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The Rains Came

The Rains Came(1939)

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    • carol
    • 11/25/18


  • the rains came

    • kevin sellers
    • 8/18/18

    Half Anglo/Indian romance, half disaster pic, and wholly entertaining, this is definitely Clarence Brown's finest film as well as George Brent's finest acting job and yet more proof, if any is needed, that 1939 was the greatest year for Hollywood, ever. Also notable is an intelligent and at times witty screenplay by Philip Dunne and Julien Josephson, great special effects that deservedly won the first award ever given in this category over "Wizard", haunting, moody cinematography from Arthur C. Miller and fine acting from everyone in the cast (except, alas, ingenue Brenda Joyce), most notably, besides Brent, Myrna Loy in the "Jezebel" role, Tyrone Power, who manages to make stiff and serious somehow sexy, Nigel Bruce, for once shedding his bumbling Watson persona, and making a memorably odious English bigot, and Maria Ouspenskaya, ruling her kingdom with an iron hand while she plays poker and chain smokes. It's not a perfect movie. It can drag in spots (Did I mention that it's a Clarence Brown film?), there are more Caucasians with brown stuff on their skin than you can shake a shoe polish kit at, and Loy's death scene is the one time the good screenplay turns, as the English in India would say, rather mawkish, but this is still a fun way to spend an hour and forty five minutes of your time. Give it a B plus. P.S. With the exception of Bruce all the English roles are played by American actors. What a change from today where, unless you're Meryl S., the Brits won't let a Yank near a Limey role, although it's certainly not the other way around. Grrr! No taxation without representation!

  • These comments crack me up!

    • Dcto
    • 2/26/18

    Criticisms of the production and casting overlook that this Hollywood studio film is not only set in India but deals with a potentially adulterous interracial affair - amazed this made it past censors in 1939! Myrna was Queen of Hollywood when she lobbied for this role, so contrary to her MGM Perfect Wife typecasting. Kay Francis was past her prime and Dietrich could never have pulled off the role, she'd have been laughed at as an English Lady scrubbing floors, she was also on the Box Office Poison list until she Rode Jimmy Stewart in Destry Again. Loy loved Power, this is their only film together. Had this film been released any other year it would be more fondly regarded. Greer Garson credits this movie with starting her career, because Loy chose to make The Rains Came, Garson took over her role in Goodbye, Mr. Chips, and a star was born.

  • Christine B summed it up very well

    • Jasmine
    • 3/21/17

    Excellent movie - I bought the DVD and watched it twice it was so good. Christine B wrote so eloquently - I agree completely... and Tyrone Power was never so handsome as in this film.

  • Stunning Movie

    • el debbo
    • 7/7/15

    Wonderful casting of Myrna Loy as Lady Esketh and Tyrone Power as "the new India" persona. As other reviewers have noted, George Brent is perfect as Tom Ransome. The flood earthquake special effects were well-worth the Academy Award they won. There is one unforgettably beautiful scene at the music school when Lady Esketh repeats what Rama has said, words to a song, "But in your heart, My love has found a home, And it can never die" while dots of light shimmer on the walls, on her face. Then at the end he hears the song again...spirits often talk via music.

  • Perfect Movie Magic

    • ChristineB
    • 4/27/14

    I love this film for the perfect characterizations of the actors. I think that Myrna Loy has never been more beautifully cast than as Lady Esquith. She goes from a bored sexy and exotic woman of the world with an evil -tempered wretch of a husband to a tender love -drunk saint without a misstep. George Brent too fulfilled the role of the slightly alchoholic artist who is saved by disaster and love, the degenerate Tom Ransom, perfectly. Tyrone Power plays the doctor, Major Safti, at first with the cool dismissiveness and arm's -length remoteness that is appropriate to his character when the foreign Lady Esquith first comes on to him. He is worldly and knows what she is up to, but is more mindful of his duty to his Maharajah's expectations that he will take over the rule of his state in the future. However, by the time the floods have turned everyone's world upside down, Safti's emotional turmoil is written all over Power's face and in his body language during his touching encounters with Loy/Esquith. They have become star -crossed lovers. Brent's Ransom fares much better in his commitment to helping out in the disaster recovery and his maturing affair with a young missionary daughter. The Rains Came is a lavish, emotionally charged, evocative and wonderful movie. Far superior and much more sophisticated in many ways than some of the other 1939 productions that get far more notoriety.

  • The Rain Came

    • Francine
    • 10/9/13

    I loved this movie. George Brent and Myrna Loy were excellent.

  • beautiful myrna and ty

    • dcb
    • 9/30/13

    The loves scenes between Myrna Loy and Tyrone Power in this film are beautifully restrained and exquisite. Loys scenes with Brent are well played too. Good acting all around and dazzling special effects. A wonderful golden-age Hollywood classic.

