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The Sultan's Daughter

The Sultan's Daughter(1944)

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In the kingdom of Araban, the Sultan introduces his daughter, princess Patra, to Baron Ludwig and Rata Ben-Ali, expecting that she will lease them oil land bequeathed to her by her mother. Patra, however, plans to lease only to Americans and tells Irene, her American lady-in-waiting and tutor, that her father also wants her to marry the Grand Vizier Kuda, but that she has no intention of doing so. Tim and Jimmy, American vaudevillians stranded in Araban, meet Patra and Irene in a bazaar, while they are being chased by the police. The two are then invited to hide in the Seven Veils Café, which is operated by Ludwig, who orders Rata to persuade Tim and Jimmy to have Patra sign over the oil rights to them and deliver the documents to Ludwig, in exchange for a twenty per cent commission and passage to America. Jimmy does not want to do it, but changes his mind when Rata threatens to turn them over to the police and have them beheaded. Later, after the Sultan welcomes Jimmy and Tim to the palace, they begin negotiations with the princess, who agrees to consider their offer, which her father urges her to accept. Patra and Jimmy become romantically involved, while Irene chases after Tim. After Tim inadvertently tells the Sultan that Rata is involved in the deal, the Sultan tells them that Rata is working against the interests of his country. The Sultan has his guards take Jimmy and Tim into custody, but Kuda starts a coup and arrests the sultan. Jimmy and Tim try to escape and Parta hides them while they are disguised as harem girls, but they are later trapped in the palace's dungeon. Kuda tells Patra that Jimmy and Tim have conspired with Ludwig and Rata and have spirited her father away. Initially, Patra refuses to free Jimmy and Tim, but finally realizes that Kuda is behind all the treachery. Kuda informs Patra that their wedding will take place immediately, but she arranges for a veiled Irene to impersonate her at the ceremony while she helps Jimmy and Tim escape. They then head for the café where Kuda is holding Patra's father prisoner. Ludwig explains to the Sultan that after Kuda marries the princess and becomes sultan, he and Rata will gain control of the oil lands. Jimmy, Tim and Patra arrive and free the Sultan after a brawl with Ludwig, Rata and their henchmen. They then rush back to the palace in time to prevent Irene's marriage to Kuda. After the Sultan regains his kingdom, Patra looks forward to spending her days with Jimmy, while Irene embraces Tim.