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Rendezvous with Annie

Rendezvous with Annie(1946)

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Jeffrey Dolan, a hapless young veteran, is being held in a New Jersey jail for attempted murder. When nightclub singer Dolores Starr visits him, Jeff relates the events that led to his imprisonment: As an Air Force clerk in London, Jeff shares a bomb shelter, and the details of his beloved wife Annie and her wonderful cakes, with a friendly British man he calls "The Old Duffer." When he receives a three-day pass, his pilot buddies, Captain Spence and Lieutenant Avery, talk him into going AWOL on their overnight flight to America so he can visit Annie on their anniversary. Along the way, Jeff is almost found out by General Trent, who rides with them unexpectedly. When they arrive, Spence and Avery take Jeff to the Bongo Club, where Avery's girl friend Dolores Starr sings. There, a nervous Jeff bumps into a hometown friend, Everett Thorndyke, who is with his mistress and insists that neither mention seeing the other. When he finally reaches Annie, they spend a romantic evening together, and though she leaves him with a cake and a promise not to tell anyone he has been home, he brings a piece back for The Old Duffer and tell the man he has been AWOL. Nine months later, the war ends and Jeff goes home, to find that Annie has just given birth to a son. At first, he is so overjoyed he does not notice that everyone in town is treating him strangely, but when lawyer Elmer Snodgrass tells him that he has one week to prove his son's paternity or the boy will lose his inheritance of half a million dollars, Jeff realizes that, since no one knows he visited Annie earlier, they do not believe the child is his. First, Jeff visits Thorndyke to try to make him admit that he saw Jeff at the Bongo Club, but Thorndyke, who is afraid of being caught with his mistress, denies it. Next, Jeff asks Spence and Avery to confirm that he was in New Jersey, but they resist for fear of being court-martialed. When they change their minds and offer to vouch for him, Jeff cannot let them ruin their careers and so tries to court-martial himself instead. When he goes to General Trent to do this, however, the general does not remember Jeff, and instead throws him out. Jeff then remembers a photograph taken of him at the Bongo Club, and visits Dolores, who takes him to find Louise Grapa, the photographer. Jeff is not in the photograph, and Dolores' jealous husband, Phil Denim, attacks Jeff, prompting Jeff to knock him out. Dolores, relieved, kisses Jeff on the cheek, and when Louise snaps a photo, unscrupulous newspaperman Al Morgan prints it in the paper. The next day, Annie sees the photo and accuses Jeff of cheating on her. At that moment, Jeff sees an article about The Old Duffer, who is actually Sir Archibald Clyde, visiting from London. He runs to see the old man, who can corroborate his story, but when he gets there, he sees Morgan and attacks him. Clyde's suspicious guards arrest Jeff for attempting to murder Clyde. After Dolores has heard this story, she agrees to help Jeff, and the next day he is set free. Dolores has brought Clyde, Snodgrass and Avery to his house to prove Jeff's story. Town editor Mr. Kramer also drags Thorndyke in and then agrees to print the story of Jeff's paternity, and Jeff's son gains his rights as an heir.