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Unknown Woman

Unknown Woman(1935)

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Struggling young lawyer Larry Condon successfully defends fish peddler Joe Scalise, and impresses gambling boss Phil Gardner in the process. Phil hires Larry to be his lawyer, and gives him an envelope containing one-million dollars worth of stolen government bonds, which he tells Larry is his last will and testament. Just as Larry is leaving Phil's nightclub, the police arrive to raid Phil's gambling house next door. Helen Griffith, one of the arrested young women, pleads with Larry to represent her. Larry agrees, secures Helen's release and the two become fast friends. Larry takes Helen to Phil's cafe, and, while the two men are inspecting the place, Helen slips away and searches Phil's office. Phil's henchman, Gus, sees Helen and warns his boss of her conduct. Afraid that Helen might be a government agent, Phil has Gus remove the bonds from Larry's office. Larry and Helen overhear Phil talking about a boat and two men named Bailey and Lucas. As Larry delivers a speech to the Fish Peddlers' Association, Helen learns from Joe that the two men now own the "Dolphin," a boat formerly owned by Phil, who used it for rum-running. She tells Larry that Phil embezzled a great deal of money from her father, and that she needs the lawyer's help to recover the money. Larry agrees to help her, but when the two sneak onto the "Dolphin," they are captured by Phil and his men. Helen claims that she is merely a thief trying to steal the bonds, but Hammacher, a prospective buyer of the bonds, recognizes her as a federal agent. Before the group can set out to sea, Larry attaches a note to a hungry cat, who immediately heads for Joe's nearby fish cart. Joe reads the note and goes to the aid of his friend. When a fight breaks out on the boat, Phil pushes Gus into the water, then throws him the life preserver filled with the stolen bonds. Larry and Helen escape from their locked room, and Larry is knocked into the water with Gus and the bonds. The police arrive, and Phil and his gang are arrested. Larry is appointed Deputy U. S. Attorney for his work in capturing Phil, and he and Helen plan to marry.