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Meet Me in St. Louis

Meet Me in St. Louis(1944)

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  • Let's Meet in St Louis

    • Hannah
    • 4/15/19

    This movie is sugar, spice, and everything nice. If only life could be so simple and sweet!

  • Song Question

    • Mary Ann
    • 12/16/18

    This movie, as mosts other classic mocvies, has so many answers to so many questions about life. Mostly, give in to your heart and laugh and go wth what the Lord gives you!!! ONe of my questions is and someone plese send me the answer, "What is the name of the song Judy Garland sing to "Tootie" after she getsher away from the sowmen and then takes her upstairs?" Thank you for your help here, and let's continue to watch, learn and enjoy!!!

  • Judy Garland the Great

    • Tamerlane
    • 12/1/18

    Interesting (to me) that three of my five favorite musicals are Judy Garland-related: Meet Me in St. Louis, Cabaret, and The Wizard of Oz. Although her tumultuous life was short, her list of entertainment accomplishments is long; Garland's middle name should be 'Legacy'. At her funeral, Ray Bolger said, "She just plain wore out."The other two musicals on the list: Singin' In The Rain and The Sound of Music.

    • 6/15/18

  • Great movie!!

    • Melanie
    • 4/16/16

    Great movie!!! Dead dolls and all!!

  • Meet Me In St. Louis

    • Antoinette
    • 7/26/15

    I have watched this movie at least 15 times and have noted the following errors:Tootie changes her slippers in the middle of her dance sequence with Judy Garland...They start out pink and end gray with pompoms.....Father slice of cake during Halloween sequence starts thin and when he takes it to piano it becomes much larger..... Plant on back window in living room changes during piano sequence when Judy is singing Meet me in St. Louis with her sister.....There several others to spot them....I wish they had not deleted any of the music.......I truly love this movie and am so grateful that it transport me to a less complicated time.....I hope it returns again to your schedule.....

  • meet me in st. louis

    • kevin sellers
    • 1/25/15

    The problem I have with most movie musicals (I promise that'll be the last triple alliteration in this review) is that there is a tacit agreement that, in exchange for good songs, dancing and music, the viewer must be forced to endure a really dull story, with cardboard characters. To this agreement, I am happy to say, this particular film is a wonderful exception. Give it an A.

  • A great musical

    • Bailey
    • 9/9/13

    Meet me in St. Louis is a great musical. I am a huge Judy Garland fan. I love this movie when she plays Ester. She has long hair in the movie. You can watch Meet me in St. Louis anytime, and even including Christmas. Like i said a great, happy, feel good musical.

  • Meet Me In St. Louis

    • Love A Good Movie
    • 1/5/13

    This has been a family favorite for years. When we were remodeling our home in the 90's we had a video of this that we would play many a time in the background while we were working. Our son can even quote many of the lines to this day!

  • Top Notch Musical(1944)

    • nshepard
    • 12/24/12

    Vincent Minelli's Tour De Force Direction delightfully captures a time long past when simple virtues were paramount and life had meaning. The Smith Family a staple of St. Louis has the opportunity to move to New York where Dad Smith has a better job offer. But before that happens we get treated to inspiring musical numbers that generate many smiles as Judy Garland and Maragaret O'Brien steal the show with brilliant singing and dancing ! Great fun for all ! Nothing like making ketchup in the Summertime. St. Louis never looked this good or ever will. 5 stars out of 5.

  • Meet me in St. Louis

    • Dashiell B.
    • 12/20/12

    Not only the film which was the first collaboration between director Minnelli & star Garland, but also the film that ushered Hollywood's Golden age of musicals. The film focuses on the Smiths family near the turn of the century. Garland , for some reason, was passed over for a Best Actress Oscar & O'Brien steals the show, recieving a Special Juvenile Oscar. Minnellie not only makes the songs seamless in the story, but also mixes melodrama into expertly. Not-too sentimental & well worth watching, especially over the holidays. I give it a 5/5.

  • Five star perfection!

    • RedRain
    • 12/18/12

    There are few films that can rate five stars but this is definitely one of them. It's so charming and such cinematography! I've only liked Mary Astor in two films, this one and "Dodsworth." In the others, she always plays such a witch that it's hard to like her or her performance but, then again, if you dislike someone that much in a role, it must mean they are a very special actress! Astor was not a member or even distantly related to the Astor family but she was film royalty nonetheless and she was strikingly beautiful. She is the perfect mother of a large brood in this film and she runs a very big family home. When her husband announces the family is all moving to New York because he has been transferred there, the family ends up in an uproar. I know how much attention is given to Margaret O'Brien as the wee sister, Tootie, in this film but, make no mistake, this film belongs to Judy Garland and that marvelous voice of hers! When she sings "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas," your heart just melts. This is a Holiday film, with all the joy that the Holiday Season brings. There is also a striking rendering of the World's Fair of 1904 and the zillions of lights at night, with the entire family in attendance, is just something to behold. I love this film. Please see it and, just maybe, you will fall in love with it as well!

