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Sitting on the Moon

Sitting on the Moon(1936)

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Songwriter Danny West arrives at Regent Pictures after a wild night on the town and finds his partner, lyric writer Mike Rooney, frantic because the director, Tucker, is demanding the song they promised to have ready that day. Danny calms both Tucker and Mike, then watches as Tucker supervises chorus auditions. Among the hopefuls are former star Polly Blair, who has not worked since she walked out on Tucker in a fit of temperment, and her roommate, Mattie. Danny is captivated by Polly and, after telling her that she gave him his first break by singing one of his songs, invites her and Mattie to dinner. During dinner, Danny becomes inspired by Polly and writes a new song for her. The next day, Danny arranges for Polly to sing the new song with the orchestra of his friend, Charlie Lane, and sends out fake invitations from a Hollywood reporter to major producers. The producers assemble at the club, and all seems well until they recognize Polly and storm out. Polly sings anyway, and her lovely voice persuades radio magnate Worthington to hire her. Unfortunately, after Polly leaves before Worthington can talk to her, Charlie convinces him that he has Polly on an exclusive contract and in order to hire her, he has to hire Charlie's orchestra. Shortly after, Danny and Mike are awaiting the arrival of Polly and Mattie to begin a celebration of Danny and Polly's engagement when the boys receive word that they have been fired by the studio for helping Polly. They resolve to keep their dismissal a secret until after the party, during which Polly tells Danny that she turned down the job offer with Charlie's orchestra in order to remain with him. As she is declaring her love for him, however, lovely Blossom Dawn arrives and tells Danny that she and he were married while on a drunk the night before he met Polly. Polly is crushed and runs away to New York, where she becomes a big success singing on the radio. Meanwhile, Danny's finances become strained by lack of work and the maintenance payments he is forced to make to Blossom. One afternoon, Mike calls him from New York to tell him about Charlie's crooked treatment of Polly, who is receiving only one hundred dollars per week to Charlie's $3,500. After Danny arrives in New York, he soon has Charlie promising to square things with Polly. Mike and Mattie then tell Polly about Danny's actions, and also about the sad state he is currently in. She goes to his hotel and asks him to write another song for her, which she then performs on her radio show, despite the objections of Charlie and Worthington. The song is a hit, and after Danny finds out that Blossom has been arrested for running a marriage and blackmailing racket, Danny and Polly tell Worthington to make out a new contract for Mr. and Mrs. West.