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The Desert Song

The Desert Song(1943)

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  • desert song

    • kevin sellers
    • 2/23/19

    Did you notice that there was no screenwriter credit? After ten minutes of coma inducing dialogue I began to understand why. And the songs suck, too!

  • A movie to bring back Memories ONLY....

    • Linda
    • 9/17/17

    In making a grand attempt to watch this "underrated classic" it could not keep my attention for 10 minutes, I agree with Mr. Malton. This seems a grand attempt by Warner with Technicolor, great cinematography, set designs and costumes yet a poorly written story not worth my time. Similar to the Tony Curtis Roman movies with his brooklyn accent! LOL Upon reading the TCM reviews, it was a fan favorite for it's age group, the TCM reviews were by many who had seen it with fond memories attached to it. With NO memories attached to is NOT worthy of "Classic" standards IMHO. Could you please show us see the original? Mr. M? please study why Mr. Osborne painstakingly defined certain movies as "Classics"....

  • Much Better Than I Expected

    • Jim Smith
    • 8/24/17

    Dennis Morgan as a fighting adventurer? I was doubtful when I tuned in. I was flat wrong. Entertaining movie that I recommend! A bit of a strange story but well presented with great outdoor photography and costuming and good pace. Victor Francen one of my favorite bad guys and a very good cast deserve high marks. Only the 2nd movie I've seen Irene Manning in (Yankee Doodle Dandy too) and enjoyed her singing as Morgan's. Want a light hearted movie? This is a good one.

  • Morgan is the king of the Deserts

    • waymil
    • 6/4/15

    I saw this movie when I was about 10 and loved it. I have been looking for a DVD of it since DVDs came out and recently found one on Amazon. The 1953 Gordon MacRae version was a musical and not in the same class as Morgan's.

  • The Desert Song (Dennis Morgan)

    • Joy
    • 3/4/15

    Was so happy to hear this movie was FINALLY out on DVD (already sent for!). I remember seeing it when I was 5 or 6 years old and never forgot it. When Dennis Morgan was a very young man he sang at the church in Sheboygan where my grandparents lived. For some reason he did not have a place to stay so Grandma & Grandpa took him home. He was then using his real name of Stanley Morner. Little did they know that he would become such a great movie star.

  • Dennis Morgan's Desert Song

    • Myrna Adams
    • 12/18/14

    Finally!! Warner Brothers released this fine film and is available. The color is great and no disappointment in the DVD. It really brings back wonderful memories.

  • Best of Breed

    • brombonz
    • 5/27/14

    Fealty to Romberg be damned. I've long owned an original cast stage version album. Only two songs define the story: "The Riff Song" and "One Flower Grows in Your Garden." Dennis Morgan knocks them out of the park, and is believable in each of his dual roles. I always groan when TCM shows the Gordon MacRae version. MacRae is a performer, and his "performer" status is always clearly visible. In contrast, Morgan became an actor who melds his personality into his roles, rather than simply putting on costumes and reciting (or singing) lines. The two songs manage to rescue the MacRae version from being an absolute downer, but it gets a report card "D" from me as opposed to a Morgan "A" or "A-." This is my first TCM "Overall Rating," but I would give a top rating ("A ") only to films that overwhelm me (absorb and satisfy me thoroughly), rather than ones that merely do a good-to-superb job of interesting or entertaining me.

  • the Desert Song with Dennis Morgan.

    • Betty Gregory
    • 4/5/14

    My husband and I have been married for 63 years, and though we never saw this movie together, we discovered that it was one of our favorite movies. Dennis Morgan had such a superb voice. Remember him singing "A Pretty Girl Is Like A Memory", from ,I think " Siegfield Follies " ??????

  • Best Desert Song Movie of them all

    • Andrzej Gawlik
    • 1/28/14

    I have been searching for this 1943 version for my mother who says this was her all-time favorite movie. she has the copies of the other two Desert Song movies but they don't compare to the version with Dennis Morgan. Please show The Desert Song Staring Dennis Morgan and make an elderly woman happy!

  • A most important memory.

