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Teenage Zombies

Teenage Zombies(1960)

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Teenage Zombies Teenagers Reg, Skip, Julie and... MORE > $5.95
Regularly $6.98
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Teenagers Regg and Skip are waterskiing with their girl friends, Julie and Pam, when they find a mysterious island miles from the mainland. Pulling their boat ashore, the group discovers an old mansion deep in woods where several men and women walk in a drug-induced state. Suddenly a woman clad in a dark gown, Dr. Myra, orders one of her zombies to capture the teenagers. Fleeing from the zombies, Regg, Skip, Julie and Pam race back to the shore only to find their boat has disappeared. After hours of searching in vain for the boat, Regg and Skip return to the house to ask for help. There, Dr. Myra, who needs more human subjects for her secret experiments to build a slave race for an Eastern foreign power, orders her zombie goon Ivan to capture Regg and Skip and jail them in a basement cell, where Pam and Julie are already being held. Meanwhile, the teenagers' friend Morrie, with whom they planned to meet later that afternoon, grows concerned when his friends are hours late. Morrie reports the incident to the sheriff, who orders a search and rescue mission, but warns Morrie and his gir friend Dot that it is unlikely they will find their friends, insinuating that they have drowned. When the police return home empty-handed, Morrie and Dot begin their own search. Upon finding the island, Morrie and Dot ask Dr. Myra about their friends, but the doctor claims that she has not seen them because no one ever visits her there. Myra's strange demeanor unsettles Morrie and Dot, who hastily leave, but not before spotting two men, Eastern secret agents, visiting the island. Later at the mansion, the agents tell Myra she has only six weeks to deliver a large quantity of the nerve gas that turns people into zombies. The agents warn her that the FBI has detected their operation and the foreign power will be forced to use hydrogen bombs if she fails to meet the new deadline. Myra explains that the initial formula was so strong that it killed her human subjects. Her new version can be mixed with water or gas to spread its effect quickly but there is an antidote, which defeats its purpose to control permanently an entire nation's population. Myra then tests the formula by gassing an aggressive gorilla, who becomes instantly complacent. Meanwhile, U.S. Army major Coleman reports to Col. Adams about the murder of an FBI agent investigating the foreign-controlled nerve gas operation. Adams then orders a nationwide search for Myra, the agent's last contact. That night at the mansion, Regg breaks his cell lock to free both him and Skip. Unable to do the same for the girls' cell, he and Skip leave Pam and Julie behind to search for the boat. Returning to their cell late that night, Regg and Skip tell the girls that they did not find the boat, but are building a raft that will be finished the next evening so they can all escape. They then lock themselves back in the cell to avoid suspicion. The next day, Morrie and Dot report their strange encounter to the sheriff and insist that Myra was lying. The sheriff is reluctant to believe them, but agrees to go to the island with the teenagers. Meanwhile, Myra orders Ivan to put Pam and Julie in the gas chamber to prove her new results to the visiting agents. Soon after, the sheriff brings Morrie and Dot to the house and hands them over to Myra, with whom he is in league. When the sheriff complains that he promised to give Myra only drunks and prisoners, and objects to the capture of teenagers, one of the agents kills him. Suddenly, Regg and Skip, who have again escaped their cell, attack the agents, while Dot jumps on Myra, but the doctor manages to push the lever releasing gas into the chamber, thus rendering Julie and Pam into zombies. After seizing the agents' weapons, the teenagers hold the agents and Myra at gunpoint. Regg threatens to gas Myra if she does not give them the antidote, and when the doctor refuses, Regg puts her in the chamber. They hope that Myra will reveal the secret, but the doctor, now turned into a zombie, is unable to respond. Under the threat of being gassed as well, one of the agents shows Regg the antidote, which they test on Myra. After Myra revives, she smashes the vial containing the formula, but Skip finds an additional supply and gives it to Julie and Pam. The gorilla, which has also taken the antidote, mauls one of the agents, while the six teenagers race to the shore. There, Myra and the remaining agent are just about to escape on a boat when the teens stop them. After restraining the villains, the teenagers return to the mainland with their prisoners. Later, Coleman thanks the teenagers for their brave work, announcing that they have wiped out the greatest menace to national security. Proud of their accomplishment but ready for a more leisurely afternoon, the teenagers speed off in their convertible.