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  • Skidoo, Skidoo, The only that a man can do..

    • Michael
    • 11/11/08

    This is a movie I seen at a midnight showing in Sacramento, California in the late 80s. It was a new print from Paramount pictures vaults for its 20th anniversary.I wish that they would show it again on TCM. This is what the late 1960s were about. It reminded me alot of the movie, Head with the Monkees.

  • skidoo

    • hill holbrook
    • 7/18/08

    caught the last twenty minutes the other night would sure like the whole film dvd or vcr. think this would be a best seller today for pure fun (rather that in 1968 hill

  • Oh Otto,Otto...

    • steve
    • 7/13/08

    I'm laughing harder at the SKIDOO respondents than at the movie itself - especially the poster who "wretched' at the 'trite'...did they mean 'retched' at the 'tripe'? What's disappointing about SKIDOO is that it's not a bright idea to begin with(the Mafia representing the Establishment,yawn,not much track there to fall off)and really not quite as wild as a bad-movie lover might hope.Still there are glimmers of what might have been,like the garbage can ballet.Gleason remains a pro,Channing is Channing(she seems to enjoy ANYTHING she ever does),Austin Pendleton should have been cast in more films, and I finally got to laugh at Groucho right after the end credits - that long-shot of him and Austin yowling the title song in harmony like a couple of sick cats.Once upon a time these two might have played Max and Leo in THE PRODUCERS!I'm also grateful for any glimpse of Doro Merande. A shame there are few if any intentional or accidental laugh lines.Say,if you really want see some truly wretchworthy trite,there's THE LOVE-INS,which aired right after SKIDOO. Painful.Me,I prefer a higher-budget disaster, so I mean to see it just once more before I die - in widescreen, I hope.That's once more than I'd care to see TORCH SONG.

  • What a funny film!

    • Robert McDowell
    • 7/12/08

    I had not seen this film in years.Carol Channing was 45 years old and boy what a looker.Gleason was great! You know they had fun making this film.People here still talk about the "big yellow airbag" over the city.This was Groucho last film at age 78.He would live only 9 more years.The dye job on his hair was funny and the girl that helped hin was a knock-out.

  • Pathetic and Vile

    • J Bermiller
    • 7/12/08

    This is a full scale tragedy of comedians who had lost touch with the culture of the day long before this trash heap got made. The lines are dry, the "acting" atrocious and the depiction of 60's hippie/flower culture inaccurate and patronizing. I wretched when I saw this trite. You would think that with a lineup of what were heretofore known as "quick" and "witty" comedians that the filmmakers could come up with better scenes than an aged Groucho Marx sexually assaulting a twenty-something, or a wet (literally) Gleason hallucinating prison-garbed Mickey Rooneys holding bags of cash. Utterly decrepit. PLEASE do not air this again and DO NOT release it on video. This pile of manure doesn't even have the kitch of Plan 9 to propel it into cult status. Anyone wasting their life energy watching this excuse for a film should be fined for voluntarily avoiding better pursuits, like watching grass grow or urinating into the wind.

  • Very Sad Comedy

    • JPDellova
    • 5/1/08

    I saw this terrible film around 2 or 3 a.m. and only stayed up because I wanted to see Groucho Marx in what I thought must have been his last movie. It was. He should have stopped with whatever came before it. The story was so contrived and unconvincing right from the start that if it hadn't been for sheer curiosity I'd have turned it off after about 7 minutes. Amazingly all the actors seem to have been giving it a real effort but the dialogue and situations were well beyond lame. The entire sequence of Groucho as super top gangster, "God", is beyond pathetic. Even worse is Frankie Avalon pointing to a tier of gangsters trying to explain it all. Yeah, right. This is one movie that ought to be burned for it's own good.


    • Patrick H.
    • 3/23/08

    Our local rock radio station used to havea midnight movies that showed live musicmovies,Flash Gordon, and other obscure comedies including SKIDOO. We would smokelots of weed and laugh our asses off,,,I HIGHLY reccomend this movie whether youget loaded or not.Jackie Gleason on LSD, give me a break!!!Groucho Marx' last screen performance.

  • Has to be seen to be believed.

    • Craig Gustafson
    • 1/10/08

    The first thing to note is Jackie Gleason's performance. Even in a train wreck like this, he does a great job.This film is so much more fun than "Candy", which is embarrassing, or "Myra Breckenridge", which I couldn't even finish.This is right up there with "Up Your Teddy Bear" as a total jawdropper that you can't look away from.

