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Let No Man Write My Epitaph

Let No Man Write My Epitaph(1960)


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  • let no man write my epitaph

    • julie
    • 8/6/18

    I saw this movie once ,many years ago and it stuck with me , and I would surely like to see it again. when will y'all play it again. thanks

  • Let no man write my Epitaph

    • S.
    • 10/22/17

    Talk about your gritty real movie about life in the slums and can be kind of sad that environment, not having the opportunities than most, sadly his mother was no help, she was needing help herself, still what made it strangely positive was the circle of his mother's friends from the neighborhood who took him under his wings and were rooting for his success, despite their shady and troubled lives. Guess it was about it takes a village to raise a child.

  • epitath

    • kevin sellers
    • 3/20/17

    Let no viewer confuse James Darren with a good young actor.

  • Please run

    • Rita
    • 2/16/16

    I love watching TCM..... Love black & white movies.....especially Joan Crawford, Joan Fontaine & Bette Davis. I have been looking for the move "Let No Man Write My Epitaph ".... Please run this great movie !!! I have been looking for it for months on you channel.Thanks !

  • Thought it was great

    • Stu Marty
    • 12/15/15

    I think this movie suffered because it was filmed in black and white, when color was becoming expected. Nevertheless, I not only have really like the movie's storyline, cast of characters, location shots, and music, I actually like that it was black and white. It gave it a feel that life on Madison (or Maxwell St.) demanded. I saw it first as a teenager, and it had an impact on me. Maybe because I had read, "Knock on Any door." I recently say it again, 60 years later, and I found it was even better tham my memories expected.

  • let no man write my Epitaph

    • Colette
    • 9/8/15

    please show this classic. no where else could we see this except on T C M . your the BEST.

  • Let No Man Write My Epitaph

    • Alma Veal
    • 9/9/13

    Very good nontraditional movie for Shelly Winters and Burl Ives fans. Also supporting cast is superb.Some movies are need to see and this is one.If The Man With The Golden Arm is your like, the you will appreciate this also.Why we have not been seen this is beyond me, too many repeats allow this movie to not be seen!

  • Availablity

    • Marie Clark
    • 8/17/13

    I am a huge James Darren fan and though this is an early movie, he does a fabulous job. I would love to be able to purchase a copy

  • great movie

    • vernon
    • 4/23/13

    I just saw this movie on Antenna TV it was a very good movie I had saw this movie earlier in my life and I still think this is a classic today

  • Let no man write my Epitaph

    • Susan
    • 11/12/12

    Great movie , saw it years and years ago. I can't understand why such a great movie is not played on TCM. It was never made into a DVD . Such ashame , great movie , great cast.

  • Very True Title

    • LisaVery
    • 4/28/12

    I saw Let No Man Write My Epitaph when I was very young but the movie has stuck with me all this time. Very great cast and worth viewing even today.

  • A Lost Gem

    • mike walsh
    • 12/27/11

    It"s a shame that,with iconic stars such as Burl Ives(Holly Jolly Christmas),The wonderful Shelley winters (pre -The Poseidon Adventure,) AND THE GREAT ELLA FITZGERALD. This has not been on the TCM. channel.Robert help us out! PLEASE! With James Darren and Ricardo Montalban; If this movie doesn't shout out Classic,what does?It is as relevant today as it was when i was a young boy growing up in the South Bronx.Although it is set in Chicago, it speaks to all inner-city dwellers.

  • let no man write my epitah

    • Diane Hines
    • 11/21/11

    PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE, play this classic on TCM under either Shelly Winters or Burl Ives or Bobby Darin week or even day! I purchased this movie on VHS back in 1998 and later lent it to my best friend, who was in a relation that was destructive and disfunctional like Shelly Winter's character; however, after she was brutally murdered due to disfuntional attributes of the relationship (not by her man, who was demanding and controlling like Richardo Montobun's character...on MANY levels, but by members of his adoptive family members). I just did NOT have the heart to ask her parents to give the VHS back to me after they removed her belongings from the house where she died. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make this available on DVD and play it, soooooon! I loooooove this movie and everything it stands for!!! IT'S A MUST SEE!!!!

