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It's Great to Be Alive

It's Great to Be Alive(1933)

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Carlos Martin, an irrepressible rake, must give up his slew of girl friends when he becomes engaged to his true love, Dorothy Wilton. After their engagement party at the Wilton house, to which he arrives late, delayed by a goodbye dinner for his various amours, a drunk Carlos stumbles into the bedroom of the slumbering Toots, who earlier flirted openly with him. When Toots screams and awakens the household, Dorothy breaks her engagement to Carlos, who, in his distraught condition, decides to make a dangerous flight over the Pacific. Dorothy listens on the radio to the progress of Carlos' flight, and Brooks, the butler, informs her that he accidentally led Carlos into Toots's room. Moments later, just as Carlos gives Dorothy a message over the radio, his plane goes down and he loses all contact with the outside world. Three years later, Dorothy's father, Dr. Wilton, and Dr. Ruth Prodwell continue to work on a cure for masculitis, a disease that kills only men. Another two years pass and the last man in the world has died as the women of the world, led by Dr. Prodwell, attempt to create a synthetic man. When the synthetic man blows up in a puff of smoke as he is being galvanized, an aviatrix comes to Dr. Prodwell's lab and informs her that she has found a man on a Pacific island. The women decide to keep the valuable discovery a secret, but Helen, assisting Dr. Prodwell, informs her gangster boss, "Al," about the last man's existence. The lady gangsters arrive on the island, find Carlos and bring him back to a stateside speakeasy where they attempt to auction him off to a rich woman. Before Carlos can be claimed, however, the police arrive with Dr. Prodwell, and Al is arrested for illegal possession of government property. Dorothy hears of Carlos' rescue and decides to claim her lost fiancé. Carlos is set up in a plush apartment where he is visited by adoring women, and attended to by a fleet of lovely females who flutter about, catering to his every whim. Dorothy gets Carlos alone and persuades him to run away with her, but refuses to bring the attendants with them, as Carlos requests. The police pursue the couple, who escape in Dorothy's plane, and call out the entire U.S. Navy and Air Force fleet to capture their valuable possession. Warships pick the couple up when they jump out of the plane in parachutes. A world congress is convened to decide the last man's fate where the nations plead their case for Carlos' hand in marriage. Carlos, devoted to Dorothy, tries to convince them of his fidelity to his fiancée, and then, tired of their cajolery, threatens to kill himself, terrifying the female delegation. Dr. Prodwell agrees to the marriage of Carlos and Dorothy, and the couple kiss.