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Remind Me

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  • Nettie  

    When you walk through a storm / Hold your head up high / And don't be afraid of the dark.

  • Billy  

    Longing to tell you, but afraid and shy / I let my golden chances pass me by. / Now, I've lost you / Soon I will go in the mist of day / And you never will know / How I loved you / How I loved you.

  • Jigger Craigin  

    My mother had a baby once.

  • Dr. Selden  

    It's the custom at these graduations to pick out some old duck like me to preach to the kids. Well, I can't preach at you. I know you all too well. I've brought most of you into the world, rubbed linament onto your backs, poured castor oil down your throats. I only hope that now I've got you this far that you'll turn out to be all the trouble I took with you. I can't tell you any sure way to happiness. I only know that you've got to go out and find it for yourselves. You can't lean on the success of your parents. That's their success. And don't be held back by their failures. Billy Bigelow: (whispering into Louise's ear) Listen to him. Believe him. Dr. Selden: Makes no difference what they did or didn't do. You just stand on your own two feet. The world belongs to you as much as to the next fella so don't give it up. And try not to be scared of people not liking you. Just you try liking them. Just keep your faith and your courage and you'll turn out all right.

  • Julie Jordan  

    What's the use of wonderin' / If the endin' will be sad? / He's your feller and you love him / There's nothin' more to say / Something made him the way that he is / Makes him do the things he does / And something gave him the things that he has / One of those things is you / So what's the use of wonderin' if the endin' will be sad / You're his girl and he's your feller / And all the rest is talk.