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Since You Went Away

Since You Went Away(1944)

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  • Drama on the Home Front

    • David H.
    • 5/3/19

    I think "Since You Went Away" is David O. Selznick's best film after "Gone With The Wind." Claudette Colbert carries the picture with an Oscar-nominated performance as the wife of a husband whose has gone off to war. Monty Woolley is also terrific as a stuffy boarder. Especially poignant are scenes of Jennifer Jones and Robert Walker together even though their real-life marriage was ending. Joseph Cotten appears as a family friend and his relationship with Colbert's character would likely be more explicit if it were filmed today. Look for some movie history humor when Cotten displays a poster he painted of Colbert.

  • Christmas Favorite

    • Angie
    • 12/20/18

    I found this film on Christmas morning while the family was enjoying the aftermath of present-opening. An excellent snapshot of what life might have been like for a wife and mother on the homefront (and certainly doing some of Hollywood's war work along the way). I look for it on TCM every Christmas while I set the DVR to record the family's favorites for watching more than once during the Christmas season. Maybe Christmas morning could be Monty Woolley morning: The Man Who Came to Dinner, The Bishop's Wife, and this wonderful film.

  • One of the best love stores of all time.

    • Jake
    • 12/13/18

    The first time I watched the film it was on a local PBS station in Oklahoma. This was probably around 1975. I was in college. It was Christmas time and my cousin and I were in a back room of the house all day watching all of Victory at Sea which was an NBC TV series of films about WWII made in the 1950's. This preceded Since You Went Away on the local PBS station. We loved the Victory at Sea series which made us appreciate our father's sacrifice and greatness because it gave insight to their activities during the war. Following the Victory at Sea series Since You Went Away was shown and it gave insight to the sacrifice that our women went through during the war. The young girls became women as they tended to the wounded (both physical and mental) in local hospitals. Some learned how to weld and worked in war factories. This experience was wonderful and left both of us weeping with love and appreciation for those who fought in world war II, both at home and on the battlefield. The love shown at home was so heart warming. Love for husbands, sons, and daughters. Love for wives and love of country. Love and dedication to all who were considered part of the family including housekeepers.This gave insight to those who were part of the greatness that is America.

  • Could have been shorter

    • Sandymc44
    • 12/22/17

    With such a great cast, I was expecting a bit more in the way of plot. The early part of the story seemed a bit dragged out; they could have cut several incidental characters like Brig's friend Gladys. Although the last half is pretty good, I suggest you save your money and buy Mrs. Miniver or The Best Years of Our Lives instead.

  • So sad...!

    • Alice
    • 9/6/17

    So sad I did not catch this film from the beginning. It looks wonderful and the ratings given by the viewers were all so positive'. Would you please air this wonderful film classic again really soon? Thank you so much.

  • Great Film

    • Larry Huey
    • 12/26/15

    Probably my favorite film of all time. It's a shame it isn't readily available on DVD/Blu-ray.

  • Excellent movie

    • el debbo
    • 10/27/15

    This film showed the tremendous strength and courage of (mostly) women on the home front. While I watched it for the first time, a generation of my relatives appeared in my mind. All these people I once knew who went through Missing-in-Action telegrams and all the rest. My parents, grandparents, their siblings and cousins were all around me. It's a great movie. We follow a family of 3 strong women, plus their wonderful housekeeper Fidelia (Hattie McDaniel), through part of The Duration. All the actors are fantastic, from Joseph Cotten to Claudette Colbert to Robert Walker, and all others. We get a glimpse of Jane Devlin as Brig's "pssst" friend Gladys, and that's the one only time we'll see her in movies. What a wonderful face! And this was my first introduction to Guy Madison, in what was a small, but probably his best, role... as a sailor at the bowling lanes. He was in the Navy at this time in real life and he later married the tragic Gail Russell. What a handsome man! Besides a stellar storyline, the photography by Lee Garmes and Stanley Cortez is fantastic. So many memorable scenes, like Robert Walker and Jennifer Jones walking up a hillside hayfield singing "Clementine". Lost Americana.

  • A Must See WWII Homefront Depiction

    • Bob
    • 6/1/15

    If you want an idealized feel for America at war on the home front, this is it. Colbert is her usual stellar self as the mother who keeps the family together. In fact, the movie is mediocre without her presence. But I watch it whenever it is on because of her (Do I have a decades old crush? Yes.) Only Bette Davis' "Now Voyager" is ahead of this movie for repetitive viewing on my part. We need more viewers to express "likes" of this film. It should be shown often.