  • It's a musical?

    • Talli
    • 10/23/11

    I love this movie and the songs blend so well I tend to forget it would be called a musical.It has that warm and fuzzy feeling, but you'll want to curl up in a comfy chair with a blanket and hot cocoa, anyway.

  • Great Musical

    • Shezrah
    • 11/7/10

    I'm a greeat fan of the 30's, 40' & 50's genre. So I've see quite a few movies. This review is about Mary Astor & Judy Garland. Mary Astor is at her best in this movie, not only does this do the role great, buy her appearance is at it's best. She truly has that Cameo Face. And makes the role truly believeable. Judy Garland, to me, is at her best also, she plays the part realistically and it makes you want to go over to her "house" to hang out with her family. Overall, they did a wonderful job casting this movie. I could go on about each one of the cast, for they truly did this movie great, but it would take to long. Buy this movie and enjoy it as I do.

  • Good for a musical

    • Pat Turman
    • 9/7/10

    I'm not much of a fan of musicals from the Golden Age but this is probably my favorite (along with "Singin' in the Rain"). The songs are great & it does make you feel nostalgic for a bygone era. It's a little too episodic but that's typical of a musical, isn't it? I mean, typically the story comes to a stop when they start singing and dancing. What I really love about this movie is little Margaret O'Brien. It's worth the price of admission just to see her steal the show when she sings "Under the Bamboo Tree" with Judy Garland. It does seem odd that the kids, unsupervised, would build a bonfire in the middle of the street & that Tootie's family would not only condone her throwing flower in somebody's face, but not punish her for almost killing passengers on a trolley after deliberately derailing it (oh, that Tootie!!). I guess it was a different sensibility--like when you see doctors in old movies smoking a cigarette while hovering over a patient who's on their deathbed.

  • Meet Me in St. Louis (1944)

    • James Higgins
    • 4/2/10

    Delightful musical, with an incredible score. What an array of great songs: The Academy Award nominated "The Trolley Song", also "The Boy Next Door", and "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" are the best in the movie. Richly produced with wonderful color cinematography, lavish art direction and costume design, the sound is outstanding. Judy Garland is amazing, Mary Astor, Harry Davenport and Marjorie Main give endearing performances, but it's the very young Margaret O'Brien who steals the show with her offbeat character. Also nominated for cinematography, score and writing.

  • Judy Garland is mischief

    • Suggestion
    • 3/4/09

    Judy Garland is luminous mischief inside Meet Me in St Louis (1944), she is not the typical beauty queen at least, despite a childstar from the beginning and she is still an actress on trial according to this movie! Lucille Bremer is the contrast character of the beautiful sister and from the dress to the boyfriends a comparison for Judy Garland to justify her acting to prove her good singing indeed rewards the costume artist, and her acting performance would trick the script because she is a real actress! The Trolley Song is a huge competition, she is relieved she did not drown but another scene would try it again!Judy Garland tests out each opportunity to play inside the movie, she meant she is the lead actress and she could toss the director around when she likes! She is not convinced with Vincente Minnelli who contests her using his cameras, they were arguing on the film set but fell in love!Summer Stock (1950) was likely the humor about her marriage to Vincente Minnelli, her finale song inside the film at a sensual stocking appearance is a masculine challenge at the man that directs into her love life without a real purpose, it is her blame but she fought him with the gist of a man, she tried, she is not gay as some people had believed her to be the icon of homosexuality.Judy Garland is beautiful, in my opinion.

  • Is there a category beyond CLASSIC?

    • Patricia
    • 1/4/09

    Movie musicals(and movies period) don't get any better than this! In "The Wizard of Oz" Judy Garland's character, Dorothy, opines, "there's no place like home." In "Meet Me in St. Louis" we are treated to a depiction of exactly what an ideal home, a home to cherish and nostalgically remember, is. The Smith family lives in a sprawling and lovely house in the nicer part of St. Louis. Three generations of the family live together: Grandpa Smith, Lon (a prosperous attorney )& Anna Smith and their five children: Lon Jr. (off to Princeton), Rose (smitten with Warren Sheffield), Esther (getting to know "the boy next door") and the two youngest girls, Agnes and irrepresible "Tootie" (always up to mischief). Family drama unfolds! The brilliantly talented Vincente Minneli has created in this film an irresistable homage to home and family circa 1903/04 with the added piece de resistance of Judy Garland singing some of her most well-known and beloved songs: "The Boy Next Door," "The Trolley Song," and "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." Beautiful!

