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The Young Lions

The Young Lions(1958)


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  • Enthralling

    • Lisa Gonzalez
    • 5/28/19

    I loved this movie. It felt real. It focused both on the actual experiences of World War II and made a relatable story of all the soldiers in the war. I like the scene where the German Lieutenant talks to Marlon Brando's character. After Marlon Brando confesses that he"he dislikes arresting young boys" after he arrest a French 16 year old. The Lieutenant schools him and tells him there is no sentiment to being a German Officer, you shoot to kill and don't think twice about it. Which is paraphrasing what he said. The Lieutenant even points out the difference between American soldiers and German by saying there is no individuality in the German army; your given an order to shoot and you do it and move on. It really showed the cut throat, indifferent outlook the Germans had as compared to an American. I thought all the story lines where interesting and very different from most of the movies of this time. It held my attention the whole time. It almost had a feeling of being like a book. Even the end where they are in the room with the captain about to free a barn full of prison camp victims was so powerful. It talked about how many people had been killed. Ackerman is listening to the discussion between the German and the US captain where one of the Jewish POW'S asks for a religious ceremony, Ackerman stands backwards. I think because he is Jewish and he is afraid of the outcome of their discussion. And then the Captain just verbally annihilates the German who is trying to deny the Jewish mans request. It was so heart rendering. It put into perspective of WHAT happened in World War II and WHY we fought. Now THAT'S a movie...And there's so much more storyline and it is told from an emotional point of view of what that individual would have felt. Very well done.

  • Interesting Take

    • Joe M.
    • 5/27/19

    For a war movie, it was first interesting to attempt to show both sides of the war and world. The only picture that showed something of the German side was 1951 or 52. Rommel, staring James Mason. The attempt with the characters was very good, Montgomery Clift is brilliant as always, but it did sorta duplicate the character from Here to Eternity (Pruitt). Brando was a brilliant cast for the part he played.Maximillian Schell was excellent.Look at characters and shows thoughts, feelings, times, and human emotions of both sides, in particular the German aspect, Max more of a hard liner following the Reich, Brando showing a realistic version of a man faced with his duty and orders. We see the Germans as bad people because of the war and maybe they have painted a picture of all to be like the SS. But we are introduced to something different. Make no mistakes I am a great PATRIOT of the US and Military of the US. , but sometimes look at things objectively. I saw other reviews, black and white for this picture and some of the military back drops were totally appropriate. Combat scenes regarding Americans could have been done more realistically. The musical score, nothing done with that. I think because it really was not needed, we are not looking Field Marshall Rommel or Gen. Guderian moving across a battle field in any type of combat vehicle. The picture was a 3 of 4 star because it tackled something that is not brought to mind. It was not made to show the clash of great military machines. Difficulties and misery in peoples lives. Ackermen put it into context, millions of the captain, Whiteacre just shot a German officer who was one of those millions and no one would ever know, shooting him was in a way his reaction as to natural duty and fear. Picture was also the first to introduce what a concentration camp looked like a reality of the terror of this time in history. Hollywood should get back to making pictures of quality like this again.

  • The greatest brand is brando

    • Anne
    • 3/2/19

    Brando a for brando

  • Arghhhhhh - that hair!!!

    • ja661
    • 3/1/19

    You always have one or the other Good Brando ( THE GODFATHER or ON THE WATERFRONT) or Bad Brando ( MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY and a host of others). Truly, this is a case where bad hair/makeup spoils a performance. This was probably a good performance, but the hair totally detracted from it. The rest of the cast was very good - Dean Martin / Max Schell and Montgomery Cliff is always great! I'm also confused a little by the distributor: they have a steller cast, a best seller for the basis yet they choose to go cheap and shoot in black and white. Everything else was fair and it held my attention for the 2.5 hours it was on. It's just................ that hair..... On my scale of 1-100 > 78

  • stars stabbed in the back by editing scissors

    • don letta
    • 9/13/18

    This is a well acted mess. Choppy story line taken further by choppy editing... makes for a dull watch... especially at three hours in length. Dull photography and almost no score add to the failure of telling what could have been an interesting tale. Beautiful, buff Brando steals the acting honors while the rest come off as cardboard characters. Good to see Barbara Rush not crying...

  • Typo Alert

    • Vincent Lehotsky
    • 2/9/15

    The mayor in this movie is not played by John Bonner.It's played by John Banner.Please correct this mistake ...


    • kate
    • 2/9/15

    Absolutely amazing

  • awful, Awful, AWFUL.

    • John
    • 2/9/15

    Everybody is TOO OLD!The movie is TOO LONG.There is NO STORY.It's the WORST WAR MOVIE MADE.The scene with Schell and Brando on a scooter is a BIG LAUGH.

  • The Young Lions is sensational!!!!!

    • Kay
    • 10/1/14

    Loved the movie.I had not seen Marlon Brando as a young actor before. Talk about a hunk! When he was on-screen, there was no one else to watch. His looks and talent are unsurpassed. Watching M. Clift was painful to watch, though. Too scary in build and eyes.Would watch this movie again just to look at Brando.

