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Highway West

Highway West(1941)

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Claire and George Foster check into an expensive hotel after eloping. Claire, who has only known George for a short time, believes that he is a wealthy oilman, but he is actually a bank robber. When he learns that the police are on his trail, he and Claire head for California, but his car is spotted by a Highway Patrol team. George is wounded and one of the policemen is killed in the ensuing shootout. Claire, who now knows her husband's real profession, takes him to a doctor and then runs away to California. There she operates a motel and café, located on Highway 99, together with her sister Myra Abbott and her grandfather, Gramps. Claire tells no one of her marriage and begins dating Dave Warren, who works for the county fishery. Afraid that her sister will repeat her mistakes, Claire keeps a close eye on Myra. Three years later, George, who was sentenced to life in prison, escapes and heads for Claire's motel, intending to hide out there, and when she objects, he threatens her with exposure. The night that George arrives, Dave shows up unexpectedly. Dave is suspicious of George, but Claire convinces him that George is a former customer. Myra, however, is fascinated by George's stories of New York and asks him to take her to San Francisco with him when he leaves. Determined to dissuade Myra, Claire pretends that she still loves George and makes sure that Myra sees them kissing. When George's friends come to pick him up, they do not have the money he needs to hide out, so he decides to rob an armored car that stops every day at the café. During the robbery, the men driving the car are shot and one dies. George then forces Claire to come with him, but before they can leave, Dave arrives, after discovering the bodies. Dave and George shoot at each other and George is about to kill Dave, when Gramps shoots George. Gramps receives a reward and he and Claire plan to use it to send Myra to college. Finally, Claire agrees to marry Dave and move away with him when he gets his promotion.