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The Longest Day

The Longest Day(1962)

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  • who are the stars inn this film?

    • Snowbound
    • 2/19/19

    In response to the comment below, I agree that the use of famous star names may have been good for advertising purposes but not for the story. Henry Fonda's two and an half minute scene as Theodore Roosevelt Jr wouldn't get an unknown actor top billing but it gains that for him, Fabian, Sal Mineo, Robert Ryan, Red Buttons, Robert Wagner, Robert Mitchum and John Wayne and a dozen others top billing for what amount to cameo roles. I will go one step further. These actors interrupt and eventually damage the movie. In fact, they ruin parts of it. John Wayne's over-the-top macho theatrics stink. He's a phony. Rather than enlist in the actual war, he decided his acting would bring the Nazis to their knees. That idea had flaws but it may have brought a few audience members to their knees. By the time he was marking this film he was also fully cooperating with HUAC and turning over names of colleagues because he said they were communists. He had an acting range of A to B and it shows in his five minutes of on screen heroism. When watching the action of the unknown actors, the story is well told. Otherwise, it's just a brunch of cameos and battle scenes wedged in between.

  • casting

    • Dirigible2
    • 2/6/19

    Without a doubt this is an epic movie. It's a powerful attempt t tell a story so huge it can never be adequately told. Sadly, this may be the most that most Americans ever know of D-Day. Caring about our nation's history is a fading virtue. And it should be noted this film, as small a portion of the actual event as it is, fails to tell an accurate story. The one thing that hurts this film is the casting of big name actors for four or five minutes of screen time. It almost becomes like a drinking game. Everybody has to down a shot when they spot a famous actor. If the director had gone with unknowns, the soldiers' story could be better told. The big names are like speed bumps. They interrupt the story and basically add nothing to it. John Wayne, whether wearing a GI helmet or a cowboy hat, plays the same role: tough, grunting, superior to everyone. He's always the same. Any unknown actor could have played that role and allowed the viewer to focus far better on the soldiers' stories rather than on whether Wayne is a bigger windbag in this film or in one of his westerns. He blows a lot of patriotic lava in this movie but where was he during the actual War? He was in Hollywood playing heroic roles on backlots while actors such as Jimmy Stewart and Eddie Albert (to name just two) put their careers on hold, volunteered and risked their lives.

  • Praising The Longest Day TLD

    • Will Fox
    • 11/12/18

    New York Times film critic, Bosley Crowther in 1962 wrote, "It is hard to think of a picture, aimed and constructed as this one was, doing any more or any better or leaving one feeling any more exposed to the horror of war than this one does." (Considering the NYT's default discounting of Department of Defense's demonstrated successes, this is very high praise in deed.) Real-world drama developed during Darryl F. Zanuck's production of The Longest Day. Real-life American soldiers, hired by 20th Century Fox to storm Omaha Beach in this film, resisted entering France's cold water. But the DOD-trained GIs, well-paid by Zanuck's company, finally followed direction, when a disgusted, real-life-leader, Robert Mitchum jumped in first. Recognizing the most realistic "star," among 42 actors in The Longest Day, Robert Mitchum is a proven winner. (Many of us are repeatedly fascinated and purposefully tune in to see him in Story of GI Joe, Crossfire, Out of The Past, Night of The Hunter, and Cape Fear.) In TLD, as General Norman Cota, the Allied Commander of the 29th Infantry Division, Mitchum manages naturally to convince us how deadly serious D-Day was. TLD earned 5 Oscar nominations, winning two (Best Cinematography Best Special Effects). Special thanks to TCM for inviting real-life veterans to co-host on Veterans Day, providing true heroes' testimonies, reminding us of the real-life costs of fighting for freedom vs. big governments' arrogant abuses. Seeing TLD is important, to be reminded of these essential lessons. So encourage family and friends to see The Longest Day.

  • Eddie Albert - Bronze Star

    • Moose
    • 11/11/18

    As some reviewers have mentioned veterans who were in this film, I thought of Eddie Albert. Yes, Oliver Douglas from "Green Acres" was a true hero at Tarawa, saving almost 50 Marines by maneuvering his Coast Guard boat through heavy fire to get them to safety. For this action, he was appropriately awarded the Bronze Star. By contrast, he played a loathsome cowardly commander in the exceptional war film "Attack". It just goes to show, you can't judge an actor by his roles.

  • The Longest Day on Criterion Collection DVD

    • Jeffrey Kenison
    • 12/8/17

    I would love to see this World War II epic on Criterion Collection. It won two Academy Awards for Best Cinematography and Special Visual Effects. I even admire the all-star cast too. More stars and familiar faces than I can count.

