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The Divorce of Lady X

The Divorce of Lady X(1938)

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The Divorce of Lady X In need of a hotel room, a... MORE > $4.95
Regularly $8.99
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Because the fog has made continuation of his journey home impossible, London barrister Everard Logan is forced to spend the night in the swank Royal Park hotel. Unable to obtain a single room, Logan settles for a suite and is adamant that he will not share it with any guests stranded at a fancy dress ball held in the hotel. Leslie Steele, one of the guests, refuses to take no for an answer, however, and convinces the reluctant Logan to let her share his sitting room, then tricks him into giving her both the bedroom and his pajamas. The next morning, though still grouchy, Logan has become infatuated with Leslie's angelic looks and sweet disposition and, although he professes to hate women and mistakenly thinks that Leslie is married, wants to see her again. She then dashes off in his pajamas, not revealing her real name. At home, Leslie, who is the granddaughter of judge Lord Steele, tells her grandfather that she will marry Logan, even though he thinks she is an unfaithful wife. Meanwhile, in his office, Logan is visited by Lord Mere, who tells him that his wife spent the previous night at the Royal Park hotel with another man, and wants Logan to begin divorce proceedings. Misinterpreting the details of Mere's story, Logan thinks that Leslie is Lady Mere, and clumsily tries to convince Lord Mere not to initiate divorce proceedings, while simultaneously trying to hide what he thinks is his own part in the case. Later, while Logan is cross-examining a woman in a divorce case in Lord Steele's court, Leslie, sitting in the gallery, is shocked to hear his loutish views on the frivolous nature of modern woman. Returning to his office, Logan tries to hide his identity from Lady Mere's maid Saunders, who has come to tell him about the man she saw coming out of her mistress's hotel room that morning. During the interview, Leslie comes to the office to return Logan's pajamas, and he hides her in another office. She decides to play along when he tells her that "her husband" is in the next room, and despite his reservations about her, Logan admits that he loves her. Returning to Mere, however, he learns about various other affairs of Lady Mere, decides his situation is hopeless and talks Mere into attempting a reconciliation with his wife. When Mere returns to thank Logan for his advice and says that his wife also thanks him, Logan is despondent and tells Mere to tell his wife she is the cleverest woman in the world. This starts Mere wondering and soon he and Lady Mere argue and she throws him out. At his club, Mere runs into Logan and Logan confesses that he is the "other man." Happy that a gentleman like Logan is his rival, rather than the lout he suspected, Mere gives him his blessing, then gets drunk and returns home to tell his wife about Logan's confession. The next day, when Leslie and Lady Mere arrive at Logan's office simultaneously, Leslie takes Lady Mere into her confidence. They concoct a scheme wherein Leslie invites Logan to the Mere estate for the weekend, then, when Logan comes down for dinner, the real Lady Mere introduces him to "Leslie Steele," and they all have a laugh at Logan's expense. Logan leaves, furious, but Leslie soon finds him on his way to France and he finally proposes. Soon, Logan is involved with another divorce case, but now he fervently defends the innocent nature of women.