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While practicing his swing at a local golf course, gardening tools salesman Fred J. Johnson hits a hole-in-one. He decides to memorialize the achievement by writing his initials and the date on the ball, but on the next hole, hits it into a nearby drainage ditch. When he climbs down to retrieve the ball, he finds a corpse lying next to a small package. After pocketing the package, which contains printer's plates for counterfeit money, Fred overhears murderer Tony Montague talking excitedly to his wife Edna. Fred quickly hides, while Tony finds his ball and realizes that "F. J." has stolen their package. Guessing that the thief is within earshot, Tony shouts out a warning that Fred and his entire family will be killed if he goes to the police. Approaching sirens then force Tony and Edna to flee, while Fred returns home to his daughters Ginny and Carol. At their hideout, Tony and Edna are scolded by their boss, Lefty, for losing the package, which had the address of the print shop tucked inside. Fred, meanwhile, opens the package, but Tony's threat keeps him from phoning the police. The next morning, newspapers report that the corpse has been discovered. Later, while Carol goes out with banker Mark Bellaman, Fred notices that his elk's tooth charm is missing from his watch chain. Meanwhile, Ginny and her boyfriend, Lester Binkey, who are fascinated by the murder, go to the golf course, where Ginny finds the charm. Posing as an investigator, Tony obtains from the groundskeeper a list of the golfers who played the previous day. When a real investigator approaches Ginny, she runs toward the groundskeeper and asks for the location of the nearest bus stop. Tony asks Ginny her name, then realizes that she must be Fred's daughter and, claiming to be her father's friend, gives her a ride home. Later, Fred goes to a mailbox planning to mail the plates to the police anonymously, but Lefty, who has followed him, threatens Ginny's life. After Lt. Braden asks Ginny what she found at the golf course, she gives him the charm. He then questions Fred, who acts so guilty that he instructs an investigator named Sellers to follow him. That evening, Fred goes to his office, while Lester and Ginny attend a dance. Lester takes Ginny home, after which she is kidnapped by the gang. Lefty, Tony and Edna then go to Fred's office and threaten to kill Ginny unless he turns over the plates. Fred insists that Ginny be first brought safely to the office, but even after she arrives, he still refuses to turn over the plates. Furious, Tony draws his gun, while a conscience-stricken Edna rushes to the window and calls for help. After Tony shoots her in the back, Fred knocks him out with a large gardening tool, while Lefty flees into Seller's waiting arms. The next day, the newspapers hail Fred as a hero.