  • Great piece of American history

    • Alice
    • 5/28/16

    What a huge undertaking this was. This is a great film in all respects. I learned so much because this is a lesson in WWII history, warts and all. I had never seen the use of the "crickets". It was sad, but inevitable that the Germans would figure out the device and use the bolt on their rifle to mimic that sound, thus fooling the soldier making him vulnerable. Unfortunately, I got in one hour into the film. Please, would you please show this again like you do so many others. There are so many big name stars in this film. It should not be hard to show it again soon. Thank you so much,

  • Great WWII Film

    • prettymuchperfect
    • 2/25/16

    Some real life veterans here:Richard Todd,Steve Forrest (took part in Battle of the Bulge) among others.Not John Wayne,he won WWII back here.


    • WILL
    • 2/14/16

    A Great Monumental Tribute to the Allied Forces who gave there All on D Day. I could feel the hair go up on the back of my neck when Robert Mitchum on bloody Omaha Beach tells his troops, that were pinned down by withering enemy machine gun fire (not an exact quote.) All right get off your butts. You can die here or up there, were the enemy is. Move out. Lets Go. Its interesting to compare the battle scenes with those in Saving Private Ryan, another great film. And John Wayne, the tears in his eyes, when he sees the soldiers / paratroopers, hanging from the telephone wires. Now you've Really Done It Hitler. Youve pissed off the Duke! Hes coming to get YOU.The only complaints at the time, The Longest Day was shown and they with dignity only complained among them selves, was the Canadian Veterans who got no part in this film. A Great Film.

  • Bravo!

    • johnscwayne
    • 2/2/16

    BTW, Steve Forrest actually fought in Battle of the Bulge,so he probably was actively involved in D-Day,as were so many of our brave uniformed men and other country's servicemen.Really a good film.

  • The Longest Day

    • Michael Whitty
    • 1/11/16

    June 6,1944 turned the tide in the war in Europe as the allies broke through the beaches of Normandy. "The Longest Day", a great film on D-Day with 42 stars involved, is mostly told in 3 parts....the preparation, the paratroopers, and the beaches. Omaha Beach became the most needed to win place and finally it was Robert Mitchum as Norman Cota to explode the beach wall. The stars all played real soldiers from that fateful day and "The Longest Day" required three directors to cover the project. Daryl Zanuck, the head of Fox, personally produced this great war drama that had even John Wayne as one of the gang. Over 2 thousand men lost their lives on Omaha Beach as this movie acts as a tribute to their effort.

  • longest day

    • kevin sellers
    • 11/2/15

    What "How The West Was Won" is to westerns, this celluloid monster is to war films; in other words, a tough slog, to quote Don Rumsfeld (appropriate, wouldn't you say?) Helping it to be somewhat digestible are good performances from Robert Mitchum, Richard Burton, John Wayne (natch) Peter Lawford, (one of his very few) Kenneth More and Curt Jurgens. Give it a C plus P.S. The most ridiculous piece of casting is Roddy McDowell as a GI. Even more ludicrous than Sal Mineo in a similar role.

  • The Longest Day

    • Dashiell B.
    • 3/23/13

    A massive, star-studded film about the Allied invasion of France. The American and British forces, along with the French Resistance, prepare to liberate France from the German high command. With too many stars to name here, the male-oriented ensemble add both realism and star-power to the film. The film won Academy Awards for cinematography and special effects, making the adaptation of Cornelius Ryan's novel as factually accurate as possible. An always entertaining and compelling film about that fateful day before Steven Spielberg's "Saving Private Ryan." I give it a 5/5.

  • Great War Film

    • Adventure
    • 3/17/12

    Daryl F Zanuck personally produced this fine film recounting the herosim on D Day with a great cast of true stars such as John Wayne. I liked Jeff Hunter in this film along with Richard Beymer.

  • Great War Movie !!

    • Jim Burns
    • 9/30/11

    The Longest Day is a great war movie with a great cast of John Wayne, Richard Burton and too many others to mention. The cinematograpy is good as well as the acting. A must see for any World War Two movie buff.

  • the longest day

    • housetlg
    • 10/7/10

    the fineist display of what a war movie should be aboutit was a great book and for once the movie was just as greatgreat directing acting special effects ranks as one of my top three movies of all time

  • The Longest Day (1962)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 10/9/09

    A very long movie it is, but surprisingly, it never drags. Meticulously and lavishly produced, and wow, what a cast! The war scenes are amazing, the special effects are good but the period detail is surprisingly lacking. All the women in the picture have hair styles and make-up from the 1960's. It's odd from a movie so detailed in other ways. Great cinematography.

  • One of my favorite war films

    • Evan
    • 5/26/08

    Really a great film, not perfect but a definitely a must watch.

  • Is the colour version available on dvd?

    • Alex Amuro
    • 7/9/07

    I know it was released on video around 1989 but haven`t managed to locate a dvd.

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