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The Main Street Kid

The Main Street Kid(1948)

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In the town of Wheelington, as printer Otis Jones studies a correspondence course book entitled How to Read Minds by a magician known as "The Great Martine," his wife Edie reveals her suspicions that their daughter Jill will soon be marrying her sweetheart, publisher Bud Wheeling. That evening, after he takes Jill out to dinner, Bud rushes to meet Gloria Treat, who, unknown to Bud, works for Martine, a confidence artist. Later, two of Martine's men, Torrey and Riley, visit Otis at his print shop and ask him to print copies of a poster advertising Martine's upcoming local appearance. Anxious to share the news, Otis knocks on the wall of his shop, which summons his next-door neighbor, a tobacco shop owner named Max. While claiming to work for a newspaper, Torrey then asks Otis how he records his orders, and Otis produces a scrapbook with all the announcements he has ever printed, including an announcement of Bud's birth. When Otis is distracted, Torrey quickly copies down information about the townspeople, which will be used in Martine's performance. Later, Bud breaks his plans with Jill in order to meet Gloria. Bud's business associate, Mark Howell, then tells Gloria that he hopes to be voted president of the company when the board of directors meets next week. He then reveals that he will host an engagement party for her and Bud, and Gloria agrees to help him if he will invite Martine to the party. Just before his show, Martine rehearses his act at the theatre using Otis' printing information. Gloria and Bud attend Martine's performance, as do Jill and Otis. Afterward, Martine reveals that he wants to take over the Wheeling Company, whose board of directors will soon elect a new president, and plans an engagement party for Gloria and Bud. After Otis' new mind-reading course arrives in the mail, he is attacked in his shop. Max hears the struggle through the wall and rushes next door to find Otis unconscious. When he revives, Otis realizes that he possesses the power to hear the thoughts of others. At home, Edie faints after Otis proves to her that he can read minds. The next day at the shop, Otis decides to attend the party so he can meet Bud's new fiancée. Otis then reads Gloria's mind and begins to suspect her motives. When the name "Mark Howell" crosses her mind, Otis demands to know how Mark is involved with her, but she refuses to reveal anything. That evening, Torrey and Riley accost Otis on his way to the party. When he does not arrive, Mark goes to his house to look for him. Jill then phones the shop and hears Otis answer and scream for help before being knocked unconscious by Torrey. Later, Torrey and Riley hide when Mark gets the spare key to Otis' office and enters. When Otis wakes up, he learns that he can no longer read minds. Meanwhile, Bud arrives at the party with an intoxicated Gloria, who is terrified that Otis will read her mind again. Later, Martine, who has learned of Otis' skill through Torrey, introduces Otis to the crowd. After Otis explains that he has lost his power, he accuses Martine and Gloria of trying to manipulate Bud for selfish reasons. Gloria then walks out on Bud, and after Bud apologizes to Jill, the two are reconciled.