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Return to Warbow

Return to Warbow(1958)

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After escaping from the Arizona Territorial Prison chain gang, convicts Clay Hollister, Red and Johnny head for the town of Warbow to collect the $30,000 that Clay stole eleven years earlier in a stagecoach robbery. Clay's brother Frank escaped with the money and, after Clay's arrest, agreed to hide the loot until the brothers could divide it. After ambushing three cowhands along the trail and stealing their clothes and horses, the convicts ride to the outskirts of Warbow, where Clay insists on stopping at the Fallam ranch. Clay's former sweetheart Kathleen married Murray Fallam after Clay went to prison, and now Clay plans to convince Murray to ride into town and fetch Frank. When the news of Clay's escape reaches Warbow, Murray, who is in town on business, hurries back to the ranch. The sheriff, suspecting that Frank was involved in the holdup with his brother, instructs his deputies to keep Frank under surveillance in case Clay tries to contact him. At the Fallam ranch, Kathleen's young son David goes to the barn looking for Indian Joe, the Fallam's ranchhand who was blinded in the robbery. Clay, Red and Johnny are hiding in the barn and take David and Indian Joe hostage. When Kathleen and David refuse to reveal when Murray will return, Red dunks Indian Joe's head into a water trough to force them to talk. After Clay orders Red to free Indian Joe, Johnny threatens David. Kathleen then pulls Clay aside and confides that David is really his son. When Murray arrives, Clay threatens to tell David about his true paternity unless Murray cooperates with him. Once Murray agrees to help Clay, they prepare to ride into town. As Red, Clay and Murray are about to leave, however, the sheriff's posse appears on the horizon. While Red holds Murray hostage in the barn, Clay orders Kathleen to get rid of the sheriff or Murray will be killed. Once the sheriff rides off, Clay tries to force himself on Kathleen. When Red and Murray enter the house and hear Kathleen's muffled protests, Murray punches Clay to defend his wife's honor. After Clay bests Murray, David pretends to be sick and asks to go to his room. He then sneaks out his bedroom window and climbs down a trellis. When the trellis breaks, the noise alerts Clay and Red, who then chase David to the barn. David gallops off on his horse with Clay and Red in pursuit. When his horse is spooked by a rattlesnake, David is thrown to the ground, after which Clay catches the boy and takes him back to the ranch. Red, Clay and Murray then ride to town to contact Frank, leaving Johnny behind to guard Kathleen, Indian Joe and David. While Clay hides in the alley, Murray and Red enter the saloon, the drunken Frank's favorite haunt. Seeing that Tom, one of the deputies, is there watching Frank, Murray feigns nonchalance and offers to relieve the deputy so that he can go to dinner. After Tom leaves, Murray and Red take Frank to Clay, who asks where he hid the money. When the sheriff and his deputies spot them all in the alley, Clay takes Murray hostage while Red jumps on his horse and rides off. Clay then gets into a carriage and races away, but when the carriage tips over while careening around a corner, Clay spills out and the sheriff arrests him. When Murray is arrested as an accomplice, he fails to defend himself out of fear that Clay will reveal David's true paternity. As the sheriff enters the jailhouse with his prisoners, he is greeted by Red, who then locks the sheriff, his deputies and Murray in a cell. After Doc walks into the jailhouse and frees them, they hurry to the ranch where Kathleen informs them that Red, Johnny and Clay have taken David hostage. When Murray recalls that Frank mentioned the name of an old, abandoned mine, Indian Joe, who once worked there, offers to guide them to a hidden entrance. At the mine, Frank wanders aimlessly through the tunnels, then finally admits that he gambled all the money away. As Joe sneaks into the mine through a rear tunnel, a distraught Kathleen runs through the main entrance in search of David. When Red threatens to kill David, Clay shoots him and Red returns fire. The sound of gunshots triggers a cave-in, and as the timbers begin to fall, one pins the wounded Clay to the ground. After Joe leads Kathleen and David to safety, David begs Murray to help Clay. Honoring his son's wishes, Murray enters the mine, frees Clay and carries him outside. With his dying breath, Clay tells David that he is lucky to have a father like Murray.