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This Is the Life

This Is the Life(1935)

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Geraldine Revier, a famous child performer, would like to live like other children, but she is forced to play five shows daily and spend her free time alone in hotel rooms by her demanding Aunt Diane and conniving and philandering Uncle Ed. In Chicago one night in between shows, Michael Grant, a man running from the police, appears on Gerry's fire escape and asks for water. After he explains that he has lived on the roof for two days without food or drink, Gerry invites him in, and he tells his story: His boss had him arrested after a sum of money disappeared; in order to prove his innocence, he escaped from the police and now plans to make money in California so that he can hire a lawyer and detectives. Gerry hides him in a closet while she goes onstage, and he overhears Diane and Ed discuss their scheme of overworking Gerry and getting money on the side from booking agents without telling her. Later, Gerry helps Michael escape, but that night, he awakens on a baggage car to discover Gerry hiding in a grandfather clock. Michael is unwilling to allow Gerry to run away with him until she suggests that she will dress as a boy; however, the next morning as she sleeps, Michael sneaks off the train. Gerry awakens just as he leaves and runs after him, hurting her leg. Michael then agrees to stick it out with her. They come upon Professor Lafcadio F. Breckenridge and his assistant Sticky Jones hawking various merchandise from their wagon. After an altercation with four tramps results in the wagon being burned, the four come upon a church outing, and Gerry, after getting a bloodied nose from a fight during a baseball game, exclaims that she never had so much fun. The next day, Michael sneaks into a barn to get some milk for Gerry, and he is caught by Helen Davis, who lives on the ranch with her mother. Holding Michael and Gerry at bay with a shotgun, Helen calls the police after realizing that Gerry is a girl and recognizing her from her picture in a newspaper. Michael then explains to Helen about overhearing the scheme of Gerry's uncle and aunt, and to save Gerry, gives himself up to the police as a wanted man. Helen's mother hires the professor and Sticky to help at the ranch, where they keep Gerry hidden. After two weeks, they receive a letter from Michael, who says that he has been convicted and is trying to raise money for a lawyer to reopen the investigation. To help, Gerry performs in a singing and dancing act backed by Mrs. Davis at a fair's midway, as Helen plays the piano, the professor hawks customers and Sticky sells tickets. Diane and Ed, looking for a replacement for Gerry, see the act and grab her. After Michael is released from the penitentiary because another man has confessed after efforts to help Michael were made by detectives hired with money that Gerry sent, Micheal goes to Denver and, impersonating a special investigator, interrogates Diane and Ed. With Helen posing as his secretary, the professor as a judge, Sticky as a bailiff and Mrs. Davis as a social worker, Michael coerces Diane and Ed into signing a confession. Gerry is extremely excited to learn that she is going back to the ranch and jumps on Michael's back saying "This is the life," as she kisses his neck.