  • I still think about this film.

    • Joe
    • 8/9/11

    I'll never forget Burl Ives' determination to save James Darren at the end. He was willing to die; what a study in loyalty and friendship.Ives tells the boy a touching Christmas story at the beginning of the film.Would like to see this film again.

  • Let No Man Write My Epitaph

    • Tom Timlin
    • 8/1/11

    I saw this movie when I about 11 years old. It was on one of those afternoon movies at a local TV station. I agree with most of you as it left a lasting impression on me and I still remember it after all these years. Initially I watched it because James Darren was in it and he was popular with The Time Tunnel TV show at the time. The evils of drugs...that movie may have helped save me from getting involved with drugs. I don't know how effective it would be today as the morals have changed since that time in the 1960's. We are a looser society, faster, better in many ways, but maybe not better in other ways. I think this movie is highly ignored and underrated. Shelly Winters, Burl Ives, Ricardo Maltomeal or whatever, lol, and James Darren were an outstanding cast. James Darren proves he can really act in this flick.

  • Made an impression

    • Andrea Tyler
    • 5/25/10

    I only saw this movie once when I was 13 years old. It left a lasting impression on me. More young people should see the ugly side of drug and thug life for what it really is instead of making it look glamourous

  • Let No Man Write My Epitaph

    • Yolanda Long
    • 2/21/10

    I saw this move years ago and I loved it Burl Ives and Shirley Winters were awesome. I am so surprised that I can't see this movie on TMC. Please see if it could be on when you do a tribute to either Burl Ives or Shirley Winters.

  • Let No Man Write My Epitath

    • Mel Maldona
    • 8/3/09

    Saw this movie back in the 70's - impactful. Would love to see again.Why is it not available on DVD or please show on TCM. A classic must see. Superb acting by all - Montalban and Winters so believable, I recall this movie now 30 or so years later.


    • LOIS
    • 1/14/09


  • Let No Man Write My Epitaph

    • anne
    • 11/24/08

    Please have this movie on again

  • Let No Man Write My Epitaph

    • Diana
    • 11/15/08

    It is a shame to allow this classic to sit in the dust. Bring it out on DVD. It will sell like hot cakes once it's out.

  • To Carolyn, I hope you read this.

    • Mary
    • 11/8/08

    Let No Man Write My Epitaph was aired last April but it was on early in the morning. I'm hoping for another airing in a better time slot myself. I think it's a shame Columbia didn't follow this up by casting James Darren in more films like this, and - as cute as they are - less Gidget movie. It's my second favorite role of his, Tony Newman (the television series Time Tunnel) being my first.

  • Let No Man Write My Epitaph

    • Carolyn Chase
    • 9/23/08

    Come on TCM, you are the Lamborgeknees of the Movie World. So why dont you have this movie? PLEASE PLEASE get it, it is such a great movie. Please email & let me know when you get it. If TCM cant get it, I dont think it can be got. But try real HARD.Thanks & WaitingCarolyn

  • I hope this movie gets released on DVD

    • JazzyBill
    • 6/9/08

    I really enjoyed watching this movie. The cast is fun to watch and its a family film for everyone to enjoy. I don't understand why studio's don't take the time to put the beest films on dvd. A lot of crappy dvds are all over the place and unenjoyable. I wish they would also put together a DVD BOX SET for Shelley Winters. She has appeared in a lot of great films and she deserves to have a couple of dvd box sets out there like any other actor does.

  • Early morning movie

    • Lois Liggins
    • 5/5/08

    I waited and longed for LET NO MAN WRITE MY EPITAPH, I don't record or have DVR. I was so disappointed that it came on so early in the morning and I could not see the film. Please put it back on at a better time. Thanks for putting it on your list.