  • Since You Went Away

    • Mary R
    • 10/18/14

    Have been trying to obtain a DVD of this film for some time.It appears occasionally on TCM--so must be available in some format. Why isn't this classic available for sale?It is a great picture of life at home during WW II--nothing "heroic"--just day to day life with little sacrifices and big worries.The women of that time were also the "Greatest Geeneration".

  • Best Movie of All Time

    • Sue
    • 12/15/13

    I have been watching Since You Went Away since I was a kid over 50 years now....I have probably seen it well over 50's fabulous... A real tear jerker from the first scene. The acting is great...the background music is even better...A Christmas favorite scene is at the train station. No better way to spend 3 hours...

  • Surprised

    • Jon Hedges
    • 4/13/13

    Outstanding surprise. Found the movie as I was clicking through. One of the best movies of all time. Acting superb---doesn't seem like acting at all--- real people and the unbelievable but true situations they would encounter during WW II. Should be must viewing or reading for all high school students.

  • Emma Lazarus!

    • RedRain
    • 4/11/13

    I've seen this film more times than I can count now but I will view it each time it is on TCM, exclusively to see and hear Nazimova recite the stirring words from Emma Lazarus that are on the Statue of Liberty. Each time, I see in my mind's eye my great-grandparents coming here from France and from Poland, "yearning to be free." I know this film is pure war time propaganda but there is nothing about those words that is propaganda. To me, they are real and so moving when recited by Nazimova. I can forgive everything else about this film because of that one scene!

  • since you went away

    • scarlett tremaine
    • 1/29/13


  • First rate film

    • John
    • 10/13/12

    "Since You Went Away" is an all time favorite. The acting is superb by all performers and the film captures the World War II American home front era perfectly. A pleasure to view over and over.

  • One of the best of the best

    • Anny Robinson
    • 6/5/12

    I adore this movie. All the actors are my favorites, that is a plus. The story does not ever get "old" I have seen this movie so many times, I can say the lines with the actors. Beautiful story, good dialog and beautiful black and white photography. The movie holds its own with Mrs. Miniver - The Five Sullivans and others of that genre. Movies like these are not made anymore. No one writes like that anymore. Do not miss viewing this movie.

  • What a great movie

    • James Fritzsching
    • 12/23/11

    Watching this movie yesterday with my wife turned it into a 4 hour movie (thanks to DVR's and pausing for refill breaks) just made us feel so good. Claudette Colbert is great in this film as are the other actors. This movie has become one our must see's during the holidays past, present and into the future. Thanks TCM for showing it again this year!

  • Since You Went Away (1944)

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 12/19/11

    What can I say, except that the beautiful and talented Claudette Colbert holds this film together just as her character holds together her family during the family-rending crisis that was World War II. It's nearly three-hours-long running time could have stood some trimming, but it is engrossing enough that you don't think the movie is anywhere near as long as it is. Watching this along with the superb "So Proudly We Hail" one gets a taste of life during that time from both ends of the war -- the front lines and the homefront.

  • since you went away

    • steve myers
    • 12/18/11

    one of my all time favorite movies.i watched again today such a heart warming movie and it makes you really enjoy it at this close to christmas. mr.cotten is from petersburg va an hour away from here.he is one of my favorite actors from back in them days.thanks again tcm for showing this masterpiece.and merry christmas to everyone.

  • Not an accurate depiction....

    • R A Allen
    • 12/18/11

    This movie is okay...but, it's not a true portrayal of middle income soldiers' families, during WW11.My widowed grandma had 5 sons in the service, from 1942 to 1947...Grandma, & her daughters-in-law did not a live-in cook, but, did take in boaders for extra income.And, NEVER!, would any of my aunts have gone out with an old boyfriend, while their husbands were gone.....There was a name for two-timing women like Claudette portrayed.....I realize that this is Hollywood's sugar coated version of life during the 40's &, like so much that Hollywood puts out, it is very inaccurate of average America....