    • William Hedge
    • 1/22/14

    We have been searching for this movie for many years. My mom is now 89 years old, and still remembers how wonderful this was when she was, well, let's just say younger. It would be my greatest joy to let her know when this Will be shown again, and to go her house and surprise her with dinner and the desert song. This is the only movie that she keeps asking for and she is on top of everything. This is not a woman who is feeble, this is a woman who would get in the car and drive to New York in a heartbeat if there was something she wanted to see and she's a fully capable of doing just that. Please for all of us that love this movie, play it again. And find a way to let everybody know ahead of time. Thank you. And me say this is THE best channel -PERIOD!!!

  • When can we see this movie

    • Jerry Buszek
    • 12/16/13

    I am a fan of Dennis Morgan and have tried to see all his movies. I've heard the law suit due to copyright infringement on a song in this movie has been settled. If so, please show this movie on TCM as I have heard so much about it but have never seen it. Also, I wonder why TCM does mot show "My Wild Irish Rose" with Dennis Morgan on St. Patrick's Day. This would be a great time to show this movie.

  • The Desert Song

    • Margaret Cross
    • 11/8/13

    I am happy to see that I am not the only one who remembers this fine movie. I, too, tried to watch the later made version. Despite an acceptable cast, it just didn't satisfy.I am now in my mid 80's and would love to see the Dennis Morgan/Irene Manning version once again. I'm a member of what I call the "movie generation". I believe I saw every English speaking movie that was produced when I was a child, a teen, and so on. Every time the bill changed in our neighborhood theater, I went, so that was three times a week. My Mom approved (cheap babysitting)!.I rarely go to a theater any more, but watch Turner Classic Movies daily. If it is at all possible PLEASE do a Dennis Morgan week, and include The Desert Song, preferably more than once!

  • 1943 The Desert Song

    • Buzz Barton
    • 11/5/13

    I can remember my mother taking me to see the 1943 Desert Song when I was very little. I actually have the 1953 version with Gordon MacRae on DVD, since that is only one available to purchase. I would love to see the one with Dennis Morgan again.

  • dennis Morgan The Desert Song, the Best!

    • Patsy Anne
    • 10/17/13

    I first saw the Dennis Morgan "The Desert Song" when I was about 6 years old. It was thrilling. I saw it at least several more times; every time I was enchanted to see and hear Dennis Morgan singing as he road across the sand dunes with the red in his cape. I can almost recapture the same feeling thinking about this scene. I Would love seeing it again.

  • Desert Song 1943

    • Carl Glantschnig
    • 6/13/13

    What is the latest news on this film? Does anyone know if this will be shown in the near future? If not what is the latest hold up?

  • Dennis Morgan The Desert Song

    • Catherine Anton
    • 5/29/13

    The best Desert Song ever made

  • The Desert Songn

    • delora
    • 5/3/13

    I have been waiting for ages and ages for tHis mOvie to be available, Was 16 when I first saw it and have been waiting and waiting for the movie . I have the third release with Kathryn and GordoN however Dennis is my love. I believe there was a earlier one with maybe IRENE dUNNE. Help Help I don't have another 20 yearsdelora

  • Please please show The Desert Song - 1942/3 on TCM

    • Pat
    • 4/30/13

    I understand the long standing law suit has been settled, and the movie can at long last be released for viewing. I sincerely hop this is true. It has been way too many years since we were able to see this movie. It FAR surpasses both the 1929 and the sad 1955 movie of the same title. Sorry, Leonard Maltin, you are so wrong on this one - five stars are not nearly enough stars to rate it properly.

  • Time is passing!

    • Nancy
    • 1/24/13

    Please! Could we have a special showing or something for those of us who are now in our 80s? The last time I saw this wonderful production, I was 15. I sat through it three times (and that was not the first time I had gone.) If it is being withheld for financial reasons, do take pity on us ancients and let us see it once more. I have tried two or three times to watch the 1950s MGM version but given up after about 20 minutes each time. The reviewer who suggested just deleting the disputed number--if it is, indeed, non-Romberg--had a fine idea. I cannot say what made this "Desert Song" so special, other than that it just seemed magical. In the midst of Homefront worries, it transported the viewer into a fairy tale. I remember Irene Manning prancing about on the parade ground; but it was the Sahara at twilight that was the lasting image. Even though it updated the story to include Nazis, the war was "offstage". It provided escape at a time when most films were focusing on violence, slaughter and sacrifice. As members of the Greatest Generation, we implore you, "Give us our Desert Song."


