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The Way We Were

The Way We Were(1973)

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  • A great movie and theme song

    • Robert Mann
    • 12/21/18

    In my opinion, this is Redford's best role, Streisand's best role, and her best song, all rolled into one. The one flaw is that it portrayed Barbara being at times too noble as she shouted her moral preening (Stalin was no better than Hitler if body counts of innocents matter!), and not all fraternity and sorority members are insensitive morons (a little more 3 dimension is needed here). Aside from this small flaw, it is one of the best films made in the 70's and was a huge blockbuster when released, deservedly so.

  • Will stand the test of time...

    • Susan
    • 8/17/18

    Like the 30's and 40's black and whites, true romance and heartbreak, touches of acting genius, Redford and Streisand at their peak of attraction, sweet story, politics aside, great score, tears at the end,

  • got to say..

    • a.morris
    • 3/19/18

    like some people might think of this movie.. my thoughts got robbed. sorry.

  • The Way of Modernity

    • H.A.C.
    • 9/7/17

    Thesis (R.R.'s character) plus antithesis (B.S.'s character) equals insanithesis!

  • Nice song, lousy movie

    • Leonard R
    • 1/29/16

    I have never been able to make it all the way through this movie without snoring. I have never seen a film where I cared less about the characters. I love Redford and Streisand, but they have NO chemistry as a couple, and this flick presents them as rotten, obnoxious, losers. Go read a good book instead.

  • The Way We Were

    • michael whitty
    • 1/7/16

    Love stories like this are fun to see even when they involve a Miss Left and a Mr.Right who struggle through only to leave each other later. Hubbell and katie meet at college then meet again during the War and get married and go off to Hollywood where maybe Hubbell can write a screenplay from his own book. But this couple can't get along forever and they finally separate only to meet each other at movie's end. A classic tearjerker with an Academy Award music score by Marvin Hamlisch.

  • the way we were

    • kevin sellers
    • 1/28/15

    I've only been able to watch two Barbra Streisand movies without, as King Henry the Second said in "Becket,""retching with boredom; "Nuts" and this one. Maybe it's because they're the best written of this annoying actress' work, with actual characters instead of star turns. Or maybe it's because, in these two movies, she has male co stars with the ability to avoid getting flattened by the Streisand steamroller, as happened to Michael Sarazin, Mandy Patinkin, Walter Mathhau and the immortal David Selby. Give it a B minus.

  • "Hubble, people are there principles!"

    • Jeff Boston
    • 1/21/15

    Barb and Bob's baby blues show off intensely with lighting tricks, and Bob's baby (with Barb) blues shove him off intently and lightning quick. Essentially, he plays a bum and she a bore in this TV moviesque romance replete with gaping plot holes and seventies hairstyles (when it's supposed to be the late thirties to the fifties). Too many implausible scenes, and some are way over-the-top ridiculous. I watched "The Way We Were" years ago, but forgot most of it. Its beautiful title song is simple but speaks volumes: "What's too painful to remember, we choose to forget." One line in the movie speaks volumes as well: "We don't have free speech ... we never will have it because people are scared." And more scared now than ever before.

  • Users

    • ~bee bee~
    • 9/30/14

    A movie about two "users". Redford's preppie character goes for someone different than the high society trophy wife he will end up with. Streisand's character goes for someone good looking but lacking her ideals and soul. It fizzles out. Only thing left is hurt. Too realistic, too sad. They used each other and moved on.

  • Handsome Redford Eats up Screen

    • Delia
    • 2/17/14

    This movie is about something, but at the end of the day, it's all about Redford. This is vintage Redford-in-his-prime-so-very-fine Redford. Perfect smile, perfect teeth, perfect hair, perfect kisser. Wow. Interesting take on how some people live activism (Streisand) while others live to observe it (Redford). Final parting scene when Streisand invites Redford to her house to meet his own/their daughter is pretty sad: "I can't come, Katie. I can't." And there it is. He can observe it, but he can't live it.

  • who hurts the most?

    • Don Letta
    • 1/7/14

    Much has been said regarding how Barbra cared so much for Redford, but felt she was not "good" enough for him.She did care, but her personality and strength of purpose allolwed her to carry on after their break-up.Redford is another story; their break-up only served to remind him of the void she left within him. His return to the shallow life of his youth served to remind him of his loss. His pretty, trophy wife in the final scene underscores the fact. When Streisand brushes the lock of hair from his forehead, it's a nod to the past for her; for him, it's a reminder of how much he still needs her. The look on his face tells the story.

  • Another hit out of the park......

