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The Phenix City Story

The Phenix City Story(1955)


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  • As I remember

    • Arlan
    • 6/3/16

    I was a teenager in the early 50's living in N. Alabama a couple hundred miles away when Albert Patterson was assassinated. He was a lawyer and had been elected Attorney General of AL, running on the promise of cleaning up the vice in the city. He was shot outside his office as he entered his car and died in his car, although the movie depicted him struggling several steps before falling. His son John Patterson, returning from the army, was either elected or appointed to take his place as Alabama AG and went on later to be elected governor of the state. John McIntire, John Larch, Richard Kiley, Ed Gage, Edward Andrews, and Kathrine Grant (whom I believe later married Bing Crosby) all played very real life roles, some of the best performing and convincing role of any movie. This is the way I remember it, if I missed the mark on any of it, someone that lived in the town can correct me. By the time the movie came out I had left home I went to see the movie, it was a thriller.

  • For evil to succeed---

    • J. D. Jitters
    • 1/9/16

    This movie describes all bad governments and the saying "For evil to succeed, is for good men to do nothing" One other quote is appropriate and that is what Christ said: those who choose evil, then they will not be able to distinguish between good or evil.

  • The Phenix City Story

    • 9/22/14

    This is one of my top 5 movie choices of all time for I lived it as a child and a young man. There were so many places in the 67 country's of Alabama that came with fear day or night and this movie stay on the main point from the first moment to last. I will purchase this movie for it is a classic and the story is so true!

  • Phenix City was a den of crime

    • Bonnie Benson Anderson
    • 9/20/14

    My dad was a guest preacher one weekend in Columbus, GA which is across the river form Phenix City - back in the day - my mother and brother and sister were to drive over from Tallassee, AL, to meet him for the weekend. My dad and his brother met her before she got to Phenix City because it was not considered safe for her to drive through the town. It was a town filled with crime and a danger for its citizens and the servicemen across the river at Ft. Benning. The Phenix City of today is a nothing like the den of crime it was years ago. If you enjoy history and true crime, then you need to watch this film.

  • The Phenix City Story

    • Dashiell Barnes
    • 5/11/12

    A riveting film about "Sin City, U.S.A." McIntyre gives a convincing performance as the real- life Albert Patterson, personifying the film with dignity & a spine of steel. The film works because it's an intentionally ugly & uncomfortable film to watch, although it's brutal, we are compelled to watch. A great, gritty drama. I give it a 4/5.

  • Phenix City Story

    • Sabu
    • 4/29/11

    It had to be real cause you can't make stuff up like that. Good acting bordering on great, Even for todays standards it would be a excellent movie

  • The Phenix City Story (1955)

    • James Higgins
    • 1/18/10

    Fascinating, gritty and realistic film-noir. An excellent "B" film, very well directed. It's not a very kind portrait of Phenix City, I am sure they weren't too thrilled when it was released. Good cast does a fine job. Effective score.

  • Gritty 50's Docudrama

    • Bruce Reber
    • 9/29/09

    At the beginning of "The Phenix City Story" is a prologue about Phenix City, Alabama, a small southern town that has been riddled with vice and corruption for nearly 100 years, and the people on both sides of the law (the powerful mob, corrupt officials and the citizens being victimized). This gives it a realistic edge, and lets the viewer know that they're not going to see just another crime film, but the true story of a real town and the actual people involved. I first saw "The Phenix City Story" on another movie channel in the late 90's, and I saw again on TCM Friday 9/25/09. It was shocking for its time, particularly the violence and realism, and TCM host Bob Osborne said that movie theaters in the South refused to show the film when it was first released. Also giving it a realistic feeling was at the end of the film when the real-life John Patterson (portrayed by Richard Kiley) and then Attorney General of Alabama appeared on screen and vowed to clean up Phenix City and eliminate the criminal element controlling the town. Excellent - four stars. Show it again soon TCM.

