson Eddy asked for his picture and autograph for my Mom-she was thrilled-he sent a letter and autographed the large black and white photo. I never told a sole I wrote to him but what a great day it was when I received the letter and photos that day. Maytime was my mother's all time favorite movie. Thanks TCM-what a wonderful idea-an entire channel of fantastic movies!


    • Emily
    • 3/30/09

    I absolutely love this movie! It is my favorite Nelson/Jeanette movie and is definitely one of their best!PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release this and all of their other films onto DVD!

  • Thank You for showing MAYTIME

    • Lorraine
    • 3/9/09

    Thank You TCM for showing MAYTIME on 3/7/2009. The MacDonald/Eddy musicals provided romantic escapism and beautiful music for 1930`s Depression Era audiences. In our current era of economic difficulty, these beautiful films also provide me with romantic escapism and beautiful music. I hope that you will show Nelson and Jeanette`s films more often. Also hope to oneday see them restored and released on DVD. Lorraine Chandler


    • JULIA
    • 3/8/09


  • wonderful

    • 5/8/08

    great love story

  • Amazing Talent

    • Joy Millhouse
    • 1/8/08

    I was so impressed that Rene Fleming was a guest host that I watched TCM for the entire evening. Maytime was Ms. Fleming's final movie choice. I had never seen Jeanette MacDonald nor Nelson Eddy although I had heard of them. And I was absolutely amazed by both of them. To put it simply, they were the most gifted, in the sense of God given gifts, human beings, that I have ever seen, on the screen or off. I just could not get over the talent and attractiveness of both stars. Additionally, there was an incredible chemistry between them. And Ms. Fleming (who is currently the great star of the Metropolitan Opera) was just as taken by Nelson Eddy as I was. He was an incredibly attractive man. Maytime is such a rich and beautiful experience, that it reminded me of walking around Paris and then having a magnificent French meal. It was just an overwhelming sensory experience.

  • Great Musical

    • Nelson Eddy
    • 3/23/07

    Watch the first 5-minutes, but then skip the first musical number of about 10-minutes, then once Nelson Eddy appears, the movie takes off, with great songs and duets. Nelson Eddy, and Jeanette MacDonald are great singers, with a chemistry of true romance. You will remember many good scenes, good songs, some great songs, and a good ending. Though it all fits together, you will not remember a good story as a whole. You will remember great songs and great singing.You cannot help joining in some of the songs. The sets take you there, to a village in France, a country fair, the opera. Nelson & Jeanette, both are aspiring singers in the story, which makes the songs fit smoothly. An Italian minstrel sings "Santa Lucia", great song. There is charm and romance. It is a movie you will watch more than once for some great songs. If you like this, other excellent, Jeanette MacDonald / Nelson Eddy musical-stories are: "Naughty Marietta", a wholesome film, unlike the name may imply, she is naughty by running away from home, and "Girl of the Golden West", with Buddy Ebsen, (Jed Clampett) in his 20's; "Rose Marie", in the Canadian Rockies. (And the ones I haven't seen: "New Moon", "Sweethearts", and "I Married an Angel"). These movies are hidden gems for those who love romance, charm, characters, and exceptional singing duets. I wish Sony Pictures would release a seven film DVD boxed set of MGM's Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy musicals.

  • Memorable Maytime

    • Judi Paparozzi
    • 5/7/06

    Maytime has all the elements of the great movie musical; it has a wonderful score, star-crossed lovers, an antagonist, and a believable love story at its core. This is the Nelson Eddy matinee idol that my mom snuck out of school to see. He is bright, witty, talented, fun, and self-effacing but loving with all his being. Jeanette is exactly who she should be; talented, beautiful, charismatic but capable of great emotion and love for Nelson. John Barrymore as her manager/husband makes us cringe as he jealously manipulates all aspects of Jeanette's life including her personal life. The climax upsets me to this day! But the ending has also never left me. No matter how many times I watch it, I cannot help but cry at the end. This is a movie one can watch at any age or stage in her life...and enjoy a good cry.

  • Beautiful movie

    • Wendy Winkler
    • 3/13/06

    I think this is one of the movies that proves that Nelson Eddy was not such a wooden actor. He gives a lively and very likeable performance. It was also a very moving performance. Jeanette Macdonald was wonderful too and should probably have recieved an Oscar nomination.

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