  • Great tearjerking,heartwarming film

    • Sinceitcamealong
    • 12/7/11

    Great performances,what a friend to have in Joe Cotten

  • while you were away

    • Elaine
    • 8/14/11

    I LOVE this movie, I have watched it many times, it only gets better, I cry , am happy,sad, all the emotions come into well acted by everyone, Joeseph Cotton is fabulous, as is everyone, Jennifer Jones has never been a favorite of mine, she is the only down fall of the movie, she always seemed so fake to me..but overall it is a 5 star, one of my "have to's" at christmas time:)

  • Since You Went Away

    • John Rector
    • 6/1/11

    Though Claudette Colbert is the heart and soul of the film, Joseph Cotten is truly at his finest in this film. I've never been a fan of this actor, but his singlular performance in this film has won me over. He rates a film legend. Another mainstay in this film is Monty Woolley. His portrayal of the gruff old Colonel and his transition to a loveable kind grandfather is wonderful. As a child of parents who met at a USO dance and suffered the same rigors of separation during WWII, the film gave me a wonderful insight into my parents lives during the war and the character of the nation at the time. It's a 5 star film. I can't believe it took me so long to see it. Thanks TCM!

  • I cried all night

    • Monica
    • 5/31/11

    I still am moved the morning after viewing this movie. I have no idea how audiences could not be in the theater sobing. It is hard to believe the war is going on and soldiers and their girls and wives are watching this together. I was by my self and I cried all night. The "movies" make things more spectacular or flashy but I believe the war years was not too different than this movie.

  • Since You Went Away--

    • janet grayson
    • 4/13/11

    Very moving still after so many decades. It captures the strength and honor of the times when this movie was made. Claudette Colbert and Joseph Cotton always give first-rate performances.

  • Since You Went Away

    • Patricia
    • 4/13/11

    One of THE most enjoyable movies. I give it 5 stars.

  • Since You Went Away

    • Mobile
    • 2/16/11

    This movie should be viewed on the patriotic holidays of our nation, not only Christmas time. The screenplay presents almost a cinema verite treatment of those incredible days of countless acts of sacrifice, from small to the ultimate, all vital. My parents were of that generation as my father served in the European front with Gen. Patton.

  • spoof

    • bill
    • 2/11/11

    this movie was spoofed in "AIRPLANE",the plane departure is just like the train station scene.

  • Doesn't hold up well with repeat viewings

    • Jarrod McDonald
    • 11/8/10

    I bought a copy of the film a few years ago. I have loaned it to friends and raved about it. But after having not seen it for over a year, I watched it yesterday. And a lot of it doesn't retain the same luster for me. First, I think the dialogue sounds too much like a radio program, with too many characters thrown in and an inflated, overblown story to give it an 'epic' feel. In many ways, it is just a kitchen sink drama that David Selznick has exaggerated. Also, the younger actors just aren't convincing (Jennifer Jones, pre-Bernadette; and Guy Madison in the bowling alley sequence). Shirley Temple is fine and Robert Walker has that magical quality, plus a truly skinny waistline. I think Claudette and Joe Cotten's story is hampered by the production code (they cannot even kiss!). Agnes and Hattie are great, despite reduced screen time. Monty Woolley is actually very good, turning in one of his more dramatic performances. Another problem I have with the construction of this film, though, is that it tries too hard to be an American 'Mrs. Miniver.' And the soundtrack has so much over-dubbing on it, that again, it seems more like a radio program than a motion picture.

  • Excelente

    • Soniad
    • 11/5/10

    muito bom este filme que mostra como as famlias ficavam de certa maneira desamparadas e fragilizadas quando os maridos iam para a guerra. Um elenco de primeira qualidade. Muito comovente o filme e os dramas que os personagens passam.

  • Outstanding Movie

    • Carl S
    • 5/1/10

    Made during WW II this is a wonderful and heartwarming movie about the families left behind on the homefront. Spectacular cast headed by Claudette Colbert and Jennifer Jones. Besides the sacrifices people made there are great scenes where extras and passerbys make comments about small insignificant trivial things against the backdrop of the realities of war and the drama in peoples lives. There are numerous heartbreaking scenes such as the 2 young lovers in the train station, but one which I find so heartbreaking it always makes me cry is when the family is at the movies and the newsreel shows a celebration of soldiers coming home Mr. Mahoney whos only son was just killed walks out during the newsreel. The look of sadness on his face will break your heart. This was one of the great movies of the 40's.


    • Glen Distefano
    • 2/4/09

    This has been my favorite film ever since I first saw it on Million Dollar Movie in January, 1958.

  • Timeless classic

    • gina
    • 11/11/08

    Since You Went Away is the ultimate home-front war movie of all time. Painful, joyful, and very very real. A classic

  • The four most important words...

    • Ann Brown
    • 5/11/08

    ...since "Gone With the Wind!" is the way David O. Selznick advertised this film which imortalizes the WWII home front just as GWTW imortalized the southern home front of the Civil War. A wonderful cast, and melodramatic story give Claudette Colbert the chance to be a classy wife and mother. Get out your Kleenex, the tears will flow, especially during the last five minutes, but, don't worry, Selznick comes through in the end.

