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Mourning Becomes Electra

Mourning Becomes Electra(1947)

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  • A Tale From the Crypt

    • Jay Harbaugh
    • 3/3/19

    To call this movie "stagey" would be giving it a break. I can't believe this turgid tale ever worked, even on the stage.For nearly 3 hours of unrelenting misery, dial this number.

  • Too Old??

    • Patrick Keenan
    • 3/3/19

    Note to Reca A. Powell - In original B'way production Lavinia was played by Alice Brady who was nearly 39 yrs.old. In the 1972 revival Pamela Payton-Wright was 31 yrs.old.

  • Remember "Nightmare Inn"?

    • Linda
    • 2/23/17

    I recently watched this movie for 1st time when TCM ran it as part of their pre-Oscar fest but have been chewing on it a bit since, not quite sure what I really thought about it. Gotta say I've come down on the side of 'skip it' (not failing) NY Times review at time film originally came out. Movie sadly reminded me of an episode of Frasier in which he presents a live radio drama called "Nighmare Inn." When things all go to hell Niles hijacks the plot & uses gunfire sound effects to kill off all remaining characters & put an early end to the ruined program. Let's just say 'Electra' needed a Niles....

  • Too Old

    • Reca A Powell
    • 2/18/17

    I just watched Mourning Becomes Electra for the first time, and I can not figure out how anyone could cast Rosalind Russell in the part of Lavinia, supposedly a woman in her 20's. Rosalind Russell was born in 1907 and this movie came out in 1947, so there is no way that the actress playing, Christine, her mother could realistically be her mother. The fact that her younger brother, Orin, was supposed to have been born at the time of the Mexican-American War (during the 1840's) and the Civil War was between 1861-1865, then at the most Lavinia, might have been in her later's 20's. I found that Miss Russell in this movie, caused me to have a difficult time reconciling the supposed innocence of Lavniia and the disgust she had of her mother having an affair with Adam Brant. I don't know the actress that played the part on Broadway, but hopefully it was someone that was of the right age and looked liked a younger woman in her 20's. I also found tha Kirk Douglas seemed miscast for the part of Peter, he has always seemed too modern for some of the period parts that he was cast in. The other actor's were correct for the roles and Michael Redgrave was perfect.

  • It's the genes

    • Maria Ramos
    • 2/18/17

    WHat a performance by Michael Redgrave! I see where Vanessa got her great acting abilities from. Eugene O'Neal was no fan of the rich being a socialist, he shows the corruption and decadence of the rich Mannon family in this film. I found this movie most riveting.

  • Need a downer?

    • RedRain
    • 2/18/17

    Just viewed this film again, as I haven't seen it in years, and I can't think of a more depressing and cold drama. The subject matter waffles all over the place until you finally realize it's all about death. The acting is over the top in far too many scenes and that "woe is me" type of thing drags on and on. Won't watch this film again, as my mentality is not such that I need yet another O'Neill passion play to see the ugliness in this world. O'Neill drank himself to death and his life was miserable of his own making and his plays reflected his entire awful being. He and his plays are dead to me now!

  • Good Movie, Great Redgrave Performance

    • Jim Smith
    • 2/15/17

    Up and down movie but the ups are very up. Redgrave gives a 5 star performance and the two female leads aren't far behind.

  • How Strange

    • Sue
    • 7/9/15

    I felt like taking a shower after watching this movie.

  • Entertaining but over the top

    • Debbie
    • 7/9/15

    I am a Rosalind Russel fan usually but I was put off by her stiff necked posturing and clipped speech in the first part of this movie. I kept watching because I couldn't believe how awful it was. There is so much anger, hatred and incestuous overtones that I was put off. I tried to understand why Mrs. Mannon hated her husband and all she alludes to is his her was and he disgusted her and she is so angry but there is never a reason given nor any specific explanation. Rosalind Russel as Livinia becomes more beautiful,less stiff and more natural as the story progresses, but the story gets worse as it goes along. It just is too unrealistic, too over the top to be believable but it was haunting.

  • Fantastic!!

    • Andrea Schonberger
    • 10/16/11

    Just loved "Mourning becomes Electra". Along with Tennessee Williams, Eugene O'Neill is one of my favorites and you can't go wrong in watching a film based upon one of their plays.

  • One of my favorite movies!!!

    • Michelle
    • 9/17/11

    I love this movie probably because it is so Freudian and twisted. Have always had a dark sense of humor too and there are some laugh out loud scenes. Also thought the acting was great. In my opinion it should have won a Oscar.