  • Great

    • Kirk
    • 12/27/08

    It's a classic

  • Perfection

    • Jburcaw
    • 12/5/08

    What can you say about "Meet Me In St. Louis" except Perfection!! It always leaves a lump in my throat, and Judy Garland.....wonderful as always.

  • Timeless Classic!

    • Brenda
    • 12/5/08

    I can (and do) watch this wonderful movie each and every time TCM plays it. I have the video and DVD and have loaned them to friends to see as well. I love Judy Garland musicals and Vincente Minelli was a great director. Meet Me in St. Louis is a wonderful, heart warming story of days gone by.

  • MMISL the play.

    • Lynn Powell
    • 9/21/08

    I love this film and am thrilled that I get to be a part of the cast in rehearsal now for the play version. I don't have a role because I am too old for the young kids and too young for the older roles. I am lucky enough to be a part of the chorus and dance sequences. The part I am looking forward to the most is learning to waltz for the ball scene. It will be alot of fun and a show to remember. Judy Garland was at her best in this film and it is great we have it to remember her by.Thank you TCM for showing these timeless films.

  • A Wonderfully Nostalgic Film

    • Juliet V.
    • 7/30/08

    This is a great film in all ways,but the best thing about it in my opinion is the nostalgic feeling it evokes.It looks back at a time when Christmas wasn't so completely commercialized and wasn't all about how much people should spend,and who's going to get the biggest,best gift.It also shows how important Family was and still should be.Every time I see it,it makes me wish I'd had loving older siblings like Tootie's.The settings of the interiors of the house are beautiful and show perfect attention to detail.And it's nice to know Judy Garland was happy while making this movie.

  • one of the best Holiday movies of all time!

    • Amber
    • 11/9/07

    This is one of my favorite holiday movies for every holiday but more so Christmas. When Judy Garland sings have yourself a marry little Christmas i believe every word she is saying. It will always make me cry. And i think any one who has not seen this movie should.

  • One of the best!

    • Gail
    • 9/26/07

    Meet Me in St. Louis is such a good movie. Everything about it is great. The actors, actresses, costumes and most importantly, the music! The first time I saw this movie I loved it. I loved it so much that I got it on DVD. This is defenitly one of the best movies ever made. You Rock TCM!!!

  • A great movie, just wonderful

    • Maria
    • 6/21/07

    I think no other film has had such an emotional impact on me as this film does. The part where Judy Garland sings to little Margaret O'Brien makes me want to cry! Everything about this movie is great- the costumes are great, the acting is great, the music is great. It makes you feel as if you are really at home living with the characters. And the fact that it's based on a real family makes it all the more believeable. I recommend anyone who likes movies to watch it.

  • garland/ minnelli, what a perfect musical match!!

    • sharon
    • 12/11/06

    Vincent, made her beautiful and glamourous. With his talent and flair for color this movie is timeless. Being from St.Louis, and driving through the neighborhood the Smith family lived, is a wonderful experience. Thanks to Vincents attention to detail you can almost fell the Smith family there. The address is real and the street is real. They do exist. Although the house was torn down a few years ago.

  • judy is extraordinary!!

    • Janine
    • 12/9/06

    besides meet me in st.louis and the wizard of oz judy is the most high talented singer/actress in musicals like in the zigfield follies and zigfield girls


    • BEA
    • 10/4/06


  • Judy is great in this film

    • Tabatha
    • 6/29/06

    Judy was just extrodinary in this film. She looked very good and she sung at her best. She is the all american superstar in my book

  • the best judy garland movie

    • bob hernandez
    • 2/23/06

    is one of judy garland best movie and a great musical.

  • A Fine Movie

    • Bob Galvin-Oliphant
    • 2/23/06

    What a charming and fun Vincente Minnelli movie. The cast is great, especially Judy Garland, Margaret O'Brien, Marjorie Main, Mary Astor and Leon Ames. Some of the best scenes are with Garland and O'Brien. For example, Garland and O'Brien dancing to "Under the Bamboo Tree", and Garland singing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" to an upset O'Brien. (Margaret O'Brien was one of the best child actors.) There are some touching moments in this movie, such as the "You and I" scene with Astor and Ames, as well as nice, memorable music.

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