  • I was impressed.

    • Peter
    • 2/20/08

    I never heard of this movie before and stumbled across it in the middle of the night on TCM. I saw about the last 60% of the movie and it really impressed me. A very well done movie, acted very well and is quite moving when you realize what some families may have gone through during WWII. I will probably buy this movie so I can share it with my family. It is a true classic.

  • one of top ten faves of all times !!!!

    • callan
    • 2/12/08

    teen actress Shirley Temple is phenomenal !! The story leaves you wanting to know what happens to the characters long after the movie ends. This is a movie for all ages 10 and up and is certain to become a favorite after seeing it.

  • Best Movie Ever Created

    • Joe Kuehl
    • 2/6/08

    Its my favorite movie of all time. I watch it every Christmas Eve with my family. I have a book that was published specifically for the movie. It is signed by Shirley Temple. She signed it at the premiere of the movie. (Authentic Autograph) I recommend this movie to everyone.

  • Beautiful family, dealing with a just War

    • Bill Johnson
    • 12/26/07

    Right up there with 'Gone with the Wind'. Even more relevent to the audience at a time when heroes were badly needed. They are personafied in the day to day workings of a normal family as the screenplay so accurately conveys. A great classic. Thank you TCM.

  • Beautiful family, dealing with a just War

    • Bill Johnson
    • 12/26/07

    Right up there with 'Gone with the Wind'. Even more relevent to the audience at a time when heroes were badly needed. They are personafied in the day to day workings of a normal family as the screenplay so acurately conveys. A great classic. Thank you TCM.

  • Love It

    • Jay Lawrence
    • 12/9/07

    Heart warmning and a great story.

  • Best Movie Ever Created

    • Joe
    • 11/5/07

    Its my favorite movie of all time. I watch it every Christmas Eve with my family. I have a book that was published specifically for the movie. It is signed by Shirley Temple. She signed it at the premiere of the movie. (Authentic Autograph) I recommend this movie to everyone.

  • My all-time favorite movie!

    • Debbie
    • 9/28/07

    This is a wonderful movie, from start to finish! The story line brings WWII right into your life. It is a movie that should be seen by everyone. War is hard on everyone and everyone has a part in it. Soldiers serve in other lands, but civilians serve the war at home. The movie made me cry and showed me what WWII was like here in America. I love this movie. The acting was great! All of my faves are in it! Even Soda, the dog, was great!

  • The way movies should be made!

    • Patricia Miller
    • 4/11/07

    As always, Claudette Colbert can do no wrong! A Class Act from start to finish. The entire cast steps up to the plate.

  • Wonderful Movie!!!

    • Genie
    • 2/18/07

    This is the first time I ever saw this movie, and it will surely be added to my list of favorites. The casting was excellent, as well as the acting. Some of the scenes were very touching. Hope to see this shown again in the future.

  • A Great Movie!!!!!!!

    • Julie
    • 2/14/07

    I have just finished watching this movie,and I thought it was the best I've ever seen!My sister and I watch old movies with our grandmother. And all three of us thought this movie was very touching. I cried at a lot of the parts,to me that means the acting was very good. If you have never seen this film please do!!!!!!!!! TCM, please put more great clasic movies on; we love them!!!1

  • The Best Movie Ever!

    • Janis
    • 2/8/07

    This is one of my favorite movies. The cast was just wonderful! I think everyone who watches this identifies with Jennifer Jones's love for Robert Walker, because he is such a sweet boy. You also feel sorry about his relationship with his grandfather. I also love the relationship the girls have with their mother. This movie is the best and one everyone should see!!!


    • Ken Stern
    • 1/28/07

    A truly wonderful movie that values dialogue and situation over special effects. Though a few moments may seem dated, overall a classic of its genre, with stunning performances by a great cast.


    • 8/7/06


  • A Great But Uneven Film

    • tommy hines
    • 8/2/06

    This film has so many moving sequences and it is one of the best to present a picture of the war years in America. Colbert and Cotton are wonderful, but the young people (Temple, Jones, and Walker) are a bit too sweet to convey reality (at least what movie-goers today would consider reality) at times. I don't mind the episodic nature of the movie some editing could have made it an even better film. Still a classic!

  • An absolutely wonderful movie!!!

    • Angel Crawford
    • 1/18/06

    I was completely enthralled by the family and circumstances they lived...timeless...

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