    • Angelique
    • 11/20/12


  • Desert song

    • jennifer
    • 10/24/12

    My grandfather really wants both verisions the one with dennis morgan and the one with gordon MacRae from 53. I would love to get him these on dvd can u please release them.

  • If only I could see Dennis Morgan again

    • jeanne abel
    • 9/3/12

    Why oh why some silly rangle over rights keep us from seeing a great movie of years ago. It's time already. Release and distribute "The Desert Song" starring Dennis Morgan. The man could sure sing! I was six year old when I saw the movie. All these years later, I still think he was great... especially in The Desert Song.

  • desert song sung by nelson eddie and j mcDonald

    • Enno Kaany
    • 8/27/12

    wish their edition would have been in movie form but the musical on records is fantastic.i wpold recommend this to any person who loves this musical.

  • Desert Song 1943 Dennis Morgan

    • Ernest J Hardy
    • 8/25/12

    I saw the Dennis Morgan version of the film when I was about 7 or 8 years old. It captured my interest and I saw at least 2 more times for a total of 3 viewings. I also saw the Gordon McRae version and while it was enjoyable I have never given up on trying to find a copy of the 1943 Morgan version.Mr. Morgan lived about 60 miles from us in Central California and was asked several times in interviews but never seemed to want to talk about it.Please provide the public with this great version on DVD so all may enjoy. I have the McRae version on DVD and still enjoy even though it is not the preferred version.

  • The Desert Song (1943) with Dennis Morgan - Wanted

    • Carla
    • 6/13/12

    The Desert Song (1943) with Dennis Morgan is a title that is not available on Home Video. I have been searching to buy the VHS or DVD of this movie for my Dad for over 10 years now. Some folks have been searching for 20 years. There are three versions, and unconfirmed reports has led me to believe that only the 1929 version is illegal for exhibit or viewing in the U.S. The 1955 version with Nelson Eddie is available on VHS but it is this 1943 version with Dennis Morgan that my Dad has been asking for. I'd love to buy this and enjoy watching it with my Dad. I'm hoping enough votes are placed so that one day this version will be released on DVD or VHS. Thanks in advance! A loving daughter to her 86 year old dad. Carla

  • I remember

    • Dorothy Tague
    • 6/1/12

    Pleasev release this version for us to enjoy. I remember this movie with Dennis Morgan when I was younger. I loved it and would love to see it again. It was so good.

  • Unforgetable

    • Joy
    • 3/20/12

    I first saw the Dennis Morgan version when I was seven years old but it was not the last. Probably saw it at least 10 times.My grandparents remember Mr. Morgan before he was a star. He was singing at the Methodist Church with 2 other guys and they spent the evening at their home. Sure would like to see this version again before I die so hurry up and get it shown. I'd buy it tomorrow if I could. I shudder to think of what would be done to it if remade today! I understand a new version of South Pacific is in the works. Great !! Wonder how they will fit a car chase into that one!!!!

  • Desert Song, starring Dennis Morgan (1943)

    • Ralph Arcaro
    • 1/16/12

    I have read several reviews from your viewers pertaining to this version of the Desert Song andwholeheartedly agree with them all. The similarities of the reviews, saw it as a child (I'm 79), looking to seeit on TCM, not appreciating the Gordon McRae version, and trying to purchase it, are uncanny. I would appreciate knowing, either from the TV or by e-mail, if TCM plans to show this film or if I may purchase it.

  • "The Desert Song" (1943)

    • Bob Elsner
    • 7/19/11

    I also saw this wonderful movie as a boy, and understand that it has been remastered and was re-released briefly in New York City nearly a decade ago, but was abruptly removed and returned to the Warner Bros/TCM vaults because of a copyright problem over ONE (non Romberg) song. It would be great to have TCM release this Dennis Morgan/Irene Manning musical, even if it meant expunging the controversial and unimportant song that has held up release of this best film rendition of Romberg's magnificent operetta. As mentioned by others, the later 1953 Gordon MacRae version is far inferior in all ways to the 1943 version.Please, TCM. Let us again view this outstanding musical, before those of us who saw it in its original release croak.