  • Worth the Wait

    • Jennifer
    • 4/21/08

    I finally had the chance to see "Let No Man Write My Epitaph". I waited almost 30 years to see this movie. Believe me, it was worth the wait. It came on at 4AM, so I am glad I was able to record it. I told others about the movie, but they forgot. Please show it again real soon so that others can appreciate this excellent movie. And again, thank you for showing it.

  • Excellent-Four Stars

    • Bruce Reber
    • 4/14/08

    This is the first time I had seen this. When I saw TCM was going to show it at 4:00 AM Sunday I taped it and watched it Sunday afternoon. All of the performances are great, especially Shelley Winters as a mother trying to give her son a better life despite the misery of her own life. Please show it again soon TCM and also put it on DVD.

  • Thank you for showing this.

    • Mary
    • 4/13/08

    I'm happy to see this getting more votes and comments. It's a great film.

  • Please release this on DVD

    • Joe Wilson
    • 4/13/08

    I grew up on the same streets of Chicago as Nick Romano did. The Runyonesque characters are very similar to one's I knew. If it hadn't been for some these wonderful people I would have ended up in Stateville. These people took an interest in me and saved me from crossing the line all the way. I ended up as a substance abuse counsellor in the military and in the VA. I believe this can help some troubled young person. As I learned in counseling, If we touch one person out of 100 we did our job.Thanks


    • goldbabygirl58
    • 4/13/08

    I love this film and tried in vain to acquire it two times through eBay from a seller who sold me an incomplete film and then from an Altanta-based movie detective company who sold me a version taped from TV on Atlanta Superstation which must have been shown years and years ago before Atlanta Superstation changed its format from movies at 12:05, 2:35, 4:05, etc. TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES finally showed this wonderful classic with its diverse cast (Burl Ives, Shelley Winters, James Darren, Ricardoo Montalban, Ella Fitzgerald, Jeanne Cooper[Katherine Chancellor of Young & the Restless), Bernie Hamilton (Starsksy & Hutch and ONE POTATO TWO POTATO) and subject matter for its time on Sunday, April 13, 2008 at 4:00 a.m. after ODDS AGAINST TOMORROW because both movies starred Shelley Winters. This classic film is in the same genre as MONKEY ON MY BACK, HATFUL OF RAIN and MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!

  • Desire Need!!!

    • Henrietta Morgan
    • 12/30/07

    Yes I would love to see this old classaic, Co-worker and I have been talking about this film for years, expecting to see it one day on TCM, Please make sure if televise, to email me.Also I would like to know how to purchase a copy,Thanks, old movie buff

  • Missing this blockbuster jewel

    • steven bromberg
    • 1/16/07

    this film was shown regularly on local chicago tv late night in the 60's and 70's....ive been searching for this film for 30 years......i want it bad!

  • Found a copy.

    • Mary
    • 11/18/06

    I obtained a copy of this movie on Ebay. It's really good. I'm amazed it's out of print. I hope it's out on DVD soon. James Darren is really good as the kid from the slums trying to make good as a pianist as is the rest of the cast, Shelley Winters as his alcoholic/drug addicted mother, Burl Ives as a former judge whose career is ruined by drink, Ricardo Montalban as the drug pusher, Louie, and the others.

  • Would Love to Own This Classic!!!!!

    • Georgette Collier
    • 11/9/06

    I also have seen this movie many years ago. I have been searching for this movie to purchase. Please let me know if and when it becomes available. Or at least please show it on TCM channel so I can record it. I really miss and love this fine classic. Oh! If Mr. Turner does decide to show on his channel, please make sure that it is shown in it's originality, Black ans White..... thank you..

  • great movie

    • deirdre bullock
    • 7/9/06

    I saw this movies years ago also I don,t remember when or where but Inever forgot it.would love to have a copy on dvd D. Bullock

  • Let No Man Write My Epitaph

    • Brenda Simpson
    • 2/16/06

    I saw this movie many years ago on Bill Kennedy's showtime in Detroit. This movie has stayed with me all this time. I would really like to own a copy for myself, The acting is superb. Shelly Winters, Ricardo Montalban and James Darren gave the best performances for those times dealing with gangs, etc.

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