  • A profoundly wacko mess...

    • Michael
    • 1/7/08

    Skidoo is an absolute must-see for all lovers of truly terrible cinema. The embarrassment I felt for the performers was overridden by the sheer train-wreck spectacle of this masterpiece of cynical insanity. I agree with the reviewer who said that this was a film of moments; there are so many moments in which the overall work transcended the simple label of 'weird' that there simply is not enough page-space on the entire internet to list them all. Carol Channing's striptease and singing of the theme song are as disturbing as Dean Stockwell's performance in Blue Velvet, and presented images that will last a lifetime, no matter how hard I try to make those images go away. This film is so epic in its awfulness, it screams to be released on dvd, with all possible extras included. Vote now, vote often, and bask in its epic, degenerate splendor. Skidoo!

  • Cool & Campy Cult Film

    • Bruce R
    • 1/7/08

    I had never heard of this film until I saw that it was going to be shown on TCM Underground. I saw it for the first time late Friday night 1/4/08. It was way dated with its depiction of hippies, LSD and 60's counterculture but still gave me a few laughs.With its blend of stars from various eras and film genres (many of them playing against type), director Otto Preminger (usually known for dramatic films), photography and film editing this has to be one of the more unusual films I have seen.It is one of those films where you're just supposed to watch and take it for what it is - a mix of laughs, mediocre acting, incomprehensible plot and total insanity.If you are a cult film fan please see this film. I videotaped it because I don't know when TCM will show it again.I am also voting for it to be put on DVD.

  • A must-see

    • pljewkes
    • 1/6/08

    A must see for all enthusiasts of far out movies...Otto Preminger's legendary crackpot bomb of a movie. Yes, it's dismal, but also a real curiosity. Jackie Gleason comes off bored by the shenanegans around him and the supporting cast is just plain wacky: Carol Channing, Frankie Avalon, Arnold Stang, etc. Groucho appears fleetingly and appears to improvising. This could have easily been called "It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World."

  • Disaster movie without a disaster

    • il professore
    • 1/6/08

    Surely one of the most embarrassingly unfunny films ever made on a big budget. Lenny Bruce once said there was nothing as a pathetic as a middle-aged hippy; well, you can top that with an old Viennese director (Preminger then 62 years old) trying to be hip. Add to the total stupidity of the plot, the unfunny jokes that fell flat even in 1968, the over-acting, the film is atrociously shot and lit by the great Leon Shamroy, eighteen times nominated for an Oscar for his cinematography. He and Preminger must have been on LSD all through the shoot. Nothing else can account for the tastelessness and sheer ugliness of this disaster. Is it possible to rate something minus one?

  • Time Capsule In a Garbage Can

    • Dextro
    • 1/5/08

    This acid romp is a long way from Preminger's THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM. Like MYRA BRECKINRIDGE, it's a botched attempt by a major studio to satire the 60s counterculture. There's no point giving a plot synopsis since that would imply the film has a story worth following. SKIDOO is all about moments, mostly musical: the complete credits (including copywright) are sung, Jackie Gleason trips in jail while watching "The Garbage Can Ballet", Carol Channing sings the title tune, Groucho smokes a joint, etc. It's very sad to see the elderly and bewildered Marx brother trying to follow the script by speaking his lines of witless dialogue and then mouth along with the actress who responds. SKIDOO remains a fascinating curio, but will only appeal to those who love really bad movies or completists of the various people involved. Harry Nilsson wrote the soundtrack and I still have the album on vinyl. Guess you can count me in with the fans of really bad movies.

  • Groovy unforgettable mess

    • Jonthes
    • 1/5/08

    Disappointing that TCM could only dig up a pan and scan video level print. Otto Preminger drops acid metaphorically on screen, and makes a huge mess with Groucho Marx, Carol Channing, Jackie Gleason tripping in jail...the most cynical film I've ever seen. But when Channing (after trying to seduce Frankie Avalon in a mustache and smoking jacket), dresses up as George Washington and climbs up on a pirate ship and sings Harry Nilsson's title song (at one point shaking herself and her voice just to do something) it transcends into something unforgettable. It has the worst acting you will ever see, neither real or camp just unspeakably bad. Ed Wood is Welles compared to Preminger here. Marx is the only one you feel sorry for. He plays the Godfather. And tries.

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