  • Felt insulted

    • Nora Qudus
    • 7/15/13

    I know Hollywood can't be bothered with anything authentic but I really felt insulted with the fake everything, turbans wrapped wrong, saris wrapped wrong the "native" music was not even close to anything in India then or now. The only thing authentic was the "white" attitudes. It is an OK movie but it was so fake. Even for Hollywood.

  • A classic--excellent

    • Maureen
    • 7/14/13

    I love Myrna Loy in almost everything I've seen her in. This film is one I discovered a few years ago, and it's a favorite. Tyrone Power and Myrna Loy make a great team. Excellent.

  • "The Rains Came" was nice to watch.

    • Ralph
    • 6/5/13

    After work and dinner and my wife at school last night I sat down to watch this movie on TCM, and thought I wouldn't enjoy it. To my surprise It was a delight to watch. I loved the story line and the special effects. But was really stuck by George Brent's performance as Tom Ransome. Somehow, his portrayal kept making me reflect on my own past and experiences. Tyrone Power I found a little to passive compared to his other roles (do you know he died young, age 44 of a heart attack)? Myrna Loy and Brenda Joyce were very pleasing to watch and I think pulled it off. So, I enjoyed it after all.

  • Okay...

    • RedRain
    • 6/4/13

    Sixteen years after this film debuted, the film "The Rains of Ranchipur" was made and I find it far superior to this one. The disaster scenes, in particular, are much more horrifying and realistic. The latter film also starred Lana Turner as Lady Esketh, Michael Rennie as her husband, and the divine Richard Burton as Dr. Safi. Fred MacMurray was Tom Ransome and was perfect in the role. I don't believe Myrna Loy should have been cast as Lady Esketh, as she is simply not believable in the part. In the book, Lady Esketh is very vulnerable and not at all haughty as Loy plays her. Lana Turner was able to put this over so much better! I'm not too fond of this version, as the 1955 iteration is just acted so much better!

  • Wonderful Movie!

    • StopWatch
    • 2/9/13

    I was very pleasantly surprised to see this movie on the TCM channel. The movie has an excellent cast, story, acting, and special effects which are awesome even in this age of "Lord of the Rings". Also, being of Indian origin, I thought it was quite a decent depiction of India of those days. (They portrayed the British military as benevolent but that could be forgiven considering that a truer depiction would shift the focus away from the individual dramas in the plot. I also wish that they featured a true Indian song at the music school instead of something which was highly westernized, perhaps operatic.) I liked the plot for placing such an emphasis on values, redemption, and forgiveness. And thank goodness for the sensibilities of that era - they did not explicitly show a single corpse amid all the floods, earthquakes, and a plague!

  • the Rains Flowed

    • Baz
    • 1/25/13

    Ms Loy good in her part,but think it was more a Merle Oberon part,Brent great,Powers should have let Baz Rathbone have this part,what with Willie Bruce as the old hubby.Would've made this better film

  • 1939

    • Steve S.
    • 8/10/12

    If there was a "bad" movie released in this glorious year - I haven't seen it.However, in "The Rains Came" - Loy looks "ragged" and Power is miscast but Brent (who finally decides to give a good facsillme of acting and the future to be Jane in Tarzan movies, Branda Joyce, give a smashing good performance when the Rains do come!Kudo's to Clarence Brown!

  • The Rains Came

    • Dashiell Barnes
    • 2/4/12

    Loy, Power & Brent lead an all- star cast in this thrilling film.The flood & earthquake scenes are nothing short of outstanding. However, the story can be confusing & something missing that will leave viewers empty. To sum up, a good film to see once in a while. I give it a 3/5.

  • Esplendido

    • Sonia
    • 11/13/10

    Este filme mostra que Myrna Loy era uma grande atriz e no somente um rosto bonito. Interpretando seu papel com intensidade e paixo.

  • Kudo's to Brent & Joyce...

    • Steven Paul
    • 7/31/09

    for their performance's in their respective roles!Ms. Loy looks absolutely stunning when she is laying in the hospital bed!

  • The Starpower is there!

    • Laura B
    • 3/2/09

    If antyhing this film has starpower. With the likes of Power, Loy, Brent and Ouspenskaya you know you have to see it just to say you did. A bit slow and like the reader below said, not the best movie, but good enough to catch at least once.

  • Lady Edwina

    • Mike
    • 2/28/09

    It's obvious that Kay Francis and Marlene Dietrich were the top contenders for the "Lady Edwina" part, and both actresses would have been superb in the part. But if anyone had to take their place and make it their own, Myrna Loy does it best. This isn't usually her kind of part, but she transforms herself into a more glamorous leading lady on the Francis/Dietrich level. It's a great film, maybe not the best, but certainly great.

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