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Sis Hopkins

Sis Hopkins(1941)

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When millionaire Horace Hopkins retires from his plumbing business, his niece Sis, a naïve but good-hearted hillbilly, misinterprets his situation and believes that he has been left jobless and broke. She invites him to live on her farm, and Horace, exasperated with his social-climbing wife Clara and snobbish daughter Carol, decides to visit her. When Horace arrives at Sis's farm, however, a fire has destroyed all that she owns. Wishing to repay her kindness, and also shake up his family, Horace brings Sis with him to the big city, where her country dress and manners horrify Clara and Carol. Clara insists that Horace get Sis out of the house, and Horace accedes, although his intention to send Sis to college with Carol infuriates Carol. At the university, Carol's friends tease her about her hillbilly cousin, and Carol worries that her plan to ensnare socially prominent Jeff Farnsworth in a romance will be jeopardized. Sis has two allies, however, in drama professor Colonna and Jeff, who are both very impressed with her singing talent. Jeff, who directs the school's yearly musical revue, gives Sis a big role in the show, and Carol's part is cut. Completely enraged, Carol plots her revenge. With the aid of her snooty friends, Carol convinces Sis to join her sorority but adds that as part of the initiation rites, she must sing in a burlesque theater. While Sis is singing, Carol arranges for her dress to fall off. Carol has also called the police, who are about to arrest Sis for disrobing. While Sis is escaping with the help of Colonna, burlesque queen Vera de Vere eludes the police by climbing through a window into the hotel room of Horace and Clara, who have come to help Carol regain her part in the school play. Desperate to keep Clara from seeing Vera, Horace hides her in a closet until she can sneak off. Unfortunately for Horace, Vera leaves wearing Clara's mink coat, which Clara then assumes has been stolen. When Vera later gives the coat to Sis to return to Horace, Sis is accused of stealing the coat and is arrested. Rather than reveal her uncle's innocent involvement with Vera, Sis allows herself to be thought a thief and strip-tease dancer, for which she is expelled from college. The other students are appalled, as they did not know that Carol was going to call the police during Sis's "initiation." They appeal to the dean to reverse his decision, but he stands firm and Sis, unaware of the students' support, leaves the college. When Horace learns of her predicament, however, he apprises the dean of the true situation, and Professor Colonna dashes off to the train station to find Sis. She arrives back at the school in time to participate in the show's finale, and her enthusiastic performance convinces an influential theatrical producer to take the show to Broadway.