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The Lady Takes a Sailor

The Lady Takes a Sailor(1949)

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Jennifer Smith, head of the Buyer's Research Institute, has been promised an endowment from the Tyson Institute to continue her work. To celebrate, Jennifer and her friend, Susan Wayne, who runs a cosmetics company, spend the weekend at Susan's beach house on Long Island. A storm blows in while Jennifer is sailing, but before she can return to shore, her boat is capsized by a rising undersea tractor. Jennifer insists that the reluctant sailor, who calls himself "Davey Jones," take her on board and put her ashore. The sailor tells Jennifer that he is a zoologist, studying undersea life, but his lack of knowledge about marine life makes her suspect his claim. After the storm ends, he gives Jennifer sleeping pills and leaves her on the beach. Meanwhile, a frantic Susan calls the Coast Guard, who begin a search for Jennifer. They finally find her on the beach where the sailor left her, but when Jennifer tells them her story, they think she has been hallucinating. She then remembers that she took pictures of the ship, but discovers that the film is missing from her camera. As Jennifer's credibility is called into question, she loses her endowment. Determined to restore her reputation, Jennifer sets out to prove her story by finding the sailor, who unknown to Jennifer, is actually Bill Craig, a submarine engineer working on a secret government project. While at a nightclub with her fiancé Ralph Whitcomb, Jennifer recognizes singer Raquel Riviera as the woman whose photo was hung on the wall of the undersea tractor. She questions Raquel, who denies knowing a man named Davey Jones. Later, Jennifer sees Bill enter the club to meet Raquel, but when she demands her film, Bill claims not to know her. Jennifer and Ralph then follow the couple. After they leave their car, she searches it for identification, but the couple returns and she is forced to hide in the back seat. Frustrated, Jennifer then hires private investigator Henry Duckworth to find the film. Bill spots Duckworth following him and sets a trap for him and Jennifer. While they try to open the safe where the film is hidden, Bill sneaks back into his apartment and interrupts them. Duckworth flees and Bill tries to explain his dilemma to Jennifer without revealing the strategic importance of his study. Unknown to Bill, after Jennifer leaves, Duckworth, who has been hiding under the bed, steals the film. Jennifer arranges to get the film from Duckworth at Susan's house, where she is going to try to convince Tyson to restore her endowment. Bill follows Jennifer and makes every effort to retrieve the film. Tyson is completely baffled by the unexplained activities that subsequently take place and decides that Jennifer is insane. Eventually Bill captures the film and steals Duckworth's car, but Duckworth has installed a breakaway steering wheel of his own invention, which causes Bill to collide with Tyson's car. Everyone then returns to Susan's house, where a reporter demands to know if Bill's presence explains her story. Jennifer, having fallen in love with Bill, keeps his secret, after which Ralph replaces her at the Institute, and she begins a new life with Bill.