  • Thank God for DVR's and the Internet

    • Chuck Pope
    • 9/7/11

    Fortunately I recorded this film and was able to watch it at a time that I had absolutely nothing else to do.At the end I had to go to internet for reviews and a synopsis to verify I had actually seen what my mind perceived.I found it long and character recognition confusing at times, but now I know the storyline and who is who I am going to watch it again someday during a very boring 3 hour period it my life with absolutely nothing else to do but take a nap.

  • 1/2 Star, Skip This Mess

    • Susie Leopold
    • 9/7/11

    Do you ever see a film and find you aren't really enjoying it, but you keep watching with the hope that "things MUST get better?" That's how I ended up watching this whole film one rainy afternoon. I'm a big fan of Rosalind Russell, and I had heard of that infamous story involving her and the Academy Awards with regards to everyone believing she would (and should) win the award for Best Actress. When she started to stand before the name was read, Loretta Young's name, it became Oscar history. Having spent almost three hours with the film, I can't blame anyone for voting for a person who wasn't associated with this mess of a film for that award. Russell wasn't even close to being the worst actor in this film, but she wasn't wonderful, either.The film is a mess. It looks as though the director, Dudley Nichols, loved how it looked on stage so much that he didn't bother changing things around much for a film version. There were very few close-ups and a lot of static shots of two people standing in a room talking and talking and talking. Moving the camera around couldn't have hurt, and it might have brought some life into all the death and dour staging. The story is better as a Greek tragedy than a post-Civil War drama. The sets leave so much to be desired, which is surprising in a film set in that time period in the huge home of people with money. The costumes were about as good as they could have been, given how often they had to wear clothes for mourning. I don't mind a heavy drama, and I have been known to flat-out love talk-heavy period pieces, but this movie was just painful to watch. Save yourself 3 hours and watch something better from Rosalind Russell, Michael Redgrave, Kirk Douglas and Raymond Massey. Trust me, each has done much better work.

  • Mourning Becomes Electra

    • Matt
    • 2/26/11

    I had heard so much about this film that I was not dispointed when I finally saw it. I would love to see it again other than at 3:30 in the morning. I believe it should be should on your Saturday night viewing at 8:00 pm.

  • Mourning Becomes Electra (1947)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 8/18/09

    Dark, heavy and depressing, as is most everything written by Eugene O'Neill. However, the movie is exquisitely produced. Rosalind Russell is brilliant, and Katina Paxinou is outstanding as well. Great costumes.

  • Must See!!

    • Robin Mezansky
    • 12/28/07

    Eugene O'Neill's tragic tale is superbly brought to film by director and screenwriter, Dudley Nichols. Rosalind Russell and Michael Redgrave in particular, as well as Katina Paxinou, all deliver stellar performances. I am bowled over by Redgrave's portrayal as Orin Mannon particularly in the final segment of the trilogy, "The Haunted". The subject matter could not be darker, yet I thoroughly enjoy this film. There are some humorous aspects which aren't out of place amidst the ongoing depravity which reigns over the Mannon's house. The film in it's full format is nearly 3 hours but doesn't drag. O'Neill's story is a splendidly woven trilogy, based on classical Greek literature. The beautiful theme music, "Shenandoah", is a perfect compliment and is repeated throughout the film. RKO did not cut any corners in the production of, "Mourning Becomes Electra". I am thankful to TCM for showing this gem! Perhaps they might schedule it for a showtime more viewer-friendly than 6:00 a.m. It's worth the exposure.

  • Amazing.

    • Simone
    • 2/24/07

    Mourning Becomes Electra is absolutely haunting. I couldn't even begin to explain this movie. All I can say is that it gave me an extremely eerie feeling and left me thinking in detail about what I'd just seen. The family loyalty in this movie is extreme and almost incestuous. I must say, the acting in this film is impeccable, along with about everything else in it! I highly suggest you see Mourning Becomes Electra next time TCM plays it. :] (I rated the importance in cinema history a 10 because I believe anyone interested in seeing a classic psychological/suspenseful/drama, this is the film for you!)

  • Unrequeted Love

    • Sue Linnevers
    • 2/14/07

    What a treat to wake up to this classic Eugene O'Neal saga of a family torn by the pressures of war, misplaced loyalty to eachother, and betrayal within a closed family system. A psychiatrists dream to analize. Rosaland Russel is gorgeous and Kirk Douglas Douglas so young. A little over dramatic but compelling. I'm loving this. Leo Genn was a famous British Actor. B.

  • Outstanding Acting

    • Wendy Winkler
    • 2/14/07

    When I first saw Mourning Becomes Electra I was blown away by Michael Redgrave's performance. Everything about it was powerful. Rosiland Russell and Katina Paxinou is equally superb. The movie is not perfect. But the performances are near perfection.

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