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Sabotage Squad

Sabotage Squad(1942)

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When gambler Eddie Miller reads about a wave of sabotage that is sweeping the country, he decides to enlist in the Army. After he is pronounced physically unfit for military service, Eddie loses his temper and is arrested for disrupting the recruitment office. Eddie's girl friend, manicurist Edith Cassell, turns to police lieutenant John Cronin for help, and Cronin arranges for Eddie's release even though he is also in love with Edith. Cronin is on the trail of the saboteurs and is looking for the owner of the Condor and Dove medal, an emblem that identifies the leader of the ring. Suspecting that Conrad's Barber Shop, the place of Edith's employment, is a front for the subversives, Cronin and his partner, Robert Fuller, place the establishment under surveillance. Dr. Carlysle Harrison, the head of the Scientific Research Institute, is seen frequenting the barbershop, further arousing their suspicions. Later, while Harrison is exiting the shop, Chuck Brown, Eddie's pickpocket friend, steals the doctor's wallet and inside, finds the Condor and Dove medal. At the institute, Harrison discovers that his wallet is missing and alerts Conrad at the barbershop. When Conrad overhears Eddie tell Edith about finding the wallet, he passes the information along to Harrison, who sends his thugs to pick up Eddie at the bookie agency where he works. The police raid the place first, however, and take Eddie to headquarters. When the officers find the medal in his possession, Eddie claims that he picked it up on the sidewalk. Believing that Eddie is trying to protect Chuck, Cronin decides to follow Chuck and Eddie, hoping that they will lead him to the wallet's owner. After informing Eddie that the medal belongs to a spy, Cronin allows Eddie to escape. Later that night, Eddie contacts Edith and Chuck and relays the information to them. Chuck affirms that he can identify the man whose wallet he stole, so Eddie tells him to watch Conrad's barbershop for him. After seeing Harrison enter the shop, Chuck goes to Eddie's hideout to alert him, but takes off when he notices the police surrounding the area. Meanwhile, Cronin and Fuller have been waiting outside the barbershop, and after noticing Chuck's exit, they enter the shop to arrest Harrison. When the police appear, Conrad immediately opens a door to a secret passage, and Harrison takes Edith hostage, shoots Fuller and escapes into the passage. Upon returning to headquarters, Harrison orders his thugs to capture Chuck and Eddie. After they are delivered to Harrison, Chuck pickpockets the doctor's gun. When the doctor is called away, Eddie pulls the gun on their guards, and steals the doctor's briefcase, which is filled with secret documents. Just as Eddie, Chuck and Edith hide in the back of a parked truck, Harrison climbs in the front, and the driver pulls away from the loading dock. When Eddie hears Harrison tell the driver that he plans to blow up an airplane factory with the truck's load of explosives, Eddie hands the briefcase to Edith and Chuck and instructs them to take it to the police. After the truck stops, Edith and Chuck climb out the back and take the briefcase to Cronin, who then orders the truck followed. As the police trail the vehicle, Eddie pulls a gun on Harrison and orders the driver out of the truck. Speeding through the countryside, Eddie deliberately crashes the vehicle, sacrificing his own life to render the cargo of explosives harmless. After Eddie is posthumously awarded a medal for his courage, Cronin pins the badge on Edith.