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Here Come the Co-Eds

Here Come the Co-Eds(1945)

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At the Miramar Ball Room, escort Slats McCarthy moonlights as publicist for his sister, dancer Molly McCarthy, running magazine advertisements that suggest that Molly yearns to attend the Bixby College for Young Ladies. When his pal, Oliver Quackenbush, inadvertently starts a mêlée at Miramar, he and Slats escape by jumping into a police car parked outside the club. Although they soon return the car to the police, Oliver accidentally throws a lit match into it, and when the car bursts into flames, the two must once again flee. While they are hiding out at Molly's, the dean of Bixby, Larry Benson, visits to offer Molly a scholarship, and after he agrees to furnish Slats and Oliver with caretaker jobs, they all consent to go. At the college the next day, the stuffy school board chairman, Jonathan Kirkland, insists that the burly head caretaker, "Strangler" Johnson, throw the trio out for taking cheesecake photographs of Molly. In response, Slats snaps a photo of Kirkland lifting Molly off a statue. Larry soon reinstates the three, but clashes with Kirkland over what he considers to be the school's antiquated ways. A few days later, Peggy, a co-ed with a crush on Oliver, reveals that Larry is involved with Kirkland's daughter Diane, information which disappoints Molly. Soon after, Slats, Oliver and Johnson are playing craps when a kiss from Peggy causes Oliver to swallow Johnson's dice, which he was hiding in his mouth. Determined to continue to gamble, Slats and Johnson shake him and x-ray his stomach. Months later, Kirkland threatens to withdraw his financial support unless Larry expels Molly, who now reigns as the school's top basketball player, because of her dance background. Molly, feeling guilty, prepares to leave that evening, but Larry convinces her to stay, both because he must prove his convictions to Kirkland, and because he loves her. After their conversation, Diane, who has overheard, says goodbye to Larry. The next day, Slats, hoping to thwart Kirkland, publishes the photo of him holding Molly, a move which compels the chairman to cancel his $20,000 school mortgage payment. Slats, Oliver and the students devise a plan to earn the money and save the school. First, Slats talks Oliver into wrestling Johnson in order to raise a small sum of money. Although Oliver initially seems beaten, he wins the fight, and during a victory parade, Larry realizes that Bixby now has more spirit than it ever possessed before. After Oliver and Slats then bet against rival school Carlton in an upcoming basketball game with Bixby, Honest Dan, the local racketeer, fixes the game by busing in the Amazons, a professional women's basketball team, to play for Carlton. The Amazons batter the Bixby players until Oliver disguises himself as a girl and enters the game. When he receives a blow to the head, Peggy tells him he is Daisy Dimple, the world champion girl's basketball player, and he proceeds to rack up points for Bixby. Another blow restores him to his senses, however, and Bixby loses by two points. After the game, Oliver overhears Honest Dan paying off the Amazons, and grabs the money. He and Slats hijack a sailboat which is perched atop a trailer and rush to Bixby, where they pay Kirkland for the mortgage with Honest Dan's illgotten money. With Bixby's future secure, another victory parade breaks out.