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The Good Fairy

The Good Fairy(1935)

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The Good Fairy A naïve girl tries to use a... MORE > $19.95
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Maurice Schlapkohl, owner of the largest motion picture theater in Budapest, convinces Dr. Schultz of the city's orphanage to allow one of her girls to become an usherette. After Schlopkuhl selects the gregarious, but naive Luisa Ginglebusher, who has just crashed to the floor from a chandelier after acting out the story of "The Good Fairy" for the younger girls, Dr. Schultz warns Luisa about the evils of "the male gender" and instructs her to do good deeds for others. At the theater, Luisa makes the acquaintance of Detlaff, a waiter. When a masher attacks her on the street, she introduces Detlaff as her husband to get him to stop. Detlaff then invites her to an exclusive party at which he will be serving the next evening. At the party, Konrad, the owner of a South American meat packing company, tries to seduce Luisa, and, to escape his grasp, she lies that she is married and that her husband is a lawyer. After Konrad insists upon knowing her husband's name and says that he wants to employ him, Luisa, desiring to do a good deed, picks the name of Dr. Max Sporum from the telephone book and tells Konrad that she is the doctor's wife. The next day, Konrad visits the bearded, stuffy doctor, and after convincing him that his friend Dr. Metz, Minister of Arts and Decorations, has suggested he hire him, Konrad gives him a 10,000 kronen bonus to buy office equipment and signs him to a five-year contract, planning to send him to South America so that he will be able to seduce Luisa in his absence. Curious about Sporum, Luisa visits him, and seeing that he believes his new position came about as the result of his ethical behavior, diligent hard work and integrity, she is unable to inform him the real reason for his good fortune. After she convinces Sporum to get a new suit, clothes, a pink sports car and to shave, he buys her a "Foxine" wrap, which she deeply appreciates, but he gets extremely upset when she must go to meet Konrad, thinking that she is the mistress of a man. Before she gets to Konrad's hotel, she calls Sporum and he apologizes, whereupon she tearfully asks for him to think of her as if she loved him. Detlaff, trying to protect Luisa, follows her to Konrad's rooms, and as Konrad confesses he is not really a playboy, but that he wants to marry her, Detlaff sneaks in, shuts off the lights, hits Konrad and carries Luisa off. Konrad follows them to a taxi, where Detlaff gives him a black eye before driving off. Konrad visits Sporum and when he relates that he saw Sporum's wife in a taxi with a waiter, Sporum reveals that he has no wife. Luisa and Detlaff then arrive, and when she sees Konrad, Luisa tries to devise a story to account for the situation, but she is soon reduced to tears and has to explain everything to everybody, saying that she just wanted to be a "good fairy" to someone. She returns the foxine to Konrad, and Sporum, who is now disillusioned to learn that it was not his integrity which got him the job, but the fact that Konrad was after his "wife," tells Konrad that he will return everything he bought. Konrad tries to propose to Luisa, but she gently rejects him. She is about to leave, when Sporum asks her not to go and kisses her. They vow to get along together, though they will be poor, but Konrad insists on keeping Sporum as his one honest lawyer, after which they all argue, each one claiming to rightfully be the "good fairy." With the other orphans singing, Luisa walks down the aisle at her wedding with Sporum.