  • the desert song 1943 version

    • james curtis
    • 9/27/10

    I saw the dennis morgan film when I was a teen,would like to see it again or buy it. it was great.

  • The Desert Song 1943 Version

    • Marie Manzella
    • 9/12/10

    I saw the Dennis Morgan version many years ago and have wanted to see it again. I did not enjoy the Gordon McRae version. I missed the showing today (9/12) and would very much like to have this movie shown again. No one can sing the Riff Song like Dennis Morgan. Please show this wonderful movie again.

  • Desert Song

    • Carol Peddie
    • 9/6/10

    I saw this version as a child and have never forgotten it. The later version with Gordon McRae is a pale comparison. I would love to have a cop of the Dennis Morgan movie.I saw this movie at a matinee, under strict instructions to return home after. I didn't .......sat through it twice. I don't remember the punishment if any, but it was worth it.

  • The Desert Song - 1943 Dennis Morgan

    • Kay Meinen
    • 9/2/10

    I was recently able to see a copy of this movie. It was wonderful! I am in my mid-fifties and remember Dennis Morgan in many movies. Please release this movie. In these uncertain and tragic times that we live in, this movie is a breath of fresh air. Dennis Morgan is wonderful! His performance is wonderful! Warner Brothers treated him badly and it is unforgiveable. Irene Manning is also superb! It is a remarkable and extremely talented supporting cast! The images of the desert are beautiful! Please get this movie released! I have had bone cancer and would love to see the original color version released before I die. I would like to say to the members of Dennis Morgan's family that I appreciate and value Dennis Morgan's performance and acting. Please convey my thanks to them. Thanks!

  • The Desert Song - 1943

    • Gary Baker
    • 4/14/10

    I first saw this movie (with Dennis Morgan in the title role) right after it came out. I think I ended up seeing it 3 or 4 more times. It completely captured the imagination of an 8 year old boy. When I saw the Gordon MacRae movie, I was very disappointed. I have heard that the reason that the 1943 movie has not been available is because of a law suit over one of the songs in the 1943 version???I would love to see it one more time while still here on this old earth. I would be so appreciative if it could be shown on TCM or made availble on home DVD.Gary BakerSyracuse, NY

  • I Loved This Version.

    • Joseph Riley
    • 1/21/10

    I remember seeing this film when it first came out, and in fact I went to see it twice. I loved Irene Manning in it. I always looked for it as a rerun but I never saw it being shown again. I went to see the newer version as soon as it came out but I didn't enjoy it as much as the one with Dennis Morgan. Please issue it on DVD.

  • Better than newer version

    • Jerry Ervin
    • 12/1/09

    I remember the 1943 release and the great music performed in that version. The landscapes and interiors were outstanding and the minor key song, "ONE ROSE THAT GROWS IN MY GARDEN" is still right up front in my memory as causing chills up and down my spine. Please make it available on DVD.


    • joseph widdicombe
    • 10/18/09

    I enjoyed this movie when it was released and I would really like to see it again. However, I seemed to recall that when "The Desert Song" was remade with Gordon MacRae the movie studio destroyed all copies of the Dennis Morgan Movie. I would appreciate if this could be confirmed.Thank You.Joseph Widdicombe

  • Desert Song movie fan

    • Talie
    • 9/15/09

    I would love to see the Dennis Morgan film again, please release it soon

  • Dennis Morgan fan:

    • E. Chic Giulivo
    • 7/28/09

    I saw this movie shortly after it was released. I am a Dennis Morgan fan and would like to see this movie again on DVD. I was 14 years of age at that time.I am also an avid fan of TCM.Sincerely, E. Chic Giulivo

  • Sure Be Released

    • Tack Joe
    • 5/8/09

    I, like others, cannot understand why this film has not been released. I was 14 at the time and I thought that was a very good movie, tack

  • Dennis Morgan fan:

    • Margaret Dokka
    • 3/8/09

    I saw this when I was 12 (my sister took me because her husband was stationed in Algeria at the time and had written to her that the photography was very realistic). I've never forgotten it. I'm 76 now and still waiting to have a chance to see it again. I read somewhere that the studio refused to release it to tape or disc so as not to create competition for the later Gordon McRae (in my opinion much inferior) version.

  • Why has this movie never been shown on TV?