  • Brando did a lot of good work in the fifties

    • Jeff Boston
    • 10/1/14

    Brando does a fine job, but almost all the other characters are abundantly inauthentic in this multi-message movie that is way too sentimental. The scenes with the three leading men and their lovers are really weak and the first hour is tune-out boring. When the captain's girl tells Brando's character "I hope you were not too bored" it was if she was talking to the viewer. The final 100 minutes (overlong!) partially redeems this misfire.

  • It's not a good movie

    • Jack
    • 9/30/14

    I've tried to watch this movie several times over the years but was unable. It's terrible.

  • Two movies in one

    • Rabha
    • 8/18/14

    There are one movie starring Marlon Brando and another one starring Dean Martin and Montgomery Clift.The former quite corresponds to one usual aspect of the usual characters interpreted by Marlon Brando. It is about standing alone against the rest of the world. The latter also can be linked to Dean Martin's career in a couple with Jerry Lewis, or less often Frank Sinatra or now with Montgomery Clift. The two moves are very different, whereas the German part expresses more reality especially with the transformation of the main character, the U.S. part reminds the viewer of a well-known Hollywood movie with their typical social values.

  • Correcting my Earlier Review

    • Trish
    • 8/11/14

    I mis-remembered this film. Brando and Clift do not have scenes together, my bad. Marlon Brando plays opposite the remarkable Maximilian Schell. Clift and Dean Martin play opposite each other. And what a revelation it was to see Dean Martin playing the disillusioned soldier. Superb!

  • A Stunning Film, Finely Acted All Around

    • Trish
    • 8/11/14

    If for no other reason than to watch Montgomery Clift and Marlon Brando playing opposite each other, find a way to watch this film. Skip work if you have to. The sheer pleasure of watching fine acting never palls. This is as good as it gets! Hope Lange and Dean Martin also terrific. If you absolutely must have bombings, machine-gunning, buildings getting blown up, soldiers and civilians blown to bits--relaxed, there will be plenty of that, too. This movie dares you to look at the brutality of wars in every way possible. A masterpiece. Don't miss it.

  • Good, but not in any way great...except Brando

    • georgieboy
    • 5/26/14

    I had seen parts of this film several years ago and finally sat down to watch the whole thing. I have several observations. Brando was, for the most part brilliant in every scene. He really showed why he was and still is considered, by some, one of the greatest actors of all time. His performance of the conflicted German soldier was wonderful to see. Clift, what can I say, he was just good. He almost seemed like he was sleepwalking through some scenes. But, it was quite painful to see after having seen him in films like 'A Place in the Sun.' Dean Martin? I just did not get that whole thing. That thread made absolutely no sense to me at all. Could have been left out. Added nothing to the final product. Maybe the film suffered from poor editing. The ending made very little sense. One of the other posters said that the film had been reedited, so maybe this was the problem.

  • Hoofen doesn't belong.

    • Ashoreinhawaii
    • 5/26/14

    If "Hoofen" liked this movie, fine. If someone else found it boring, fine."Hoofen" needs to know this isn't a site for ridiculing others' taste.

  • The Young Brando

    • 4Graces
    • 5/1/14

    I had never seen the young Brando before. I thought he was just the Godfather. I was mesmerized by this beautiful, sensitive, intuitive young actor. No wonder he built such a reputation for himself. Everything he did, especially without words, developed a stunning character study. Even the last scene where he died in the water, three last bubbles of air before the light of life was snuffed out, was memorable. As for the other major actors, poor emaciated Montgomery Clift looked like he belonged in the concentration camp, and he was so wild eyed he was scary. Dean Martin, whom I always liked, was in way over his head in this actor studded film. I did think the editing of the film was rather choppy, it leapfrogged rather than flowing smoothly. Was the TCM showing the same as the theater version? I will buy the video and watch the movie again.

  • Brando!

    • Doris
    • 4/30/14

    I usually would never sit through a war movie, but Brando was just too much "eye candy" in this movie for me to change the channel. I thought he was spectacular (actually better than in some of his other movies) and I enjoyed the story, as well. Did not find it boring at all.

  • ironic ending

    • jim conn
    • 4/29/14

    loved this movie but im still waiting to see the ending that I saw at the old Pix Theatre, Rock Hill SC, in the late 50s...Brando was carrying a photo of Barbra Rush which was found by Dean Martin...

  • the young lions

    • hoofen
    • 2/17/14

    Yup,Mr. Delaney.Nothing like a good Michael Myers or maybe Freddy Kruger movie.....Blood,gore,Guts galore.Always know what's happening next.Now that's great stuff.If I get a chance I'll have to send you "The last Airbender"Oooooh,how you'll love it..Something's happening all the time...wonderful stuff.This movie??This young lions??Never knew what was going to happen next,if anything at you said.nothing ever happens..terrible,just terrible,so sorry you wasted the whole first hour on it!!!,Reminds me of something Eliah Kazan,Stanley Kubrik or ...gulp..evenJohn Ford might direct,just awful...Glad we got some real critics here...yup,I surely am.!!


    • tim delaney
    • 5/7/12


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