  • my hometown

    • Rick
    • 9/26/09

    I was born after the cleanup but grew up in Phenix City and this movie brings back a lot of memories of places that have long since been destroyed. Most of the remaining gambling halls were levelled as part of the city's downtown redevelopment efforts. I still keep up with what is going on back home and was somewhat entertained in summer 08 when a doctor, the grandson of one of the gangsters, demolished his house in order to build a larger one on the lot and found a hidden tunnel and a stash of old slots in a hidden underground room. They ended up being turned over to the state police and destroyed but it would have been nice to have a few put in museums. I was also pretty enteretained when reading about Phil Karlson's (the director of this movie) shock when he began researching another movie in McNairy County, TN in 1970 (Walking Tall, the story of Sheriff Buford Pusser)and recognized most of the names of the local mobsters there as the same group that had been run out of Phenix City in 1954. Oh, by the way, one critical mistake made here is the description of the National Guard role in Phenix City. It is described as martial law, a situation where the military assists local law enforcement and government. However, in Phenix City, MARTIAL RULE was imposed for the only time in this country wherein the military completely supplants local government. I still run into old soldiers who remember the bad days of Phenix City and I met plenty of them when I served in the Army. But, I find few people who know that Phenix City is now known as the city of churches, is one of the fastest growing cities in Alabama, has a school system that has won numerous awards over the last decade, is gaining a substantial new population as the result of BRAC with the Armor School being moved to Fort Benning and is becoming a well renowned military retirement community because of the provisions of Alabama tax law related to federal retirement benefits.


    • Larry
    • 9/25/09

    I was only 11 when the cleanup of PhenixCity took place. I was quite naive because I never knew such awful thingswere going on all around me. In the film,my sister, brother and I were in two crowd scenes plus my uncle was a paid extra to play a drunk soldier in a nightclub scene when Meg Myles was singing. This is a surprisingly good movie, well acted by stars like Richard Kiley, John McIntire, Edward Andrews and John Larch. I hgihly recommend it.

  • The Phenix City Story

    • doris
    • 3/9/09

    I have a copy of this movie and I think it is a very good film. My dad was in the Army here at Fort Benning and My great grandparents and aunts lived two blocks from where patterson got killed. I now live about a block from there myself. My mother and father moved my great grandparents to Columbus, Georgia to get them away from all of the mess that was going on in Phenix City at that time.

  • Life in Phenix City

    • Dwight Perkins
    • 9/13/08

    My Family , Dad , brother, sisters and I , lived in Phenix City , Al , during the time of Albert Patterson's short tenure as Attorney General. We lived two , maybe three blocks at the most , from the location of his law office at the bottom of the hill on Highway 431 intersecting with the street heading over one of the bridges to Columbus , GA. After Mr Patterson was gunned down on June 18, 1954 , a curfew was in place and kids DID NOT go out after dark for any reason. Our Dad, Mess Sgt @ the main chow hall, could not even come home from Ft Benning to Phenix City as Martial Law was imposed for all soldiers to remain on base. I have seen the movie once only and never knew it existed after that. Recently , my wife and I were engaged in a conversation with some friends of ours here in Michigan , when the gentleman said he was stationed @ Ft Benning in '54. I told him we lived across the river in Phenix City and he stated, "there was an attorney general shot and killed there in '54" , at which time I told him the attorney's name was Patterson and we lived just up the street from the location of the shooting and I will never forget my life in Phenix City , Al. I have pictures of my graduation from Vernon High School , Vernon , Florida , 1965. The young lady taking those pics was my ex-sister-in-law, Sandra (Patterson) McCraney , who happened to be a niece to Albert Patterson , and surprised me by attending my graduation. I would really enjoy being able to get a copy of the movie, "The Phenix City Story"...if anyone @ Ur location knows where I might find a copy, please let me know. Thanks for your time, Dwight L Perkins Sr , Sterling, Michigan

  • "The Phenix City Story

    • judy
    • 11/27/06

    Any possibility of the movie being shown on television any time soon? I live about 25 mile from the area this movie is about. My parents knew of some of the charaters in the movie, I really want this movie. No one can help. Can you

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