    • Clairebear
    • 2/25/13

    The Way We Were... Barbara pure genius she & Redford scream both their love and differences from the chemistry bull, like a fine wine this films gets better through the years. Barbara could co star w/a monkey & they'd both be brilliant. Her voice has gotten better over the years and Redford is Redford. It so natural in the film when she plays w/that 1 piece of hair that falls in redfords face throughout the film. I adore this film

  • The Way we Were

    • Dashiell B.
    • 1/1/13

    A touching, politically-aware and iconic romantic film. Redford is great, as is Streisand in an Oscar-nominated performance; especially when she sings the Oscar-winning title song. The film also won for best score and the costumes & sets bring the story of two unchangeable people in a romance during McCarhtyism to life. Never getting sentimental, this is a film worth watching. I give it a 4.5/5.

  • The way it was

    • Diosa Ramos
    • 6/17/12

    The Way We Were was the "essential" for 16 June 2012 and what a great pick it was. Barbra Streisand, in my opinion, has never looked more fabulous. Her skin, her smile, her character all perfectly portrayed who i imagine her to be. I loved her quirky little character who was so in love with Robert Redford but didn't think she deserved him. Always thinking to herself how he deserved more, but never wanting to let him go. Robert Redford, as usual, looked absolutely heart breaking. And their chemistry was one of a kind, you really got a sense of why these two people loved each other but also why, at times, they couldn't stand the sight of said person. Great pick TCM i love this movie.

  • Streisand's best!

    • RedRain
    • 4/24/12

    I disagree with those who believe the pairing of Streisand and Redford was wrong. It was perfect! She gives the performance of her career here and Redford was the perfect foil in Hubbell Gardner. It's no wonder Streisand was nominated for the Academy Award for her performance here. I seldom view this film because, if you fast forward twenty years into the Vietnam War, it's my story and it's eerie for me. This film has a few disjointed plot lines but, all in all, its a tour de force for Streisand. When she reaches up and brushes Hubbell's hair away from his forehead at the end, it's tearjerker stuff but it's real when two people understand they can't live together but the best they ever were was when they were together.

  • Deliciously Beautiful

    • Angie
    • 2/1/10

    Beautiful love story that melts my heart but still in yet brings tears of joy to my soul.....

  • Fraught with anachronisms

    • Kathy
    • 1/14/10

    Watched this movie for the first time last night. All these years I had no idea it was supposed to take place in the '40's. The bits and pieces I saw in the past led me to believe it was the '70's which is when the movie was made. They didn't try very hard to make it period correct. The costumes, hair, and dialog screamed the '70's. I spent the whole time picking apart every scene because it is that bad. Sideburns? Bouffant hairdos? Give me a break.

  • The Way We Were (1973)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 10/21/09

    Glossy romantic drama, it's a bit corny, but the outstanding production overshadows the films flaws. Barbra Streisand is excellent, her chemistry with Robert Redford makes the film work. A good story, a classic romance and it has an outstanding theme song to boot.

  • Never Saw the Chemistry

    • TCBMom
    • 9/14/09

    It's a nice story but I couldn't get past the pairing of two completely different stars. You can't even say opposites attract because these two are from totally different planets they are so unalike. Cannot watch the whole movie. Too ridiculous. But maybe if someone has an experience like that it would make sense.

  • Streisand/Redford

    • Joel
    • 5/28/08

    By the best film Streisand ever made and yes the chemistry with Redford was dynamic. Well acted, well written, nice sets and I love movies about the blacklist era. Yes how Streisand lost the Oscar to Glenda Jackson for junk like A Touch Of Class was amazing but the Academy has always been too kind to Brit's.

  • Long time favorite love story.

    • C. Black
    • 4/22/07

    I've always loved this movie. I can relate to the feelings of inadequacy in comparison to society girls and the overwelming sense of insecurity when the all american boy bucks tradition. Despite what some may call a 'sappy' music score, its one of the best sung by one of the best vocalist of our time.

  • Streisand/Redford Wonderful!!

    • gerard
    • 3/26/07

    This movie is probably the best Streisand has ever done. She owns this movie...although the chemistry between her and Redford is absolutely dynamic! They make the perfect couple...Sydney Pollack must have been a strong director to be able to keep Streisand hones in on her character without becoming Barbra which she sometimes does. The fact that she lost the Best Actress Oscar that year to Glenda Jackson for A Touch of Class blows my mind. Rent it or buy it if you haven't seen it...there's a reason that this one gets voted one of the top ten most romantic movies in all POLLS....

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