    • Jerry B
    • 2/22/09

    I also have been looking for this movie for over 40 years! I do not understand why it has never been seen on TV or issued on VHS or DVD! I've heard about this movie but it appears nobody has seen it in many years. I have a 1950's record of songs from the movie by Dennis Morgan that had been initially issued on 3, 78 rpm records. I'm still waiting to see the movie. Does aanybody know why it hasn't been seen in several years?

  • The Desert Song (1943)

    • Donald R. Fox
    • 12/10/08

    I saw the movie, The Desert Song in 1943. Beautiful and if my memory is correct it was in beautiful color. Yes..Dennis Morgan was great, his voice never better. I too pray that this wonderful movie can be located, restored and released on TCM.

  • Have really missed this one.

    • GTF
    • 11/6/08

    I wonder if this movie was among those lost in the fire many yrs ago. WARNER BROS. may have the answer. I was lucky to see it in 1943/1944 in Detroit, MI and sat through it 2 or three times before going home. I loved it then and the remakes never improved upon this version.Maybe MS. Manning's estate could arrange to at least provide her copy for reproduction and licensing. Has anyone even tried?


    • chap
    • 10/21/08

    I saw the Desert Song in 1987 at theFox Theater in Redwood City, Calif, hostedby Irene Manning, right before she died.It was her own copy of the film. Bothshe and the film were wonderful, a real treat. Dennis Morgan has never been better from the opening Riff Song throughOne Alone. Wonderful duets and Rombergmusic. Apparently this movie is black-listed and that's a crime.

  • The Best Desert Song Ever

    • Val De Marco
    • 9/5/08

    Dennis Morgan, agreta Tenor and Irene Manning a fantastic both singing Rombergsfantastic music- why haven't they released this movie ?? This is one of the better movies of the 40's and I think Turner Classic movies should push hard for it's release on to DVD It would be a shame not to have our children know this wonderful music set in a desert tale. Please Ted Turner push your suppliers for this movie- I'm ready to buy now!Val

  • great movie

    • marilyn
    • 3/19/08

    I have been trying to find this movie for a very long time. It was one of his best. Loved his voice and boyish charm. Please TCM, release it on a home movie version.

  • please please please

    • SAL
    • 2/26/08

    please try to get this movie releasedon any medium. i dont think there is amovie buff out here that wouldnt purchase it. a great movie and the riff song sends chills when dennis sings it.

  • Exciting and enthralling

    • Jim Bruno
    • 1/20/08

    A beautiful movie. Why have you not made this movie available for public viewing? Has it been destroyed? Dennis Morgan's performance together with Irene Manning's was fantastic. Please make a more serious effort to bring this back. Thank you!p.s. If it cannot be shown on television, then why not? If not, then release it on DVD.

  • DESERT SONG with Dennis Morgan

    • Hal Lender
    • 10/10/07

    This 1943 version of THE DESERT SONGis by far the best ever made on film and also the most beautiful in Technicolor. I hope that TCM will make an effort to bring it back to the home video screen. DENNIS MORGAN was simply the bestand had a magnificent singing voice.


    • 10/1/07


  • Desert Song with Dennis Morgan.Favorite movie.

    • Mary Gould
    • 8/14/07

    I have tried to find The Desert Songwith Dennis Morgan for over 20 years.He was the best Red Shadow. Best singer.


    • clarke taylor
    • 8/10/07

    A great movie, a great movie for its time in history 1943. The first color film i remember seeing

  • One of the best

    • Rosalyn Gandall
    • 8/9/07

    One of my favorites. He had a really good voice and wish he could have sung more in the movies.


    • CRAIG
    • 2/23/07


  • So impressed that I started taking piano lessons.

    • Ronald Dorsch
    • 2/9/07

    The setting is during WW11. Dennis Morgan plays the piano at a cabaret and is a leader of the Riffs and signals them by musical code.I was so impressed by the movie and the picture on the sheet music that I started taking piano lessons.

  • The Desert Song

    • hstader
    • 9/4/06

    One of my favorite operettas', the 1944version is by far the best. However I just learned of the 1955 special starring Nelson Eddy..I missed that one.He has also been one of my favorites,along with Dennis Morgan performance in the movie...I have been going to the movies since, let us just say at least a half century...Love TCM...1944 Version Rate a 10.

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