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Spy Chasers

Spy Chasers(1955)

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In the Bowery section of New York, Horace Debussy "Sach" Jones mistakenly assumes that a pretty girl is following him into Louie Dumbrowski's sweet shop. Sach's buddies, Terence Aloysius "Slip" Mahoney, Chuck and Butch mock Sach's notion, and the young woman reveals that she is Princess Ann from the tiny European country of Truania. Louie is delighted, as he is from Truania and his brother Felix still lives there. Ann informs Louie that Felix is the most loyal general of her father, King Rako, and is heading an underground movement to restore Rako to the throne. Rako, who was ousted by revolutionaries, is currently hiding in New York, and requires Louie's help. After Ann leaves, two thugs enter the shop and threaten the boys about becoming involved with Ann. Louie and the boys then go to the Truania consulate and there meet Col. Alex Baxis, Rako's aide, and Lady Zelda, Ann's lady-in-waiting. Rako explains that he has one half of a coin, the other half of which is in Felix's possession, and that Felix will send his half as a sign that it is safe for Rako to return to Truania. Needing a place to hide the coin, Rako gives it to Louie and tells him that Felix will send a courier with the other half at the appropriate time. Louie gravely accepts the responsibility, and back at the shop, he and Slip hide the half coin in a display candy bar made out of wood. While Louie is out, however, the bumbling Sach accidentally gives the candy bar to a temperamental little girl. Unknown to Rako and Ann, Baxis and Zelda are the leaders of the rebels trying to take over Truania, and while the boys are out looking for the girl, they send their henchmen, George and Boris, to search for the coin. Upon the boys's return, they are surprised to find that the shop is a mess but are glad when Sach arrives with the girl. Bribed by Louie with an ice cream cone, the girl returns the coin, although the transaction is witnessed by the lurking George and Boris. Zelda secretly invites Sach to the consulate and there, hypnotizes him and instructs him to give the coin to George and Boris in the early morning hours. At 4:00 a.m., Sach, still in a trance, hits Slip over the head with a frying pan, gets the coin and passes it to the henchmen, who make a wax impression of it. They return the coin and leave, but Slip, regaining consciousness, sees them and recognizes them as the thugs who had threatened them just after they met Ann. Several hours later, Slip and Sach, who is no longer in a trance, report to Rako. Slip is suspicious of Baxis and Zelda, and follows Baxis while Sach follows Zelda. Slip watches as Baxis meets George and Boris at a restaurant owned by their cohort, Nick, and realizes that Baxis is somehow betraying the king. Inside, Baxis tells his men that the wax impression has been turned into a fake coin, with which they will lure the king back to Truania before Felix is ready. The rebels will then be able to arrest and kill Rako. Soon after, Ann walks in as Zelda is making a short wave radio call to her cohorts about their scheme, and Baxis kidnaps her to keep her quiet. Slip is unaware of the events, however, and when Baxis' fake courier arrives with the phony coin, the boys relay his message that Rako is to return to Truania immediately. The distraught king protests that he cannot leave without his daughter, but Baxis assures him that he will find her. Suspecting that Ann is being held at Nick's, Slip and Sach rush to the restaurant and succeed in freeing the princess. When they take Ann to Louie's shop, they find that Chuck and Butch have tied up another courier, but this one, Ann's cousin Michael, is the real one. Michael explains that Rako is not to return for 10 days, at which time Felix will be able to guarantee his safety. Slip and the others race to the consulate, where Rako is preparing to leave. Slip informs him that Baxis and Zelda are traitors, which Ann confirms. Michael levels a pistol at Baxis to prevent him from escaping, but Zelda hypnotizes Sach into knocking away the gun, and a huge brawl ensues. Although Zelda periodically hypnotizes Sach into helping Baxis, Slip and his pals prevail, and Zelda and Baxis are arrested. Later, at a celebratory dinner hosted by Louie, Rako gives medals to his friends to thank them. Fond of Sach's good humor, the king bestows upon him Truania's highest honor, and the suddenly overbearing Sach barks orders at his friends until they begin pelting him with food.