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Senorita from the West

Senorita from the West(1945)

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Gold miners Cap, Rosebud and Dusty hide their newfound wealth from their ward, Jeannie Blake, in fear that she might follow her mother's footsteps by moving to New York City and fall in love with a "no good city slicker." Their fears are well founded, as Jeannie is already packing for the city, hoping to earn enough as a singer to repay her guardians. Upon arriving in New York, Jeannie meets failing theatrical agent William Wylliams, who gets her a job as an elevator operator at a radio station, whose top star is singer Tim Winters. Tim's bobbysoxer fans do not know that he is merely the public front for his friend, Phil Bradley, who suffers from stage fright. Although the two quickly clash during their first meeting, Phil soon falls in love with Jeannie, despite her adolescent crush on Tim. Returning to her new apartment after a date with Phil, Jeannie is greeted by her three guardians, who have come to New York hoping to taking her home to their hand-picked suitor, Elmer. She tells them, however, that she already has a new boyfriend in Phil. Afraid that Phil is a gigolo, the gold miners continue their pretense of poverty, while working behind the scenes to land her a high-paying job singing at a nightclub. Upon meeting Jeannie, Tim offers nothing but snide contempt until Wylliams inadvertently informs him about her wealthy guardians. On her opening night, Phil informs Tim that he plans to propose to Jeannie that evening, so the fortune-hunting Tim tells the miners that Phil is only interested in their money. With the help of Tim, Phil then gets into a fight with a patron, who falsely accuses Phil of flirting with his girl friend. In the midst of the brawl, Tim sneaks away with Jeannie and convinces her that Phil had planned the fight in order to ruin her career. Despite her guardians' pleas to return home, Jeannie pledges to have a singing career, just to spite Phil. Wylliams then arranges for Jeannie to give a recital at the Radio Center, although she mistakenly credits Tim with the arrangements, rather than the miners. Before the performance, Tim proposes marriage to Jeannie, and despite her misgivings, she accepts upon Phil's arrival. Afraid that Phil will tell Jeannie about their professional partnership, Tim convinces Jeannie to elope. In order to prove himself to the miners, Phil then sings before the recital audience. Realizing their mistake, Phil and the miners rush to stop the elopement. When their taxi is stopped by a policeman, Phil steals the policeman's motorcycle and arrives at the Justice of the Peace's office just in time to stop the ceremony. The miners then show up and tell Jeannie the truth about Tim, prompting Jeannie to fall into Phil's waiting arms.